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DarkCompass is a weekly Hard Rock & Metal Podcast, that brings the best independent and unsigned music from around the world. We’re about the independent, underground, and unheard.

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DarkCompass is a weekly Hard Rock & Metal Podcast, that brings the best independent and unsigned music from around the world. We’re about the independent, underground, and unheard.

    DC1082 Fight Cloud

    DC1082 Fight Cloud

    New tunes from Bring to Bear, Wind Rose and Lord Elephant

    * Justice Theory – Fight Until You Die* Bring to Bear – Time to Burn* Mad Wet Sea – Ashes Fall* Mexicoma – Zombie Barricade* Without Warning – Black Venom* Wind Rose – Fellows of The Hammer* The Machinist – All is Not Well* Chasin’ Voorhees – Down Underneath* StormbounD – Deserts Roar* Nebula – Highwired* Lord Elephant – Stellar Cloud

    Fight Cloud was played on Hard Rock Hell Radio on the 24th June 2022. It’s Available on Mixcloud and as a Podcast.

    • 1 hr
    DC1081 Demons Messenger

    DC1081 Demons Messenger

    This week new tunes from Ithaca, blacktoothed, Oceans and more

    * Cabin Boy Jumped Ship – Demons* Jinjer – Call me A Symbol* Ithaca – Camera Eats First* Xandria – Reborn* blacktoothed – Between You and The World* My Funeral – Primative Evil* Oceans – I Want To Be Whole Again* Saor – Beyond The Wall* Misery of Revival – Deliverance* Red Roll – Messiah* Formula 400 – Messenger

    Demons Messenger was played on Hard Rock Hell Radio on 17th June 2022, and is also available on Mixcloud

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    • 59 min
    DC1080 Burning Cult

    DC1080 Burning Cult

    This week, new tunes from Hierarchy, Sailing before the Wild, Edenbridge and more.

    * Hierarchy – In Burning Wings I fall* Standing Like Statues – Survival* Sailing before The Wind – Neo Chronicle* Low Gear – Mexican Radio* Edenbridge – The Road to Shangri-La* Maniac Abductor – Justice Denied* Wolves Until .. – Entropy* Wrex – Paradise* Somnus Throne – L-Dopatryptamine* Marva – With Fire* Eryx London – Cult

    Burning Cult was Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio on Friday 10th June 2022, and is available as a Podcast, and on Mixcloud

    • 57 min
    DC1079 Borderline Devils

    DC1079 Borderline Devils

    A mixed bag of independent and unsigned this week with tunes from Screamachine, Ogives Big Band, Collapse the Sky and more.

    Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio on the 3rd June 2022

    * Screamachine – Borderline* Numento – Scarlet Haze* Ruled by Raptors – Dance of Wolves* Collapse The Sky – Breathe* Charlotte Wessels – Afkicken* Where the Devil – Beast* Ogives Big Band – Etna ** The Beast of England – Spirit in the Stars* Aptera – Mercury* Sergeant Thunderhoof – Devil’s Daughter

    • 59 min
    DC1078 Sea Times

    DC1078 Sea Times

    This week new tracks from Tungsten, Vexes, The Hu and more.

    Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio on the 28th May 2022

    * Tungsten – On The Sea 0:00* Once Upon A Winter – Elegant Demise 5:55* Vexes – The Dream Disease 13:16* Sum of Seven – The Enemy 20:12* Gallodorn – The Cauldron Born 23:20* The Hu – This is Mongol 29:49* In Search of Sun – Make Me Crazy 33:29* Necronomicon – Purgatory 37:44* Izamanya – I Still Believe 42:24* Lord Elephant – Raktaija 47:30* Bring Out Your Dead – Times Like These 52:12

    Listen with the Hard Rock Hell Bible App (iOS and Android), and again on Mixlcoud

    • 58 min
    DC1077 Tired Dreams

    DC1077 Tired Dreams

    Back to normal – no take overs for the next few weeks.New tracks from Nothing More, Sahg, Arrays, Nomadic Narwhal and more

    * Nothing More – Tired of Winning* Living Inferno – En Toivo Parempaa Maailmaa* Fortis Ventus – My Death is My Devotion* Sahg – Heksedans* Halestorm – Wicked Ways* Arrays – Forget Fast* Timechild – Son and Daughter* Motor Sister – Coming for You* Hounds of Thyra – Ghost Harbour* Nomadic Narwhal – Arrival* Elektric Mistress – Radio* Black Lung – Hollow Dreams

    DarkCompass is Broadcast every Friday at 12 noon UK Time on Hard Rock Hell Radio, and on Mixcloud

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5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

Pete Cogle ,

Britain's Grumpiest Podcaster?

Meet Rowley Cutler. He's been podcasting for over three years and has over 300 shows under his belt, along with other guest appearances. His weekly review of the weeks events will always amuse and with a bit of luck he'll go off and a rant about something or other! Recently he's become a bit forgetful and has lost his hat and a Nokia 810 internet tablet. If you see someone wandering around Paddington station with a note attached reading "please look after this podcaster" be sure and say hello!

The Grumbler ,

Find your way to the dark compass

Rowley's one of the longest established podcasters in the UK, and he can still be relied on to regularly produce a top-notch show with some great music and his own narrative slant on life, the universe, and everything. (In other words, he does a great 'rant').
There's a wide range of music on offer here - and listeners who share Rowley's love of Metal can find even more in his Dark Compass Metal Podcast.
Rowley's compass is like Captain Jack Sparrow's - its useless if you want to find North, but it'll certainly help you to find what you most want.

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