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A Classic Doctor Who podcast presented by a brother and sister who are podcasting together despite living a world and many time zones apart. Andy in England, Alex in New Zealand. They play quizzes, review old episodes, and are joined by the Callieach (a crow who is rubbish at predicting things)and a cat called Janet Fielding (who wants to eat the Callieach).

Doctor Who: the World Enough and Time podcast Doctor Who: the World Enough and Time podcast

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A Classic Doctor Who podcast presented by a brother and sister who are podcasting together despite living a world and many time zones apart. Andy in England, Alex in New Zealand. They play quizzes, review old episodes, and are joined by the Callieach (a crow who is rubbish at predicting things)and a cat called Janet Fielding (who wants to eat the Callieach).

    Episode 30: The Highlanders

    Episode 30: The Highlanders

    In our 30th episode we travel back to 1966 and even further back to Culloden Moor for a tale of Jacobite intrigue which continues to flesh out the newly regenerated Second Doctor and introduces everyone's favourite piper: Jamie McCrimmon.

    Neither Andy or Alex were familiar with the story but find much here to enjoy despite all the terrible accents and the oooh-arrghhhing of the stereotypical Trask. Polly comes under fire, the Doctor's character goes under the microscope and the fact that this is the last pure historical until Black Orchid is discussed. However, the biggest question remains 'What in the world is Hannah Gordon doing to the Laird in *that* telesnap?!'

    As usual there is time to stray beyond Doctor Who, this time into Dynasty and the film Working Girl. And of course there's the Cailleach and a quiz on the introductory lines of Target novelisations.

    Enjoy! We love you xxx

    Next Time: Revenge of the Cybermen

    Big thanks to Clayton Hickman for the photo colourisation.

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    Episode 29: The Masque of Mandragora

    Episode 29: The Masque of Mandragora

    Andy and Alex find themselves on a truly surprising journey of discovery as they explore that classy Season 14 opener The Masque of Mandragora. The surprise chiefly comes in the form of their special guest, elder sister Anna, who has so much knowledge about the story that her siblings start to believe that she is a much bigger fan of Doctor Who than she has ever let on.

    Not only does Anna provide a Doctor Who plant-based quiz entitled Nature of Noture during which she shows her sneaky side, but she also turns out to be something of an expert on the careers of Gareth Armstrong and Norman Jones. Who knew?

    Their review of Masque considers the geography of the temple and the catacombs, the hair and wigs in display, minor supporting cast members and a rather too action-oriented Doctor. There is also dismay at Elisabeth Sladen's role in proceedings and the lack of women in general.

    All this and an 'Is Astrology bollocks?' section. We are just too good to you!

    You can follow Anna on Twitter at @annagoge. And who knows she might return one day with all her many facts.

    We love you.

    Next time: The Highlanders

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    Episode 28: Terror of the Vervoids

    Episode 28: Terror of the Vervoids

    It's back to those heady days of 1986 where news of Bonnie Langford's casting devastated Andy, and even 8-year-old Alex understood what a terrible threat to Doctor Who this irrepressible endlessly tap-dancing stage-school screamer posed. But what did they make of Mel's debut then and now? Alongside this debate (there is no debate dear listener just resigned horror) they consider the purpose of a Judas Goat, the satiable curiosity of the Elephant's Child and that playground favourite 'On with the Motley'. Oh do f*** off Pip 'n' Jane.

    As well as musing on the Hyperion 3's curious policy of incinerating all laundry and the miraculous properties of headphones that have not been plugged in, the Doctor's perplexing choice of this adventure as a defence of his peripatetic peregrinations is unequivocally interrogated. See! Anyone can use a f***ing thesaurus.

    Elsewhere, Alex still has trouble understanding what a 'bridge' is in sci-fi, we receive a fleeting visit from the Cailleach and the Wee Papa Girl Rappers, and Alex subjects Andy to another bout of his favourite quiz game (not his favourite quiz game).

    Entirely unavoidable swearing throughout.

    Next Time: The Masque of Mandragora

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    Episode 27: Carnival of Monsters

    Episode 27: Carnival of Monsters

    Andy and Alex are feeling 'a bit umpty' after their rewatch of the highly regarded Pertwee four-parter Carnival of Monsters. They have searching questions about an anachronistic dinosaur, if the disappearance of the SS Bernice remains a mystery, and whether the Doctor ever did lobby for the banning of miniscopes.

    As well as requesting more Ogrons and Cybermen and better attention to scale, they also give you valuable advice on how to order pizza without mince in the Netherlands and explain their frisson of excitement at the prospect of eating Elizabeth Shaw mints.

    In addition to the above, the Cailleach actually brings some joy to proceedings for a change, while in the quiz Andy tasks Alex to decide on 'Pertwee or Pertwaddle'. Its all happenin' kids!

    Now don't twist that aggrometer too high. Shit! Too late.

    Next Time: Terror of the Vervoids (and definitely not Trial of a Timelord parts 9 to 12)

    • 1 hr 44 min
    Episode 26: State of Decay

    Episode 26: State of Decay

    Alex and Andy hurtle through a Charged Vacuum Emboitement to enjoy the 1980 vampire-themed classic State of Decay. They revel in the clash of science and gothic horror, the relationship between the Doctor and Romana, and the intentional theatricality of the Three Who Rule.

    Elsewhere, we spoil you with no less than two quizzes. Two! While the Cailleach asks if they are going to do the accent or not,

    Along the way Alex admits to her love of Veronica Mars, Andy reveals his unreasonable hatred of the family in Back in Time for the Cornershop. And they both tell a tale of stalking Adric by bus in Blackpool. Honestly! All life is here.

    We love you!

    Next Time: Not sure yet to be honest!

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    Episode 25: Kinda

    Episode 25: Kinda

    In their 25th episode Alex & Andy hurtle back to 1982 to the jungle paradise of Deva Loka where mystery boxes shouldn't be opened, you can't mend people and Nerys Hughes is practically perfect in every way.

    In Kinda they find much to enjoy and reflect on its first broadcast in 1982 and its repeat in 1983 as well as how they feel it stands up today. There's even a recording of a 4-year-old Alex singing along to theme tune and taking the piss out of Hindle which is worth the admission price* alone. (*Our podcast is entirely free!)

    Along the way they share their experiences of Doctor Who fandom and conventions. decide that Buddhism is the best religion, slag off Lou Beale and make passing references to all manner of televisual gems, including Play School, Timeslip and The Adventure Game.
    All this, plus the usual quiz and a visit from the Cailleach which prompts praise of Series 12, especially of the Timeless Children finale.

    This bumper 2-hour episode was recorded well before the world as we currently know it, so its wonderfully absent of you know what talk.

    Stay safe everyone. We love you xxx

    • 2 hrs 4 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Jabba Ranks ,

Fantastically fun

Brilliant, relaxed, irreverent and fun podcast, full of unique observations. Keep up the good work Alex and Andy!

Simon Exton ,

Great fun

A hugely entertaining Dr Who podcast presented by a brother and sister double act. They show a real love for the show and they're always fun to listen to. Well worth a try if you're a Dr Who fan with a sense of humour.

TrowbyAndLisa ,

Great stuff

'World Enough and Time' is highly entertaining and manages to combine knowledge of 'Doctor Who' and a wonderful sense of fun. Always enjoy listening to this!

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