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A (non-refundable) 70 minutes of film chatter from two video-games developers and comedy sketch writers.

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A (non-refundable) 70 minutes of film chatter from two video-games developers and comedy sketch writers.

    106 - Best and Worst of 2019

    106 - Best and Worst of 2019

    Here we are in the future...2020. Where everything is better and more sci-fi. And yet here WE are, dilly-dallying to get you an end of 2019 Film Review episode... Well, at least it's in your ear-pockets on time for (most) of you getting back to work on those futuristic commutes! What controversy lays ahead in the form of a big opinIAIN? What will Olly say was good which was clearly sub-optimal? It's all here in our Best and Worst of 2019!
    First though, Olly takes us on a profanity journey in our Seggy One called "None, Mild, Moderate or Severe". CAN Iain guess how the assortment of movies rate? CAN you?! Join us with your ears to give it a go!
    And of course, we give you our life scores - the first in quite some time!
    We hope you enjoy the episode AND have a wonderful 2020, from Guys on Film!
    Technical Note: Oliver was unhappy with the quality of his sound recording for this episode, so go easy.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    105 - Cars on Film

    105 - Cars on Film

    Start your audio engines... It's time for the latest episode of Guys on Film! And we mean... REALLY late. It's certainly been a while, but the guys are ready to jump back behind the podcasting wheel and discuss movies where the car is the star. Think Ronin, Gone in 60 Seconds (Cage version, obviously), multiple Batmans (Batmens?) and MORE. What more could you want? Well, whether you like it or not, you're getting a Seggy One where Iain and Olly find out which car they're most like with a specially formulated, highly scientific online quiz. Are they more Rover than Rolls Royce? Find out... NOW!

    • 1 hr 4 min
    104 - Movie Pub Quiz

    104 - Movie Pub Quiz

    Grab the pork scratchings, top up your pints and prepare your brain-stations for this - the FIRST EVER Guys on Film movie pub quiz!
    So if you want to show off with your knowledge of movie trivia, or even your trivial knowledge of movies -  get your friends around, blast out the podcast and start writing down your answers on a sheet of flippin' paper! 
    Expect an expansive concoction of questions, straight from the mind of Olly Johnson - covering recent movies, pet movies, prison movies and more! Just beware that Iain is judging both you and your answers (harshly) so don't try getting away with some cheaty nonsense.
    We also catch you up on our recent LifeScores and movie goings so stay tuned til the end!

    • 50 min
    103 - How to Have a Movie Night

    103 - How to Have a Movie Night

    We all love a good movie night, but are any of us any good at it? It's time to find out! 
    On this week's episode, we pack in LOADS of movie night-related shenanigans. In Seggy 1, Olly quizzes Iain in "Snack or Not?" Can Iain determine whether these fangled products are prime for chomping during movie night, or totally inedible?
    In LifeScores we smash through whats been going on in the last month - house moves, new cats and garden renovations. All very humdrum. But wait til you hear Iain's review of the Motley Crue movie "The Dirt"
    In this week's 4X Deep Dive we hit you with some high calibre facts, tips and things to avoid for the perfect movie night, including on-site reports from an ACTUAL movie night with friend of the podcast Peter Cater. Can you avoid Iain's Seven Deadly Sins? (And did the guys avoid them on their own movie night?) Do you agree with Wiki-how's top tips? Well, it's time to find out as you join us in episode 103...

    • 1 hr 15 min
    102 - Best Music Tracks from the Movies

    102 - Best Music Tracks from the Movies

    This week we're exploring the best music tracks from the movies. Not all that lovely orchestral stuff, but pop tracks that have been selected to go into a film and have really... struck a chord....
    Anyway, we kick things off with a movie music quiz. Iain takes on the challenge of identifying the song, artist and movie it was in from just the opening lines. How will you do?
    As ever we have a LifeScores update and then follow up with our 4X Deep Dive on movie music. What will top Iain's top 5 tracks list? What will Olly bring up from the world of goth music? What are some of Iain's top SHITERS? It's all on here - so get listening!

    • 1 hr 6 min
    101 - Detectives Hunting Serial Killers

    101 - Detectives Hunting Serial Killers

    Welcome to 2019 from the Guys on Film podcast. In this first episode of the year, Iain quizzes Olly on his Japanese movie knowledge after a New Year trip East. We get our Life Score update from Olly and Iain. Iain recounts the top movies he'd seen over the festive period and on an aeroplane and Olly commiserates himself for a poor pub quiz movie question performance. And in the Deep Dive this week, we discuss... hey, you guessed it Detectives Hunting Serial Killers (it's in the damn title). With morbid documentaries being all the rage on streaming services, we look at their movie counterparts and talk about the M.O., the patterns, the psychology and some of the techniques used by detectives to catch them. Along with a rundown of some of our favourites, including Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, Zodiac and a like for like comparison on Manhunter and Red Dragon. Try to enjoy it!

    • 1 hr 13 min

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G-Ballin ,

"These guys go up to 11"

Great listening to you chaps and your thoughts on film.

Veryveryniceguy ,

Iain is a bit odd

See title

Matthewteague ,


I thought this podcast was going to be just okay. But I was wrong! It's okay but better then okay. Like an okay++. Newspeak me up boys

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