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DarkCompass brings you some of the best Hard Rock and Metal from around the world, from one of the longest running and award winning UK Podcasts.

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DarkCompass brings you some of the best Hard Rock and Metal from around the world, from one of the longest running and award winning UK Podcasts.

    DC931 Awakening Angel

    DC931 Awakening Angel

    A Thrash Special this week - all thrash, all the time - old tracks fron Nuclear Assault and Anthrax, new songs from Mortuary and Helldown.

    * Scared Reich - Awakening

    * Nuclear Assault - Critical Mass

    * Anthrax - Belly of The Beast

    * Helldown - Mortal Shell *

    * Dreamlord - Disciples of War

    * Dizastra - Piercing The Veil

    * Hell Fire - On The Loose

    * Kreator - Satan is Real

    * Acid Reign - Blood Makes Noise

    * Hazzerd - A Tormented Reality

    * Mortuary - The Sapiens Order

    * Evile - Cult

    * Slayer - Angel Of Death

    • 1 hr 1 min
    DC930 Rain Deity

    DC930 Rain Deity

    Brand New Music from A Pale Horse Named Death, Carcass, and CB3

    * A Pale Horse Named Death - Prayers For Rain

    * Hanzel Und Gretyl - Witches + Wolves

    * Elden - Sail & Saviour

    * Prospective - Kill Me

    * Carcass - Under The Scalel Blade

    * Me And That Man - Burning Churches

    * Diabulus in Musica - Otoi

    * Runescarred - Mammoth

    * CB3 - Warrior Queen

    * Louise Patricia Crane - Deity




    • 59 min
    DC929 Falling Riders

    DC929 Falling Riders

    New Year, New Tunes from Take The Day, King, Motorjesus and Gorilla Riot

    * Take The Day - Falling Apart

    * No Such Reason - Giants

    * Opposition Party - Ancient Horror

    * Edellom - Thirst

    * King - Conquer

    * Arvas - Thoughts of Despair

    * Horseburner - Hand of Gold Man of Stone

    * Attempted Revenge - Concrete *

    * Soil - One Love

    * Motorjesus - Motor Discipline

    * Hazzerd - A Tormented Reality

    * Gorilla Riot - Riders II (31st Jan)

    • 1 hr
    DC928 Best of 2019 Part 3

    DC928 Best of 2019 Part 3

    We had a good crowd of people suggesting tracks for this show, thanks to all of them.  Tracks from Her Despair, Cold in Berlin, Blink 182 and Týr and more.

    * The 69 Eyes - Cheyenne

    * Blink 182 - Darkside

    * Freakstorm - Can't Keep Me Down

    * Nemesea - Kids with Guns

    * Southern Death Culture - Nobody Cares

    * Her Despair - Panaemonium

    * Hacktivist - Dogs of War

    * Týr - Ragnars Kvæði

    * Infected Rain - Lure

    * Cold in Berlin - The Power

    * Wind Rose - Diggy Diggy Hole

    * Dreamarcher - A Fail of Design

    Check out Parts One and Two


    • 58 min

Customer Reviews

Pete Cogle ,

Britain's Grumpiest Podcaster?

Meet Rowley Cutler. He's been podcasting for over three years and has over 300 shows under his belt, along with other guest appearances. His weekly review of the weeks events will always amuse and with a bit of luck he'll go off and a rant about something or other! Recently he's become a bit forgetful and has lost his hat and a Nokia 810 internet tablet. If you see someone wandering around Paddington station with a note attached reading "please look after this podcaster" be sure and say hello!

The Grumbler ,

Find your way to the dark compass

Rowley's one of the longest established podcasters in the UK, and he can still be relied on to regularly produce a top-notch show with some great music and his own narrative slant on life, the universe, and everything. (In other words, he does a great 'rant').
There's a wide range of music on offer here - and listeners who share Rowley's love of Metal can find even more in his Dark Compass Metal Podcast.
Rowley's compass is like Captain Jack Sparrow's - its useless if you want to find North, but it'll certainly help you to find what you most want.

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