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Helping Generation X to be Generation eXceptional!

    S4B Series EP 22 - Saying Farewell to the Stronger4Business Podcast

    S4B Series EP 22 - Saying Farewell to the Stronger4Business Podcast

    "You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and, know when to run"
    Sound advice from the iconic Kenny Rogers' song 'The Gambler'.
    And the S4B team have decided to 'fold em and walk away' - but it's all good.
    In this very last ever S4B podcast, Pete, Dyf and Bev explain why even the best things in life, must sometimes come to a close.
    What's been incredibly insightful is how the plans, communication, honesty, trust and clear objectives that we set out with at the start of our collaboration proved to be vital throughout the last 6 months and in finally reaching the decision to bring it to an end.
    You can watch our conversation on on our YouTube Channel where you can also find all our previous podcasts.
    Finally, we'd love to thank all of you wonderful listeners who supported us over the last few months, we were genuinely touched by the lovely comments, likes and shares that you gave us.

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    S4B Series EP 21 - Leading through Change with Mark Underwood

    S4B Series EP 21 - Leading through Change with Mark Underwood

    Today we're chatting with Mark Underwood.   In the current climate good leadership is more important than ever.  So what does good leadership look like and how can anyone possibly be an expert in leading through a pandemic when we've never had to deal with this in our lifetime?  We discuss this and more with Mark today.
    Mark is a business advisor at CMU Partners, which he founded in 2013. Working with owners and managers of SMEs to specifically focus on improving business performance and developing companies so they can meet their full potential.
    CMU tend to focus on manufacturing and distribution businesses, where the close relationship and understanding of the customers’ needs are paramount to the success of the business.
    Mark started his professional life working for a medical device company in the healthcare sector before becoming a shareholder and managing director of one of the largest businesses in the sector operating across 16 different countries.  
    He have spent 30 years working at board level and has always trusted his core values to achieve success. He strongly believes that rank is not what makes you a leader or successful.  Becoming a good leader means that every day you need to lead by example, demonstrating honesty, integrity, trust and care for your people. This is the only way he believes you ever experience true success. If you invest in your people, they will take care of you and your business.
    He extends these values in all areas of his life. He has four amazing children, three are entrepreneurs building their own businesses. Business is a part of family life in the Underwood household. 
    You can get in touch with Mark, or find out more about CMU Partners, by visiting his website at https://www.cmupartners.com/services/

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    S4B Series EP020 - Podcasting. Should You Have One?

    S4B Series EP020 - Podcasting. Should You Have One?

    There's no denying podcasts are getting more and more popular. There's never been a better time to easily access and cost effectively use podcasting and as a means of connecting with your audience.  As a marketing tool a podcast is right up there with the best of them.In today's episode Pete and Bev are discussing the benefits and the drawbacks of having a podcast to support your marketing efforts and they also talk about the potential benefits to businesses of using podcasts to support their internal comms.No Dyfrig today as he's too busy sunning himself in sunny Italy and we're not jealous at all, honest!  But normal service with the 3 of us will resume next week.Let us know in the comments if you have a podcast, either for marketing purposes or to engage people within your business.  We'd love to know how it's working out for you.

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    S4B Series EP019 - Younger than Google with Amaan Nadeem

    S4B Series EP019 - Younger than Google with Amaan Nadeem

    Many of the young adults entering the workplace right now have been brought up not knowing life without Google.  They are tech savvy, information rich and ready for a future that looks very different to that of us older generations.
    In today's episode we're chatting with Amaan Nadeem, a marketing exec with a range of work experience behind him, despite being 'younger than Google' at just 18 years old.
    Driven, ambitious and hungry to learn, Amaan shares with us his hopes and fears for his future and what he believes young people need from their leaders to enable them to perform at their absolute best.
    We talk about the education system and whether Amaan feels it really equips young men and women with the life skills they need as they start out on their careers.  We talk about how mental health issues are addressed across the generations.  And we discuss whether stereotypes around the different generations are a real reflection of the people or if we're basically all pretty much the same at heart.
    You can find Amaan on LInkedIn or contact him for digital marketing and sales lead generation at Joseph Creative Business by emailing design@josephcreative.co.uk

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    S4B Series EP018 - In the Spotlight - Pete Rushmer of Flagship Partners

    S4B Series EP018 - In the Spotlight - Pete Rushmer of Flagship Partners

    In this 3rd and final episode of our 'In The Spotlight' series, we get to learn about our S4B Partner,  Pete Rushmer, and more about the wide range of services he offers at his company, Flagship Partners.
    Pete is the Managing Director of Flagship Partners, and specialises in Vehicle and Transport Compliance, having worked for 14 years in the industry in a Senior Leadership role, before starting Flagship in 2018.
    Flagship Partners offer a variety of services to improve the running of a business. From over 100 training courses to Human Resources and Health and Safety Consultancy, they  offer it all, and the courses can be tailored to suit the needs of the business too. Training courses include First Aid, Driver CPC, Professional Development and many more!
    To find out more about what Flagship Partners  visit www.flagshippartners.co.uk or message Pete via his Facebook page.  You an also connect with Pete on LinkedIn 

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    S4B Series EP017 - In the Sportlight- Dyfrig Jenkins of YOU.Development Ltd

    S4B Series EP017 - In the Sportlight- Dyfrig Jenkins of YOU.Development Ltd

    In the second of our 'In The Spotlight' series, the S4B team learn more about Dyfrig Jenkins. 
    Dyfrig created YOU. Development in 2016, he is a qualified Executive Coach and a skilled facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in corporate Learning & Development. His work takes him across the UK and overseas too. 
    Dyfrig specialises in leadership, management and team development. He does this in two ways: 
    Firstly as an Executive Coach, Dyfrig works one to one with his coaching clients to help them make important decisions that benefit them and their organisation. Secondly, he spends a good amount of time creating and facilitating events, workshops and programmes to help businesses and their people, move closer to performing at a consistently higher level. 
    Naturally, Dyfrig has adopted a more virtual approach to meet his customers’ needs and is developing these with his business customers. 
    Dyfrig frequently associates with other organisations as a coach and facilitator and brings in trusted partners to deliver effective solutions for his own business customers and coaching clients. These include tailored 360 feedback reports, individual and team assessments, working with actors to support practical leadership development and online resources such as video and eLearning. 
    Join Pete and Bev as they put Dyfrig In The Spotlight in their usual informative and informal style.
    You can find out more about the work YOU. does by visiting https://youdevelopment.co.uk/#hello  and https://www.linkedin.com/in/dyfrig-jenkins-b9807216/
    You can email Dyfrig@wwwyoudevelop.com, call him on +44(0)7971258771 or book time in his diary by following this link https://calendly.com/dyfrigatyoudevelopment

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