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By A Gym Owner For Gym Owners. I Understand Your Business.

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By A Gym Owner For Gym Owners. I Understand Your Business.

    ActiveXchange Data Results Post COVID

    ActiveXchange Data Results Post COVID

    We talk about consumers choices the changes from
    pre-COVID Vs post-COVID.
    James talks % pre-post COVID cancellations 
    Members stay longer when they do group fitness but the length of time they stay depends on the group fitness they participate in.
    We talk about how ActiveXchange can help you with the hot spots in your community.
    Our market is matured and data helps club owners make the right business decisions to keep the doors open.
    Get in touch with James 
    Mob: +61 (0)466 552 256
    Email: James@activexchange.org
    2019 National Sports Convention Winners
    Winner Best Tech Solution (SportsEye Network)
    Winner All Categories (SportsEye Network)
    Parks & Leisure Australia
    National Awards Finalist 2020 

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    Fitness Influencer 2020

    Fitness Influencer 2020

    I hope you can each take something from my words,

    Thanking everybody for the good wishes and
    on receiving my award.
    I'm fortunate to have so many amazing people here and in my life.
    When I woke this morning, I had been dreaming about being on a plane; sadly, I lost my luggage also! Made me think about the last fitness event I attended, FIBO USA 2019 just before Xmas; so much has changed.
    Here in Australia, our next planned live event is in November this year in Sydney, fingers crossed we can all meet again.

    But for now, I share my 2-minute speech with you all..

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    New Product Alert “Fit Degree"

    New Product Alert “Fit Degree"

    Get back to business
    the hybrid way!
    The world has changed, and fitness businesses have changed with it. If you’ve now got a hybrid model running two (or more!) businesses at the same time, you need software that’s affordable and efficient.fitDEGREE has got your back.

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    The Gym Owner’s Handbook - Chris Cooper

    The Gym Owner’s Handbook - Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper - Two Brain Business 

    Chris Cooper believes hard-working business owners are the heart and soul of the economy, and he’s dedicated his life to supporting them through mentorship. His goal: help 1 million entrepreneurs find success.
    After starting Two-Brain Business on Feb. 13, 2016, Chris built a multi-million-dollar mentorship practice with hundreds of clients all over the world. The businesses these clients own consistently grow faster and outperform their peers by a wide margin because of one-on-one guidance delivered by certified Two-Brain mentors.
    Chris owns several other businesses, including a gym, a fitness coaching practice and a media company. He’s the author of dozens of ebooks and four other books, including “Two-Brain Business”—the best-selling fitness business book of all time. His most recent book, “Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief” reached bestseller status on Amazon in six categories.
    Chris is a prolific blogger and sought-after speaker, both in-person and online.

    More About Chris
    Chris’s unbelievable work capacity almost sunk his gym business in 2008.
    Sitting on a park bench after getting up before 4 a.m. and working 13 hours straight as a personal trainer, Chris realized he wasn’t making enough to support his family or keep his business open. He was working hard, but he wasn’t doing the right things.
    Desperate, he borrowed money and made an all-or-nothing decision: He would hire a mentor.
    Through mentorship, Chris discovered that he didn’t have to “figure it out on his own,” and he used his investment to fix mistakes he had made and avoid countless others. Soon, his gym grew into an asset that provided for his family, and Chris blogged about the lessons he had learned.
    By 2012, Chris was mentoring other gym owners, and he had enough blogs to create his first book, “Two-Brain Business.” In 2015, he wrote “Two-Brain Business 2.0” and “Help First.” Twobrainbusiness.com was launched in 2016, and the practice quickly grew to serve hundreds of entrepreneurs located all around the globe. In 2019, Chris published “Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief,” which became an instant Amazon bestseller in multiple categories.

    As he worked with more mentors and grew his companies, Chris discovered his

    true superpower: the ability to break large, complicated problems down into a series of small,

    solvable issues.

    After more than 20 years of research and millions of dollars in investment, he used this superpower to create the Two-Brain Roadmap—a one-of-a-kind, data-backed, step-by-step progression to help entrepreneurs solve problems and find success fast. The Roadmap includes everything Chris learned over two decades in the fitness industry, as well as researched and tested strategies that stood up to Two-Brain’s rigorous evaluation process.
    Today, Chris leads a worldwide team of certified mentors who are helping him accomplish his vision of helping 1 million entrepreneurs find success.
    He lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and two children. He enjoys cycling, flooding his backyard hockey rink and drinking a beer by the woodstove.
    Website: https://twobrainbusiness.com

    Link The Gym Owner’s Handbook
    The Gym Owners Handbook

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    U.S.A Lawyer Cory Sterling Talks Public Waiver, Social Media

    U.S.A Lawyer Cory Sterling Talks Public Waiver, Social Media

    Cory performs Conscious Counsel, Yoga Law and Fitness Law lectures and workshops at venues across the globe. Attendees LOVE hearing about the law in an approachable, practical and fun way. With the hourly cost of consulting a lawyer unmanageable for many people these days, crowds appreciate the unlimited access in getting their questions answered by a heart-leading lawyer without taking out their chequebook.

    If you are operating or starting a business, inevitably you are going to have to deal with the law.


    Understand how to protect and grow your business using the law in a FUN, educational, and relaxed way.
    After you watch the 15-minute video download the free E-guide.

    "Cory is a unicorn in the legal industry. Finding someone who had the legal chops, combined with the care and humanity that are core to our values, has been a magical experience. And very, very, effective."
    Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Desire Map and author of White Hot Truth

    Speak to Cory Sterling

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    10 Reasons You Are Not Seeing COVID Outbreaks In Gyms

    10 Reasons You Are Not Seeing COVID Outbreaks In Gyms

    Hear From
    CEO, Blair McHaney
    Connect with Blair

    • 9 min

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