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A (non-refundable) 70 minutes of film chatter from two video-games developers and comedy sketch writers.

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A (non-refundable) 70 minutes of film chatter from two video-games developers and comedy sketch writers.

    112 - Friends in Movies

    112 - Friends in Movies

    In the first episode of 2021, we’re examining Friends in Movies! What does that mean? Well we didn’t know either - as Olly researched buddy movies and Iain researched the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in their silver screen careers. The result? A collection of terse, scathing comments from Olly about how Iain got things so wrong, and a whole lot of Friend-related banter!


    First, Iain and Olly put their own friendship to the test in a variant on the 'newlywed' game. We pitch each other on Friends-themed movies in Seggy 1, and in the Deep Dive, we get into Olly’s top movie friendships, Iain’s harrowing experience with the Jennifer Aniston movie The Switch and we judge what Matthew Perry’s chances in pugilistic combat are, in Bing Bing Bing - Round 1.


    Of course, we have the regular LifeScores™ and top it all off on a disaster performance on the Name Game. Enjoy!

    • 1 hr 21 min
    111 - Accents

    111 - Accents

    In the wake of the news of Sir Sean Connery’s passing, we take a look (listen) at the cinematic accents that hit and missed the mark. Set accents to stun and banter quality to ‘medium’ - it's another Guys on Film podcast!

    In Seggy 1, we lift the nation’s spirits with “Everything’s Going to be OK” where we explore iconic films, if everything was just… alright. In LifeScores™, Oliver tells us about his spangly new PlayStation 5 and awakens a line of dialogue from Pet Sematary. But really it's all about the main event, where we cover some of the best and worst accents in Hollywood and Iain gives expert analysis of Hollywood’s attempts at the Holy Grail of accents: Scottish. 

    Stay tuned right ‘til the end for a cry-laugh Robert-focussed Name Game.


    • 1 hr 3 min
    110 - Halloween Spooktacular 2.5

    110 - Halloween Spooktacular 2.5

    It’s October. It can mean only one thing: it’s the not-quite-annual Guys on Film Halloween Spooktacular! 

    In this episode, we break from our traditional Deep Dive on a movie-related topic and bring you a rapid-fire succession of lovingly-crafted segments on spooky and scary topics! You guessed it, we’re calling it a CreepDive! Featuring Olly talking about films that genuinely scared him and why, Iain asking you whether it's Argento or ArgentNO and a Name Game for the ages.

    But before all that Olly interviews Iain for a mystery job, and we give you our LifeScores™.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    109 - Home Cinema

    109 - Home Cinema

    Grab your microwaved popcorn and pretend to tear a ticket-stub, it’s the Home Cinema episode of Guys on Film podcast! The cinemas are still mainly shut, so we thought it wise to deep dive on the current best alternative: Home Cinema!

    In this week’s Seggy One, Olly quizzes Iain on movie running times in another stonking “Higher or Lower”…  Or is that stinking? In LifeScores we hear how Iain and Olly are doing in pandemic times and a bit about their recent viewing habits; including a re-watch of The Matrix and setting off on the journey that is the IMDB Top 250 movies watch-list.

    And in our Deep Dive, we talk about inflatable projection screens, whether sorting out your audio at home is worth the hassle, and Iain unconvincingly tells us that pixels don’t matter. Oh, and Olly completely forgets to discuss VR home cinema, despite thesis-level research and preparation.


    • 1 hr 8 min
    108 - Feel Good Movies

    108 - Feel Good Movies

    We could’ve gone the easy route and recorded another Outbreak Movies. We could’ve gone for a depressing soirée through Isolation Movies. But in these UNPRECEDENTED TIMES, we gave YOU the choice (wow) and you opted for something to lift the mood (not the Lockdown) with this week’s episode: Feel Good Movies!

    Olly kicks it off with a suitably depressing Seggy 1, where we learn the price waning celebrities are willing to provide personalised messages for in a game of Higher or Lower? Iain is ready and willing to give it his best shot.

    In LifeScores, we learn how Olly and Iain are getting on with hunkering down and…

    … In our deep dive, we give you (slightly more than) 5 of our top Feel Good movies each. We cover it all; from Studio Ghibli to Disney classics through Olly trying to convince us that The Truman Show isn’t sinister. We’ve got it all!

    And stay tuned for the name game. It almost entertains every time!


    • 1 hr 18 min
    107 - Bang Average

    107 - Bang Average

    What's neither brilliant, nor terrible? Not a lofty career best... but not critically panned either... It's a category we call: "Bang Average". 

    On this episode of Guys on Film, we unscientifically break down the career "medium" performances of a handful of actors, including (predictably) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson, as well as somebody else that Iain wasn't officially told to research. How do you define something that's just... "OK"? Don't think too hard about it, you'll break your brain - we did! But a biscuit-rating scale helped with some of it.

    Also on this episode, we 'Also Known As" in our Seggy 1 Quiz. Olly asks Iain to work out which films these foreign translations belong to... and Iain struggles hard. Can you do any better?

    And in LifeScores, Iain tells us about his new dog and Olly has ice skating lessons. Enjoy!

    • 1 hr 9 min

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4.7 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

G-Ballin ,

"These guys go up to 11"

Great listening to you chaps and your thoughts on film.

Veryveryniceguy ,

Iain is a bit odd

See title

Matthewteague ,


I thought this podcast was going to be just okay. But I was wrong! It's okay but better then okay. Like an okay++. Newspeak me up boys

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