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Understand the Bible in a Deeper Way
Designed to help you read through the Bible in a year, this plan includes 365 daily readings, each with passages from four sections of the Bible each day: the Psalms and Wisdom Literature, Pentateuch and History of Israel, Chronicles and Prophets, and Gospels and Epistles.

This popular plan is featured in the best-selling ESV Study Bible.

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Understand the Bible in a Deeper Way
Designed to help you read through the Bible in a year, this plan includes 365 daily readings, each with passages from four sections of the Bible each day: the Psalms and Wisdom Literature, Pentateuch and History of Israel, Chronicles and Prophets, and Gospels and Epistles.

This popular plan is featured in the best-selling ESV Study Bible.

© 2008 Crossway. All Rights Reserved.

    June 15: Proverbs 10; Deuteronomy 16:18–17:20; Amos 1–2:5; Philemon 23–25

    June 15: Proverbs 10; Deuteronomy 16:18–17:20; Amos 1–2:5; Philemon 23–25

    Psalms and Wisdom:

    Proverbs 10

    Proverbs 10 (Listen)
    The Proverbs of Solomon
    10 The proverbs of Solomon.

      A wise son makes a glad father,
        but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother.
    2   Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit,
        but righteousness delivers from death.
    3   The LORD does not let the righteous go hungry,
        but he thwarts the craving of the wicked.
    4   A slack hand causes poverty,
        but the hand of the diligent makes rich.
    5   He who gathers in summer is a prudent son,
        but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame.
    6   Blessings are on the head of the righteous,
        but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.1
    7   The memory of the righteous is a blessing,
        but the name of the wicked will rot.
    8   The wise of heart will receive commandments,
        but a babbling fool will come to ruin.
    9   Whoever walks in integrity walks securely,
        but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.
    10   Whoever winks the eye causes trouble,
        and a babbling fool will come to ruin.
    11   The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life,
        but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.
    12   Hatred stirs up strife,
        but love covers all offenses.
    13   On the lips of him who has understanding, wisdom is found,
        but a rod is for the back of him who lacks sense.
    14   The wise lay up knowledge,
        but the mouth of a fool brings ruin near.
    15   A rich man’s wealth is his strong city;
        the poverty of the poor is their ruin.
    16   The wage of the righteous leads to life,
        the gain of the wicked to sin.
    17   Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life,
        but he who rejects reproof leads others astray.
    18   The one who conceals hatred has lying lips,
        and whoever utters slander is a fool.
    19   When words are many, transgression is not lacking,
        but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.
    20   The tongue of the righteous is choice silver;
        the heart of the wicked is of little worth.
    21   The lips of the righteous feed many,
        but fools die for lack of sense.
    22   The blessing of the LORD makes rich,
        and he adds no sorrow with it.2
    23   Doing wrong is like a joke to a fool,
        but wisdom is pleasure to a man of understanding.
    24   What the wicked dreads will come upon him,
        but the desire of the righteous will be granted.
    25   When the tempest passes, the wicked is no more,
        but the righteous is established forever.
    26   Like vinegar to the teeth and smoke to the eyes,
        so is the sluggard to those who send him.
    27   The fear of the LORD prolongs life,
        but the years of the wicked will be short.
    28   The hope of the righteous brings joy,
        but the expectation of the wicked will perish.
    29   The way of the LORD is a stronghold to the blameless,
        but destruction to evildoers.
    30   The righteous will never be removed,
        but the wicked will not dwell in the land.
    31   The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom,
        but the perverse tongue will be cut off.
    32   The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable,
        but the mouth of the wicked, what is perverse.

    [1] 10:6 Or but violence covers the mouth of the wicked; also verse 11

    [2] 10:22 Or and toil adds nothing to it


    Pentateuch and History:

    Deuteronomy 16:18–17:20

    Deuteronomy 16:18–17:20 (Listen)
    18 “You shall appoint judges and officers in all your towns that the LORD your God is giving you, according to your tribes, and they shal

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    June 14: Proverbs 9; Deuteronomy 15:19–16:17; Hosea 14; Philemon 8–22

    June 14: Proverbs 9; Deuteronomy 15:19–16:17; Hosea 14; Philemon 8–22

    Psalms and Wisdom:

    Proverbs 9

    Proverbs 9 (Listen)
    The Way of Wisdom

    9   Wisdom has built her house;
        she has hewn her seven pillars.
    2   She has slaughtered her beasts; she has mixed her wine;
        she has also set her table.
    3   She has sent out her young women to call
        from the highest places in the town,
    4   “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!”
        To him who lacks sense she says,
    5   “Come, eat of my bread
        and drink of the wine I have mixed.
    6   Leave your simple ways,1 and live,
        and walk in the way of insight.”

    7   Whoever corrects a scoffer gets himself abuse,
        and he who reproves a wicked man incurs injury.
    8   Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you;
        reprove a wise man, and he will love you.
    9   Give instruction2 to a wise man, and he will be still wiser;
        teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.
    10   The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
        and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.
    11   For by me your days will be multiplied,
        and years will be added to your life.
    12   If you are wise, you are wise for yourself;
        if you scoff, you alone will bear it.

    The Way of Folly

    13   The woman Folly is loud;
        she is seductive3 and knows nothing.
    14   She sits at the door of her house;
        she takes a seat on the highest places of the town,
    15   calling to those who pass by,
        who are going straight on their way,
    16   “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!”
        And to him who lacks sense she says,
    17   “Stolen water is sweet,
        and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.”
    18   But he does not know that the dead4 are there,
        that her guests are in the depths of Sheol.

    [1] 9:6 Or Leave the company of the simple

    [2] 9:9 Hebrew lacks instruction

    [3] 9:13 Or full of simpleness

    [4] 9:18 Hebrew Rephaim


    Pentateuch and History:

    Deuteronomy 15:19–16:17

    Deuteronomy 15:19–16:17 (Listen)
    19 “All the firstborn males that are born of your herd and flock you shall dedicate to the LORD your God. You shall do no work with the firstborn of your herd, nor shear the firstborn of your flock. 20 You shall eat it, you and your household, before the LORD your God year by year at the place that the LORD will choose. 21 But if it has any blemish, if it is lame or blind or has any serious blemish whatever, you shall not sacrifice it to the LORD your God. 22 You shall eat it within your towns. The unclean and the clean alike may eat it, as though it were a gazelle or a deer. 23 Only you shall not eat its blood; you shall pour it out on the ground like water.

    16 “Observe the month of Abib and keep the Passover to the LORD your God, for in the month of Abib the LORD your God brought you out of Egypt by night. 2 And you shall offer the Passover sacrifice to the LORD your God, from the flock or the herd, at the place that the LORD will choose, to make his name dwell there. 3 You shall eat no leavened bread with it. Seven days you shall eat it with unleavened bread, the bread of affliction—for you came out of the land of Egypt in haste—that all the days of your life you may remember the day when you came out of the land of Egypt. 4 No leaven shall be seen with you in all your territory for seven days, nor shall any of the flesh that you sacrifice on the evening of the first day remain all night until morning. 5 You may not offer the Passover sacrifice within any of your towns that the LORD your God is giving you, 6 but at the place that the LORD your God will choose, to m

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    June 13: Proverbs 8; Deuteronomy 15:1–18; Hosea 11:12–13:16; Philemon 4–7

    June 13: Proverbs 8; Deuteronomy 15:1–18; Hosea 11:12–13:16; Philemon 4–7

    Psalms and Wisdom:

    Proverbs 8

    Proverbs 8 (Listen)
    The Blessings of Wisdom

    8   Does not wisdom call?
        Does not understanding raise her voice?
    2   On the heights beside the way,
        at the crossroads she takes her stand;
    3   beside the gates in front of the town,
        at the entrance of the portals she cries aloud:
    4   “To you, O men, I call,
        and my cry is to the children of man.
    5   O simple ones, learn prudence;
        O fools, learn sense.
    6   Hear, for I will speak noble things,
        and from my lips will come what is right,
    7   for my mouth will utter truth;
        wickedness is an abomination to my lips.
    8   All the words of my mouth are righteous;
        there is nothing twisted or crooked in them.
    9   They are all straight to him who understands,
        and right to those who find knowledge.
    10   Take my instruction instead of silver,
        and knowledge rather than choice gold,
    11   for wisdom is better than jewels,
        and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.

    12   “I, wisdom, dwell with prudence,
        and I find knowledge and discretion.
    13   The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil.
      Pride and arrogance and the way of evil
        and perverted speech I hate.
    14   I have counsel and sound wisdom;
        I have insight; I have strength.
    15   By me kings reign,
        and rulers decree what is just;
    16   by me princes rule,
        and nobles, all who govern justly.1
    17   I love those who love me,
        and those who seek me diligently find me.
    18   Riches and honor are with me,
        enduring wealth and righteousness.
    19   My fruit is better than gold, even fine gold,
        and my yield than choice silver.
    20   I walk in the way of righteousness,
        in the paths of justice,
    21   granting an inheritance to those who love me,
        and filling their treasuries.

    22   “The LORD possessed2 me at the beginning of his work,3
        the first of his acts of old.
    23   Ages ago I was set up,
        at the first, before the beginning of the earth.
    24   When there were no depths I was brought forth,
        when there were no springs abounding with water.
    25   Before the mountains had been shaped,
        before the hills, I was brought forth,
    26   before he had made the earth with its fields,
        or the first of the dust of the world.
    27   When he established the heavens, I was there;
        when he drew a circle on the face of the deep,
    28   when he made firm the skies above,
        when he established4 the fountains of the deep,
    29   when he assigned to the sea its limit,
        so that the waters might not transgress his command,
      when he marked out the foundations of the earth,
    30     then I was beside him, like a master workman,
      and I was daily his5 delight,
        rejoicing before him always,
    31   rejoicing in his inhabited world
        and delighting in the children of man.

    32   “And now, O sons, listen to me:
        blessed are those who keep my ways.
    33   Hear instruction and be wise,
        and do not neglect it.
    34   Blessed is the one who listens to me,
        watching daily at my gates,
        waiting beside my doors.
    35   For whoever finds me finds life
        and obtains favor from the LORD,
    36   but he who fails to find me injures himself;
        all who hate me love death.”

    [1] 8:16 Most Hebrew manuscripts; many Hebrew manuscripts, Septuagint govern the earth

    [2] 8:22 Or fathered; Septuagint created

    [3] 8:22 Hebrew way

    [4] 8:28 The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain

    [5] 8:30 Or daily filled with


    Pentateuch and History:

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    June 12: Proverbs 7; Deuteronomy 14; Hosea 11:1–11; Philemon 1–3

    June 12: Proverbs 7; Deuteronomy 14; Hosea 11:1–11; Philemon 1–3

    Psalms and Wisdom:

    Proverbs 7

    Proverbs 7 (Listen)
    Warning Against the Adulteress

    7   My son, keep my words
        and treasure up my commandments with you;
    2   keep my commandments and live;
        keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;
    3   bind them on your fingers;
        write them on the tablet of your heart.
    4   Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”
        and call insight your intimate friend,
    5   to keep you from the forbidden1 woman,
        from the adulteress2 with her smooth words.

    6   For at the window of my house
        I have looked out through my lattice,
    7   and I have seen among the simple,
        I have perceived among the youths,
        a young man lacking sense,
    8   passing along the street near her corner,
        taking the road to her house
    9   in the twilight, in the evening,
        at the time of night and darkness.

    10   And behold, the woman meets him,
        dressed as a prostitute, wily of heart.3
    11   She is loud and wayward;
        her feet do not stay at home;
    12   now in the street, now in the market,
        and at every corner she lies in wait.
    13   She seizes him and kisses him,
        and with bold face she says to him,
    14   “I had to offer sacrifices,4
        and today I have paid my vows;
    15   so now I have come out to meet you,
        to seek you eagerly, and I have found you.
    16   I have spread my couch with coverings,
        colored linens from Egyptian linen;
    17   I have perfumed my bed with myrrh,
        aloes, and cinnamon.
    18   Come, let us take our fill of love till morning;
        let us delight ourselves with love.
    19   For my husband is not at home;
        he has gone on a long journey;
    20   he took a bag of money with him;
        at full moon he will come home.”

    21   With much seductive speech she persuades him;
        with her smooth talk she compels him.
    22   All at once he follows her,
        as an ox goes to the slaughter,
      or as a stag is caught fast5
    23     till an arrow pierces its liver;
      as a bird rushes into a snare;
        he does not know that it will cost him his life.

    24   And now, O sons, listen to me,
        and be attentive to the words of my mouth.
    25   Let not your heart turn aside to her ways;
        do not stray into her paths,
    26   for many a victim has she laid low,
        and all her slain are a mighty throng.
    27   Her house is the way to Sheol,
        going down to the chambers of death.

    [1] 7:5 Hebrew strange

    [2] 7:5 Hebrew the foreign woman

    [3] 7:10 Hebrew guarded in heart

    [4] 7:14 Hebrew peace offerings

    [5] 7:22 Probable reading (compare Septuagint, Vulgate, Syriac); Hebrew as a chain to discipline a fool


    Pentateuch and History:

    Deuteronomy 14

    Deuteronomy 14 (Listen)
    Clean and Unclean Food
    14 “You are the sons of the LORD your God. You shall not cut yourselves or make any baldness on your foreheads for the dead. 2 For you are a people holy to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.

    3 “You shall not eat any abomination. 4 These are the animals you may eat: the ox, the sheep, the goat, 5 the deer, the gazelle, the roebuck, the wild goat, the ibex,1 the antelope, and the mountain sheep. 6 Every animal that parts the hoof and has the hoof cloven in two and chews the cud, among the animals, you may eat. 7 Yet of those that chew the cud or have the hoof cloven you shall not eat these: the camel, the hare, and the rock badger, because they chew the cud but do not part th

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    June 11: Proverbs 6:20–35; Deuteronomy 13; Hosea 10; Titus 3:12–15

    June 11: Proverbs 6:20–35; Deuteronomy 13; Hosea 10; Titus 3:12–15

    Psalms and Wisdom:

    Proverbs 6:20–35

    Proverbs 6:20–35 (Listen)
    Warnings Against Adultery

    20   My son, keep your father’s commandment,
        and forsake not your mother’s teaching.
    21   Bind them on your heart always;
        tie them around your neck.
    22   When you walk, they1 will lead you;
        when you lie down, they will watch over you;
        and when you awake, they will talk with you.
    23   For the commandment is a lamp and the teaching a light,
        and the reproofs of discipline are the way of life,
    24   to preserve you from the evil woman,2
        from the smooth tongue of the adulteress.3
    25   Do not desire her beauty in your heart,
        and do not let her capture you with her eyelashes;
    26   for the price of a prostitute is only a loaf of bread,4
        but a married woman5 hunts down a precious life.
    27   Can a man carry fire next to his chest
        and his clothes not be burned?
    28   Or can one walk on hot coals
        and his feet not be scorched?
    29   So is he who goes in to his neighbor’s wife;
        none who touches her will go unpunished.
    30   People do not despise a thief if he steals
        to satisfy his appetite when he is hungry,
    31   but if he is caught, he will pay sevenfold;
        he will give all the goods of his house.
    32   He who commits adultery lacks sense;
        he who does it destroys himself.
    33   He will get wounds and dishonor,
        and his disgrace will not be wiped away.
    34   For jealousy makes a man furious,
        and he will not spare when he takes revenge.
    35   He will accept no compensation;
        he will refuse though you multiply gifts.

    [1] 6:22 Hebrew it; three times in this verse

    [2] 6:24 Revocalization (compare Septuagint) yields from the wife of a neighbor

    [3] 6:24 Hebrew the foreign woman

    [4] 6:26 Or (compare Septuagint, Syriac, Vulgate) for a prostitute leaves a man with nothing but a loaf of bread

    [5] 6:26 Hebrew a man’s wife


    Pentateuch and History:

    Deuteronomy 13

    Deuteronomy 13 (Listen)
    13 “If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign or a wonder, 2 and the sign or wonder that he tells you comes to pass, and if he says, ‘Let us go after other gods,’ which you have not known, ‘and let us serve them,’ 3 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams. For the LORD your God is testing you, to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. 4 You shall walk after the LORD your God and fear him and keep his commandments and obey his voice, and you shall serve him and hold fast to him. 5 But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has taught rebellion against the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you out of the house of slavery, to make you leave the way in which the LORD your God commanded you to walk. So you shall purge the evil1 from your midst.

    6 “If your brother, the son of your mother, or your son or your daughter or the wife you embrace2 or your friend who is as your own soul entices you secretly, saying, ‘Let us go and serve other gods,’ which neither you nor your fathers have known, 7 some of the gods of the peoples who are around you, whether near you or far off from you, from the one end of the earth to the other, 8 you shall not yield to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him, nor shall you conceal him. 9 But you shall kill him. Your hand shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the peopl

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    June 10: Proverbs 6:1–19; Deuteronomy 12; Hosea 9; Titus 3:8–11

    June 10: Proverbs 6:1–19; Deuteronomy 12; Hosea 9; Titus 3:8–11

    Psalms and Wisdom:

    Proverbs 6:1–19

    Proverbs 6:1–19 (Listen)
    Practical Warnings

    6   My son, if you have put up security for your neighbor,
        have given your pledge for a stranger,
    2   if you are snared in the words of your mouth,
        caught in the words of your mouth,
    3   then do this, my son, and save yourself,
        for you have come into the hand of your neighbor:
        go, hasten,1 and plead urgently with your neighbor.
    4   Give your eyes no sleep
        and your eyelids no slumber;
    5   save yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter,2
        like a bird from the hand of the fowler.

    6   Go to the ant, O sluggard;
        consider her ways, and be wise.
    7   Without having any chief,
        officer, or ruler,
    8   she prepares her bread in summer
        and gathers her food in harvest.
    9   How long will you lie there, O sluggard?
        When will you arise from your sleep?
    10   A little sleep, a little slumber,
        a little folding of the hands to rest,
    11   and poverty will come upon you like a robber,
        and want like an armed man.

    12   A worthless person, a wicked man,
        goes about with crooked speech,
    13   winks with his eyes, signals3 with his feet,
        points with his finger,
    14   with perverted heart devises evil,
        continually sowing discord;
    15   therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly;
        in a moment he will be broken beyond healing.

    16   There are six things that the LORD hates,
        seven that are an abomination to him:
    17   haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
        and hands that shed innocent blood,
    18   a heart that devises wicked plans,
        feet that make haste to run to evil,
    19   a false witness who breathes out lies,
        and one who sows discord among brothers.

    [1] 6:3 Or humble yourself

    [2] 6:5 Hebrew lacks of the hunter

    [3] 6:13 Hebrew scrapes


    Pentateuch and History:

    Deuteronomy 12

    Deuteronomy 12 (Listen)
    The Lord’s Chosen Place of Worship
    12 “These are the statutes and rules that you shall be careful to do in the land that the LORD, the God of your fathers, has given you to possess, all the days that you live on the earth. 2 You shall surely destroy all the places where the nations whom you shall dispossess served their gods, on the high mountains and on the hills and under every green tree. 3 You shall tear down their altars and dash in pieces their pillars and burn their Asherim with fire. You shall chop down the carved images of their gods and destroy their name out of that place. 4 You shall not worship the LORD your God in that way. 5 But you shall seek the place that the LORD your God will choose out of all your tribes to put his name and make his habitation1 there. There you shall go, 6 and there you shall bring your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and the contribution that you present, your vow offerings, your freewill offerings, and the firstborn of your herd and of your flock. 7 And there you shall eat before the LORD your God, and you shall rejoice, you and your households, in all that you undertake, in which the LORD your God has blessed you.

    8 “You shall not do according to all that we are doing here today, everyone doing whatever is right in his own eyes, 9 for you have not as yet come to the rest and to the inheritance that the LORD your God is giving you. 10 But when you go over the Jordan and live in the land that the LORD your God is giving you to inherit, and when he gives you rest from all your enemies around, so that you live in safety, 11 then to the place that the LORD your God

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