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Free ambient/instrumental/avant-garde music from Darkroom. Some studio tracks, some improvisations recorded live or in rehearsal.

Darkroom ambient podcast - free music from ambient/avant-garde improvisers Darkroom Darkroom

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Free ambient/instrumental/avant-garde music from Darkroom. Some studio tracks, some improvisations recorded live or in rehearsal.

    once proud eyes

    once proud eyes

    Another bass clarinet and guitar duet, rehearsing for our two Tuesdays Post gigs at the start of November. Recorded in rehearsal, 29th October 2014. Photo credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/balladist/2409358994. Copyright 2014 Darkroom.

    • 11 min
    maid of stone

    maid of stone

    An unusually major-key bass clarinet and electric guitar duet. Recorded in rehearsal, 2nd March 2014. Photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/zebble/7412947/. Copyright 2014 Darkroom.

    • 3 min
    Gravity's Dirty Work album sampler

    Gravity's Dirty Work album sampler

    A sampler of Darkroom's album Gravity's Dirty Work - a continuous edit from the tracks
    - strung with black nylon
    - baby armageddon
    - karhupuisto / beautiful retreat
    - a pair a part

    The album is available on CD, double heavyweight vinyl or digital download from

    "The Darkroom duo of Michael Bearpark (No-Man, Henry Fool) and Andrew Ostler (Expert Sleepers) return with their first double album.

    "Begun as an exploration of early 90's electronica and its many sources, the album developed from extended improvisations through meticulous editing, layering and post-production into a coherent and timeless suite.

    "The trademark blurring of guitars, synthesiser and found sounds moves from the heavenly Beck meets Talk Talk atmospherics of Karhupuisto / Beautiful Retreat through apocalyptic foot-on-monitor fuzz mayhem at the end of the title track before closing with the eloquent scandinavian jazz-electronica fusion of A Pair A Part.

    "Also featuring Andrew Booker (No-Man, Henry Fool, Sanguine Hum) on percussion and Simon H. Fell (Keith Tippett, Derek Bailey, Lol Coxhill) on double bass, the album is mastered for all formats by Jon Astley (The Who, George Harrison, Tori Amos).

    "Artwork by the inimitable Carl Glover."

    Copyright 2013 Darkroom.

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    grey skies thinking

    grey skies thinking

    A rehearsal recording from July 2013. This was intended to be the ambient start and ambient end of a 30 minute set, which would get noiser in the middle. The loopfest was to be the debut of Os's bass clarinet, and indeed this recording is the first published Darkroom recording featuring the bass clarinet. Let us know if you like it. Copyright 2013 Darkroom.

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    An excerpt from a rehearsal for Darkroom's forthcoming gig at Tuesdays Post. We were mainly testing that we could sync Mike's Timefactor pedal with the laptop, which generates the loop that you hear through most of this piece. The drums are from the modular. The bassline was added afterwards in the studio, by recording a clarinet loop and then tracking its pitch and envelope (using Silent Way Follower), and using that to drive the modular (in a lower octave). Copyright 2013 Darkroom.

    • 4 min


    The end of the first improvisation from the December 30th 2009 session. You can download a higher quality version of this track from darkroomtheband.bandcamp.com Copyright 2010 Darkroom.

    • 7 min

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5.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

Bill_Bread ,

These guys are... Extraordinary.

Seriously. You've single-handedly expanded my musical tastes into a brand new, rarely seen genre. Way, waaaaaay out of the mainstream.
I hope these episodes are released as singles at some point, it's criminal to give them away for free.

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