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Welcome to the Gina Bianca Podcast: a podcast for hair stylists, salon owners and modern entrepreneurs! The official podcast of stylist, salon owner, educator, life and business coach Gina Bianca. Follow on instagram for even more valuable content to empower and elevate the beauty industry! @iamginabianca @ginabiancapodcast

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Welcome to the Gina Bianca Podcast: a podcast for hair stylists, salon owners and modern entrepreneurs! The official podcast of stylist, salon owner, educator, life and business coach Gina Bianca. Follow on instagram for even more valuable content to empower and elevate the beauty industry! @iamginabianca @ginabiancapodcast

    67. Building Your Hand tied Extensions Empire with Jessie Tripi

    67. Building Your Hand tied Extensions Empire with Jessie Tripi

    Join us for an informative and incredible session with Jessie Tripi, hair extensions specialist and founder of Stitched Education! Jessie has been an incredible mentor for me in my life and an even more wonderful friend! Jessie is an amazing educator and truly cares about her students. I would highly recommend her education to anyone! We shot this episode quite a while ago and are so excited to finally release it!
    Check out her education:
    Use the code GBP for $100 off her online + live education!
    Members of the Network Mastermind save 20%!!

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    66. Spending time with Nina Kovner

    66. Spending time with Nina Kovner

    Welcome Nina Kovner to the Podcast!
    The Short Story… Mostly for Show Brochures and Trade Magazines
    From the shampoo room to the boardroom, Nina L. Kovner took the world of pro beauty by storm with her thoughtful attention to detail and never-ending tenacity.  After 26 years of conquering obstacles in an ever-changing business landscape and helping to build one of the most recognized professional haircare brands in the world, they respectfully walked away from a career at the top to help small business owners and artists discover and live their purpose with passion and empower their businesses. Now, as Chief Awesomeness Empowerer at Passion Squared, they wake up every morning saying to themselves… “How I am going to help people create awesome today?”
    The Real Story… In My Own Words
    From the shampoo room to the boardroom. A Cinderella story so to speak. At least it was someone’s Cinderella story.
    I discovered beauty school in 1987, and found my passion and what I thought was my purpose. I became the best shampoo girl ever, at least in my mind I was, at The Falls Salon in Falls Church, Virginia, and worked there as a stylist for a few years. To this day that was one of my fave jobs in the beauty biz.
    In the late 80′s, I got my dream job as a Paul Mitchell educator and Brand Manager at Davidson Beauty Supply, my first introduction to the business of beauty. What an amazing education I received.
    At the age of 24, I was named Regional Sales Director for the Southwest United States for Paul Mitchell. I had arrived!
    The Career College Association inducted me into their Hall of Fame, the first beauty school graduate to ever be inducted. Yes, they let me speak to Congress at the age of 25. Awesome.
    In early 2000, I was named VP of Marketing for Paul Mitchell, and had the honor of working with and for the best people in the biz, including my mentors and heroes John Paul DeJoria and Luke Jacobellis.
    In 2006, I was accepted into the UCLA Anderson School Executive Management Program, only one of two hairdressers ever to be accepted. I learned so much in those 9 months, and even became President of my class. I was honored and humbled to sit side by side with rocket scientists, engineers and really super smart people.
    In 2009, I graciously walked away from an awesome career of 26 years.
    Discovering my WHY You may be thinking; are you crazy?  You walked away from the best company and career in the world? Yes I did.
    The truth is I was dying inside. I loved my company and the people I worked with, but there was a big hole in my heart. My outsides did not match my insides. And I learned the hard way, it catches up with you, eventually. At least that is my truth.
    I realized my true passion was to empower those I love through sharing my journey and experiences, the real world shit that mattered to me. I needed to speak my truth.
    Like many in our world, nothing has ever come easy to me. I am dyslexic, ADD, and lovingly battle anxiety on a daily basis. But none of that has stopped me from living, dreaming and pursuing my passion and purpose.
    Today, I know deep in my soul I am here to help people discover and live their purpose with passion and use that to empower others and their businesses. Just like I have.

    Want to hear more of the gory and awesome details of my insane life? Check out my book, Follow Your HEART. And to go even deeper, check out NEW book My AwesomeAF Boundary Book. 

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    65. Mastering Customer Loyalty with Michael Yost

    65. Mastering Customer Loyalty with Michael Yost

    Thank you Strategies for doing this project with me! This is the 5th of a seven episode podcast series (released monthly) surrounding team-based businesses and employee based salons.
    Today we discuss customer loyalty, what it is and how to impact it!
    Be sure to follow Strategies on Instagram @strategies4biz https://www.instagram.com/strategies4...
    Want to learn more about the Team-Based Business Model? Here are three ways to get started...
    Good: Download the FREE Team-Based Pay White Paper: https://bit.ly/3bu0NUQ
    Better: Schedule a free strategy session with a Certified Strategies Coach: https://bit.ly/3kexd9L
    Best: Register for the Strategies Incubator Seminar...the only training where the Team-Based Business Model is taught from top to bottom. Save 10% with promo code “gina10”.
    Click here for upcoming Incubator dates: Incubators: https://strategies.com/aff/index.html... Seminars: https://strategies.com/aff/index.html...
    If you're ready to grow your employee-based salon,spa, or medspa, no other training company has the systems and expertise to get you there like Strategies.
    Through a broad offering of private coaching, on-site training, online or in-person workshops, Strategies has the proven systems to ensure that every team member is focused, motivated and rewarded for growing the company and delivering world- class client experiences.

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    64. Celebrity Hair Stylist + Wig Hacker Daniel Koye

    64. Celebrity Hair Stylist + Wig Hacker Daniel Koye

    Welcome to the podcast Daniel Koye!
    Daniel Koye has been working as a union hairstylist in NYC in the entertainment industry for over 14 years. He got this start on Broadway working on 23 Broadway shows. A few of his favorites are Patti Lupone GYSPY, Follies, The Trip to Bountiful, The Heiress, and Love Letters to name a few. He now does hair for film and television. His work has appeared on NBC, ABC, Lifetime, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

    Daniel's secret to his success is becoming a WIGHACKER and creating custom lace wigs by hand. His passion for wigs and hair inspired him to create a book series and educational course to take out the guesswork in creating custom wigs. In his words, "education is the key to success." Daniel is committed to destigmatizing the misconceptions about wigs and showing the hair industry and international audiences how wigs can enhance your personal style and your self-confidence.
    For more info and to join his community, follow the link below!

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    63. Salon Owner and Leadership Tips - Odette Scacco

    63. Salon Owner and Leadership Tips - Odette Scacco

    Welcome to the podcast Odette Scacco. I met Odette many years ago when she selflessly mentored me through opening my salon and was there for me from afar through many ups and downs. Its great to have salon owner friends and people to turn to and Odette was that person for me especially through owning my employee based business. In this episode she offers many tips about salon ownership and leadership that have helped her build her successful long time salon in Connecticut!
    About Odette:
    "As a stylist of 25+years and Business Owner of 20, I can honestly say that I love what I do today as much as when my career began. Owning my own salon has allowed me the opportunity to not only build a team of professional, talented and creative stylists, but also to keep our clients our top priority. In building a great team, I believe in leading by example. I stay current in all aspects of hair design and coloring, and I am a Goldwell Certified Master Colorist. It's been a busy few years, since I opened the doors of Salon Odette, but I have enjoyed every minute of it! I invite you to come and experience why we have been a top salon in our area for many years. Hope to see you soon!" - via https://www.salonodette.com/odette

    ~ Odette Scacco

    • 1 hr 13 min
    62. Radically Curly and Kind with Danielle Green

    62. Radically Curly and Kind with Danielle Green

    this weeks episode is centered around Danielle Green, owner of Radically Curly in Las Vegas, activist and so much more. I enjoyed building a closer relationship to Danielle during this episode and know you’ll enjoy!
    About Radically Curly from Danielle Green VIA Radically Curly’s website:
    Radically Curly was initially created to help heal generations of wounds caused by shame and abuse of natural hair. I understood that naturally curly hair wasn’t taught in beauty school and that fueled the fire under my feet to make a change in the beauty industry. It wasn’t easy. I saw the problem decades ago and knew that people that looked like me and had hair like mine were not getting the same treatment in the chair as someone who had straight hair. I made it my mission to change that narrative. I wanted people with curly hair to feel welcomed and empowered from the moment they arrive until they leave. Radically Curly became the first salon in Las Vegas to specialize in curly hair. People travel from around the world for our services and we are forever grateful. Our purpose is being fulfilled each day. You can trust with your curly hair no matter what type or texture. See you soon.
    check out their workshops:

    Sign the petition to get a curly curriculum in all Cosmo schools:

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3.7 out of 5
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3 Ratings

xsamhair ,

Gina you have changed everything!

I discovered Gina years ago and I’ve been following her journey ever since, no matter when I listen to her podcasts I always find pieces of information that really resonate with me. She is a catalyst of change and a revolutionary within the industry, someone that makes you question the way you think is truly a blessing. - xsamhair

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