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Is it possible to change the world? Can we make the world a better place for all? The answer is YES. Claudia Romo Edelman and Edie Lush share the inspiring stories of people working to create a more sustainable world while sharing simple ways for you to start taking action today.

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Is it possible to change the world? Can we make the world a better place for all? The answer is YES. Claudia Romo Edelman and Edie Lush share the inspiring stories of people working to create a more sustainable world while sharing simple ways for you to start taking action today.

    The crisis of the Global Goals Part II: Actions we need now

    The crisis of the Global Goals Part II: Actions we need now

    Putting the world back on track after the pandemic will require a level of cooperation and partnership unlike anything we have seen. That is the conclusion of experts convened by Global GoalsCast to assess the crisis of the Sustainable Development Goals and the road forward.  

    The world before the pandemic proved dangerously vulnerable because of the very challenges the SDGs are designed to address.“And really this is our opportunity right now to focus in on who is being left behind, who is not getting the access and be able to find those supercharged solutions,” said Annemarie Hou, head of partnerships at the United Nations. “The SDGs are our way out of this, if we work together,” added Rajesh Mirchandani of the UN Foundation.

    Recorded live at the end of Global Goals week, this is part two of our special on the setbacks and solutions if the world is to build back better. Also featured in this episode are Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever; David Nabarro of the World Health Organization; Gillian Tett of the Financial Times and Kate Garvey of Project Everyone, who noted her organization's proposal to rebrand the SDGs as the Sustainable Development Solutions.

    Rose Beaumont, from our sponsor, Mastercard, shares more on Mastercard’s index on Women Entrepreneurs.

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    The Crisis of the Global Goals Part I: Can compassion at scale put the SDGs back on track?

    The Crisis of the Global Goals Part I: Can compassion at scale put the SDGs back on track?

    The pandemic has set the world back in so many ways. In this special, two-part episode, Edie Lush and Claudia Romo Edelman look at the damage inflicted on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The worldhad been making real progress toward the goals, which include eradicating poverty, educating everyone, providing health care for all and equity for women and girls. But in the space of a few months the progress hasbeen reversed on everything from vaccinations to literacy. In Part one, Henrietta Fore of UNICEF describes the crisis for children and for the SDGs overall. Melissa Fleming, Under Secretary General of the UN, describes the opportunity to embrace the lesson of the pandemic: inequity created this crisis. Building back a more equal worldwill help prevent the next one. Edie also visits with students in India and Uganda to hear how they have tried to keep their education going through the lockdowns. At the peak of the pandemic, 1.6 billion children were out of school. Unicef warns that a generation is being lost through school closures. Rose Beaumont from our sponsor Mastercard describes how women entrepreneurs are the bedrock of our societies’ economies and are helping to build back better.

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    Our Post-Lockdown To Do List

    Our Post-Lockdown To Do List

    Returning to work and curbing coronavirus are not competing ideas. That is a false choice. We can have jobs and health by building back in new ways that improve workplaces, education and medical care while deterring the infection.  Co-hosts Edie Lush and Claudia Romo Edelman seek out provocative ideas for immediate change.

    They are joined in this search by Gillian Tett of the Financial Times, inventor and editor of the FT’s Moral Money newsletter and coverage. “The key question is how do we go forward and build back better and not merely survive but thrive in the future.”

    Dr. Oxiris Barbot, New York City Health Commissioner, says that “an equity lens” is essential to recognize that risk of disease weighs heavier on communities of color and lower incomes. Repairing this requires not only improved access to health care, but also to better housing, jobs and education. “We are only as healthy as our most challenged resident,” she said.

    Jack Hidary, the Artificial Intelligence expert, serial entrepreneur and leader of Alphabet’s X project in quantum computing, says that we have sixty days to use the crisis to convince leaders to adopt immediate innovation. He suggests, for example, that big companies decentralize and create satellite offices so no employee has to commute more than ten minutes to a desk. He says he has discussed this with WeWork. He also offers ideas for on-line learning and telemedicine.

    David Milliband of the International Rescue Committee speaks with Edie about how innovations spurred by the fight against coronavirus may have long-term benefits. Improved sanitary conditions, for example, curb other diseases in poor countries. Milliband notes that the simple instruction to wash your hands regularly is a major challenge for the three billion people who don’t have clean running water at home. Their conversation was part of a ‘ThinkIn’ that our colleagues at Tortoise run for their members and is included in Global GoalsCast with their blessing.

    Facts about the crisis and Actions to build back better are presented by Alice McDonald of Project Everyone.

    From our sponsor, Mastercard, Senior Vice President Amy Neale describes how Startpath, Mastercard’s startup network, solved a Covid-19 fundraising challenge for the City of Los Angeles in eight days.

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    How do we come back from this?

    How do we come back from this?

    Not since World War II has so much of the world been so shattered by a single global event. 

    How do we recover? 

    We look at recovery from multiple perspectives. An Israeli peace-maker turned comic shares her frightening tale of Covid-19 diagnoses and survival. She was quarantined in a Jerusalem hotel with Arabs and Jews, an education in the true meaning of coexistence. Dr. Tom Frieden, one of the world's leading public health physicians, describes how to keep coronavirus in its box so we can carefully resume at least some parts of life and work. From two parts of Africa, Kenya and Cameroon, we hear about the fight to keep the pandemic from running rampant over Africa.
    Facts and Actions are offered by Jonathan Rivers, the Head of WFP's Hunger Monitoring Unit of the World Food Program, which warns that the economic disruptions of Covid-19 are increasing serious hunger in several parts of the globe.
    Amy Neale, Senior Vice President Start Path & Fintech at our sponsor, Mastercard, highlights two start-up companies that pivoted quickly to apply their abilities to challenges of the pandemic.
    Our partner, One Young World, played a special role in this episode. They introduced us to three of our guests.

    The Israeli comic, Noam Shuster, who first appeared on Global GoalsCast last year in our episode on how comedy can demolish stereotypes. When we heard about her Covid-19 experience we invited her back. She was a One Young World Ambassador. So are both of this week's guests from Africa, Achaleke Christian Leke of Cameroon and Emma Ingaiza of Kenya.

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    Igniting the Power of Women: Melinda Gates and SDG 5

    Igniting the Power of Women: Melinda Gates and SDG 5

    Global Goal 5, gender equity, is both a purpose in itself and a vital accelerant to achieving all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. “We’re trying to move past the gravitational forces, the barriers that hold women back,” explains Melinda Gates, philanthropist, author and mother of three. “Because if you can remove those barriers and help lift women up, they will lift up the world.”

    In this special episode, Claudia Romo Edelman and Edie Lush share the How To Academy podcast in which journalist Hannah MacInnes interviews Melinda Gates in front of a live audience in London. For the last twenty years Gates has been on a mission to find solutions for people with the most urgent needs, wherever they live. One lesson she has learned is that to lift society up you have to stop keeping women down.

    The How to Academy hosts leading artists and thinkers in London for public talks, debates and conferences. Selected talks are featured in the How to Academy's podcast series, available wherever you get your podcasts.

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    To stop coronavirus, listen

    To stop coronavirus, listen

    The pandemic can be stopped. We already know how, explain two of the world’s top public health doctors in this episode on lessons from the pandemic. The solution involves truly understanding how the disease was stopped in the early countries that confronted it. “We’re going back and relearning a lot of the lessons from China,” said Dr. Bruce Aylward, who led the World Health Organization’s mission to China and is working to share those findings in Italy and other countries. Dr. Aywalrd says leader’s in the West were slow to listen to the lessons. “We are all human at a certain level and we tend to cherry pick that part of the information, which we find most reassuring,” he observed. Dr.David Nabarro, TITLE, said that quick action will contain the virus. “If when a case arrives, you prevaricate, you're half-hearted, you pretend it's not real and you wait perhaps two, three, four weeks before you start to implement measures of any kind,” he warned, “what happens is that it basically doubles in scale every two to three days.”

    Following the lead of Drs. Nabarro and Aylward, Co hosts Edie Lush and Claudia Romo Edelman share their plan to offer regular episodes of the podcast that detail success in attacking the pandemic and share them widely while the lessons can make a difference.

    Listen on Apple Podcasts https://bit.ly/globalgoalscast or the Global GoalsCast website https://globalgoalscast.org/s4e3 or wherever you listen.

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5.0 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

Gumtree fun ,

Absolutely fascinating

This is an extraordinary interesting program presented by two very talented and articulate women, drawing on global experts who speak in plain language while delivering an astonishing array of facts.

MontyTMoose ,

Electic & engaging!

Edie & Claudia bring what could be a dry subject to life with enthusiasm and verve, showcasing stories of hope and change from around the world. What could be more compelling than an ambition to change the world?

Jade MUA ,


This Podcast is entertaining and educational so a win win plus it's one you can listen to with your teenagers and start a conversation - at a time when the world feels fragile it's great to listen to some optimistic ideas and platforms that are committed to some of the good stuff of life!

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