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Cutting edge information on transformational techniques for creating health and well being. Interviews with some of the leading pioneers in the field of EFT and Inner RePatterning as well as other related fields. Subjects include, autism as well as the fear of making mistakes, it's impact and how to clear it using EFT. The host of the show is Tania A Prince, EFT Master and creator of Inner RePatterning.

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Cutting edge information on transformational techniques for creating health and well being. Interviews with some of the leading pioneers in the field of EFT and Inner RePatterning as well as other related fields. Subjects include, autism as well as the fear of making mistakes, it's impact and how to clear it using EFT. The host of the show is Tania A Prince, EFT Master and creator of Inner RePatterning.

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    EFT and Money Blocks

    EFT and Money Blocks

    Many therapists and entrepreneurs experience financial worries. In this podcast, my guest is Vivi Mark who specializes in helping people overcome their blocks to financial abundance. In the podcast, she talks about the questions you need to ask to uncover the underlying issues responsible for lack of financial abundance.

    Guest: Vivi Marks, EFT Practitioner, Therapist and Author


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vivimarktherapy/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vivi_mark11/

    Telephone: 00306945108641

    Telephone (Eng): 00447842902908

    Email: vivi.markps@gmail.com

    About: I am an Energy Psychologist with a scientific background. I combine psychological science with alternative therapeutic techniques.

    In the past, I worked as a Behavioural Analysis Tutor, an approach that works well with people with Autism, before I changed my focus to work in the Market Research Industry as an online Project Manager.

    I soon realized that what I really wanted was to help people and this felt like my mission. It was time for me to give back everything I'd learned throughout the years.

    I lost my mother at a very young age and that changed me entirely, as I've realised that nothing is for certain, everything can be lost in a matter of minutes. Having very little support at the time, I was forced to find out for myself who I really was, my real self and that was not easy. I became very creative and learned how to explore a problem from different aspects and I wasn't happy until I had found some kind of relief.

    After many years of frustration and disappointment of working for someone else, I’ve decided to start my own business. I now run a very successful online business offering sessions to people from everywhere in the world. I use different modalities such as EFT, NLP and hypnosis and all my sessions are tailored to my client’s specific needs. My focus lately is in the creation of digital products and courses and all that comes with it, marketing, social media etc.

    I strongly believe that there is nothing more fulfilling than being in a path that makes you happy every day.

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    EFT and Tinnitus

    EFT and Tinnitus

    Tinnitus can be a debilitating issue that can seriously in the worst case scenario affect a person’s life. Conventional medicine has no cure. In this interview I speak with Mary (Mair) Llewellyn about the work she has done on tinnitus using EFT. We also chat about her novel innovative approach that can help people gain relief.

    Guest: Mary (Mair) EFT Founding Master, therapist and author


    Website: http://www.tickhillclinic.com/

    Telephone: 01302 743113

    Email: MairLLLL@aol.com

    Book: EFT Constellations (Available on Amazon and all good book stores)

    About: Mary (Mair) Llewellyn is an EFT Founding Master, therapist, trainer and author.

    In Mair's own words: In the 1970's I learnt self hypnosis for the birth of my youngest daughter. This very natural experience of her birth inspired me to learn more about the mind body relationship. This led me to complete an Hons. Degree in Psychology and a post graduate advanced diploma in child development. I really wanted to spread the word of how hypnosis can help others in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. In 1980 I started my full time private practice.

    Then in 1999 a friend and colleague introduced me to Gary Craig's videos. In 2000 I learnt EFT with the developer of this technique in the US. I continued to travel there until eventually this training led me to obtain my EFT (Founding) Master status from Gary Craig.

    I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society and a member of the British Psychological Society.

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    Exploring Addictions with EFT

    Exploring Addictions with EFT

    Alcohol and drug addictions can be complex issues when it comes to overcoming them. In this interview I speak with Anthony Roberts who works for a charity in Cambria, England that uses many different approaches to help people take back control of their life. In this interview Tony talks about why it can be very important when working with addictions to use very gentle approaches. He also talks and demonstrates an approach he developed called Fractional EFT. Fractional EFT is a gentle, slow form of EFT, one that can be used as a self help tool. It can also be used in groups. The technique can also be used on problems other than addictions.

    Guest: Anthony Roberts, EFT Trainer and therapist


    Website: http://anthony-roberts.co.uk/clinical-hypnotherapy

    Twitter: @AnthonyRobertHy

    About: Anthony (Tony) is an AAMET EFT trainer and a trainer is other energy therapies of many years. He is also a trainer of Integral Eye Movement Therapy, The Lightning and Rediscovery Process, Transforming Communications and an NLP Instructor. Anthony has a special interest in working with addiction and the impact this can have on others, he works throughout Cumbria, this also includes research projects and innovative programes within the addictions field.

    Anthony is inspired by the resilience that clients show and his own curiosity about how this relate to society and other aspects of life. His work brings him a huge amount of satisfaction and he likes to involve humour that is acceptable for the client during the sessions.

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    The #1 Reason You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate Yet and How to Attract Love Now

    The #1 Reason You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate Yet and How to Attract Love Now

    Finding your soulmate for many can be a challenge. In this interview Stefan Gonick talks about the number one reason that stops people meeting the partner of their dreams. He also discusses how EFT can be a powerful tool that can help transform people's relationships bringing love into their lives.

    Guest: Stefan Gonick, Relationship Expert and EFT Trainer


    Website: https://Single2Soulmate.me

    About: Stefan Gonick, EFT Expert and Soulmate Attraction Mentor, shows smart, loving singles who are struggling to find their soul mate, how to finally attract the spine-tingling and lasting love they long for... even when they think it's not possible for them.

    Stefan has been helping individuals and couples with their relationship issues for over 23 years. Stefan has helped thousands of people have the life and love they most desire.

    For more information, check out his website at:


    Enter 'tanialove' if you wish to take up Stefan's offer to listeners of this show of $150 off the full price for his program. Please note that I am an affiliate of Stefan's and will receive monetary compensation. Please note also I only choose to be affiliate of programs that I believe in.

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    Overcoming Self-Sabotage

    Overcoming Self-Sabotage

    Many people experience degrees of self-sabotage. Overcoming its effects can be the difference between success and failure in life, but how can you do that? In this episode of EFT Unleashed my guest talks about his new intention based tapping technique called, Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), aka "Intention Tapping". Talking about it is never enough :-) Why talk when you can do! Steve takes me through the process demonstrating how it can be used to deal with self sabotage. It was great fun exploring this simple but highly effective technique.

    Guest: Steve Wells, Peak Performance Coach, Developer of SET (Simple Energy Techniques) PET (Provocative Energy Techniques), IEP (Intention-based Energy Process), International Trainer and Author


    Website: www.eftdownunder.com/training/

    Twitter: @stevewells21

    Facebook: fb.com/stevewells4

    About: Steve Wells is an international leadership and peak performance consultant. He is based in Perth, Western Australia. He travels internationally delivering training courses, such as, "End Self Sabotage – Transform Your Life with Three Energy Techniques".

    He regularly works with elite athletes and corporate personnel helping them improve their performance. Along with Dr David Lake, he is the developer of SET (Simple Energy Techniques) and PET (Provocative Energy Techniques). He is also the author of the bestseller 100% YES! The Energy of Success and co-author with Dr David Lake of Enjoy Emotional Freedom, and New Energy Therapies, and is also co-author, with Jo Wiese, of the children's book on EFT, Rose and the Night Monsters.

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    Projection Tapping: Using Toys to Uncover the Underlying Issues

    Projection Tapping: Using Toys to Uncover the Underlying Issues

    Within EFT there are many innovative approaches for finding the key elements to tap on; the elements that can create the greatest and fastest results. In this podcast my guest Gwyneth Moss talks about Projection Tapping. Projection tapping is a great approach to use with children and adults. Projection Tapping involves tapping toys and other inanimate objects to uncover the roots of the clients problems.

    Guest: Gwyneth Moss, EFT Founding Master, Therapist, Trainer and Author


    website: efthelps.com/gwyneth-moss/

    Twitter: @GwynethMoss

    About: Gwyneth is an EFT Founding Master. She is also a leading innovator in the field of EFT having developed Imagineering and other approaches included surrogate tapping for animals. She also started the first EFT Gathering and the EFT Guild.

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