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Honey I'm Homeschooling The Kids! - A podcast that steps into alternative education, parenting, and living a fun, fuller family life.

Honey! I'm Homeschooling The Kids Robyn Robertson

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Honey I'm Homeschooling The Kids! - A podcast that steps into alternative education, parenting, and living a fun, fuller family life.

    The Power of Learning Music: Inga Hope

    The Power of Learning Music: Inga Hope

    "Music is one of the most powerful developmental activities on the planet."


    Inga Hope lives and breathes music and her desire is to make teaching music to kids easier and more accessible. Inga is a trained guitar teacher, singer and songwriter. Her online guitar school, Gentle Guitar, reaches students across the world and her magazine, Music Ed, shares tips, inspiring stories and practical teaching tools for music.

    The Power of Learning Music

    At age 14 Inga realized music is her calling. But it wasn't until her 20's that she was finally able to connect with the right guitar teacher. The difference this teacher made was tremendous. Through the right teacher Inga began to understand the power of learning music and she became inspired and encouraged to begin teaching and sharing this gift with others.


    Are you a parent that loves music? Or did you have an unhappy experience with music lessons when you were young? Are you unsure about how you can encourage music in your child? Do you want to know how to best support your child in learning music?

    Episode Highlights

    In this episode Inga walks us through her personal journey around music and how this shaped what she does now. Her stories and examples help to answer many of the questions that parents have around supporting their child in music. We talked about;


    When to introduce your child to music lessons


    The challenge of finding the right teacher and program


    What kind of music lessons are right for your child


    How to support your child's music learning at home


    Why it's a good idea for parents to participate in their child's music lesson


    The importance of music for kids


    Why is repetition important in music


    What inspires Inga as a musician


    I love how Inga has found her passion and through it, her voice which she is using to reach people across the world. Inga understands that along with mentorship, it was her self direction and personal driving force that led her on the right path. Do you believe there is power in learning music?


    Music Education Magazine https://www.gentleguitar.com/music-education-magazine/


    Gentle Guitar https://www.gentleguitar.com/


    Enjoy Inga's music https://ingahope.com/


    If you would like to hear more about the power of joy and creativity, listen to my interview with Roya Dedeaux http://imhomeschooling.com/play-purpose-unschooling/

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    Homeschooling in Hong Kong: The Fortune Cookie Mom

    Homeschooling in Hong Kong: The Fortune Cookie Mom

    Po Tim King is a homeschooling mom to 4 kids. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Po majored in Linguistics in the US. She is a former Cantonese and Mandarin teacher and private piano teacher. Po and her American husband are raising multilingual kids and homeschooling in Hong Kong.

    In this episode we talked about what it's like to homeschool in Hong Kong. Po explains why the challenges they face have helped them get clear on what is important to them.

    In This Episode: Homeschooling in Hong Kong

    Homeschooling is a rare practice in Hong Kong. There are currently 18 registered homeschool families in Hong Kong, although many go unregistered and homeschool within a "grey area".

    So why would the King family choose to homeschool in a place where it is unusual or even difficult to do so? In this episode we talked about why Po's family decided to move back to Hong Kong and homeschool. Po is very aware of how different their life is by choosing to homeschool. We discussed;

    The pressure of education in Hong Kong

    Why homeschooling has shifted her beliefs around education and learning

    Why the opposition they face has helped their family to be clear on what they want and don't want

    Life as a homeschooler in Hong Kong

    Why starting a blog has helped her connect to community

    Tips on raising bilingual children

    The cultural differences in discipline and raising your kids with autonomy

    Current life in Hong Kong through its political transition

    Chinese language and math

    Po, I admire your tenacity and resilience.

    Are you living in a country where homeschooling is a rare opportunity? Are there unique challenges that you face because of this? Were you able to connect with some of the challenges that Po faces? I would love to hear more about that.


    Fortune Cookie Mom

    https://www.fortunecookiemom.com/honeyimhomeschoolingthekids/ Go to this link to find Po's website fortunecookiemom.com and to join her challenge to start learning the Chinese language

    A brief history of Hong Kong:https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/topics/reference/hong-kong-history-explain-relationship-china/

    Connect with Po on Social Media:https://www.facebook.com/fortunecookiemom/https://www.instagram.com/fortunecookiemom/https://www.pinterest.ca/fortunecookiem/https://twitter.com/fortunecookieMs

    Teru Clavel's interview http://imhomeschooling.com/global-mom-teru-clavel/

    And if you would like to hear more about raising kids in Hong Kong, check out my interview with Queenie Tan http://imhomeschooling.com/hihtk-episode-009/

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    Play, Purpose & Unschooling

    Play, Purpose & Unschooling

    Play, purpose and unschooling. Roya Dedeaux is a licensed marriage and family therapist, professor and grown unschooler. She and her husband also homeschool their 2 children.

    Roya believes in the importance of play for all ages. Through her work, she inspires others to become more playful and create stronger connection.

    She doesn't just talk about it, she lives it. Her expertise and hobbies are many but they all intersect to make a beautiful, meaningful life. Roya credits this to growing up unschooled. She also credits her parents for supporting her interests, passions and play. By doing this, she says, they were a large part in helping her reach her greater purpose.

    Play, Purpose and Unschooling

    In this episode we talked about:

    Growing up Unschooled

    Why her parents chose the unschooling life for their family. The benefits and challenges that growing up unschooled brought. The joy and creativity. Being able to do all the things with a large amount of time. Friendships with varied ages and entire families. What has changed in the homeschooling community. The reasons why Roya's family is creating their own unschooling path.

    The Importance of Play, Mental Health and Relationships

    The greatest impacts on a child's development, success and resilience; the relationships that surround them. The benefits of free play. Gamefulness (the feeling of being able to take things on as a challenge as opposed to a threat). Why having trust in your child helps them to learn to have trust in themselves. Neural pruning. Video games and why playing violent video games and watching violent shows are not the same.

    Her Advice To Parents That Are Trying To Do It All

    In Roya's practice she works with many families that are juggling the pressures of the world. She helps families reconnect. Roya talked about choosing what is important and helping your child feel supported. Relationships and mental health. Homework and how to deal with it. How important is high school? The Pressure of High School and The Changing Face of College. Her life mission.

    Roya's passion and excitement for life and helping others is clear. I can hear it in her voice. Her dedication to her family and to the families that she supports are evident. I see the connection between the trust her parents gave her and how that has helped develop her life today. It's an encouragement for many of us that may doubt this natural learning path.





    Connect With Courage


    Protect Their Passions Workbook


    Free To Be Unschooling Conference


    Jane McGonigal Ted Talk


    Jane McGonigal Website


    Reality is Broken


    Super Better


    Peter Gray


    Peter Gray episode on Honey! I'm Homeschooling The Kids


    The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders- Peter Gray


    Pam Sorooshian on Unschooling

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    Top 5 Questions I Get Asked About Homeschooling & Unschooling

    Top 5 Questions I Get Asked About Homeschooling & Unschooling

    The Top 5 questions that I get asked about homeschooling and unschooling

    Not sure what the term 'Unschooling' really means or how it differs from traditional homeschool? Are you uncertain how kids can actually learn if life looks nothing like the traditional schooling structure? Would you love to homeschool or unschool but you just don't know how you can afford it? Would you love to homeschool but your life partner is not on the same page? What do you do then?

    These are questions that I receive often from listeners of the podcast. Questions and fears are natural, especially if you are creating a life of your own design that doesn't follow the normal routine of others around you.

    As much as I try to address these questions in interviews with my guests, there are times when it seems best to answer them directly. Which is what I am doing with this episode. So grab a cup of your choice and listen in on the top 5 questions that I receive on homeschooling and unschooling. Throughout the episode I reference many others, including past episodes and resources. All of those I have included at the bottom of this page.

    Question 1: What is unschooling?

    Question 2: Why did we move from traditional homeschooling to unschooling?

    Question 3: If we unschool how do we know if our children are actually learning?

    Question 4: How do parents afford to stay home and homeschool or unschool?

    Question 5: What happens when you want to homeschool but your spouse or partner is not on the same page?

    What did you think about the top 5 questions about homeschooling and unschooling that I receive? Do you need more explanation on a few things? If you do, write me and let me know. If there are other top 5 questions that you have about homeschooling and unschooling, let me know those too!

    For Show notes go to~ http://imhomeschooling.com/?p=3464

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    Resources Mentioned In This Episode

    Resources For Parents ~ http://imhomeschooling.com/homeschool-resources/

    Pat Farenga~ https://www.johnholtgws.com/pat-farengas-blog/

    John Holt~ Website https://www.johnholtgws.com/

    Honey I'm Homeschooling The Kids Episode with Pat: http://imhomeschooling.com/pat-farenga-on-homeschooling-and-education/

    Leah Mcdermott~ http://www.yournaturallearner.com/

    Rachel Rainbolt~ http://www.sageparenting.com/shop/

    MicroSchool Builders Facebook Group~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/622539617933686/

    MicroSchool Builders Website

    Past Episodes that I mentioned:

    Ranan Lachman~http://imhomeschooling.com/life-of-their-own-design-ranan-lachman/

    Jaime Salonen~http://imhomeschooling.com/hihtk-episode-7-jaime-salonen-escaping-the-rat-race-and-worldschooling/

    Leah McDermott~ http://imhomeschooling.com/natural-learning-leah-mcdermott/

    Rachel Rainbolt~ http://imhomeschooling.com/natural-learning/

    Mara Linaberger~ http://imhomeschooling.com/micro-schools-mara-linaberger/

    Michelle Goulet~ http://imhomeschooling.com/wild-child-forest-school/

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    Life Of Their Own Design: Ranan Lachman

    Life Of Their Own Design: Ranan Lachman

    Ranan Lachman's wife, Michelle, was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. After a tortuous year of medical treatments this near-death experience transformed their views on life. It created a sense of urgency to focus on purpose and dedicate the time they have with the people they love. Today Ranan and his family live in Bali, Indonesia where he helps other families escape the "rat race" and live a healthier, more balanced life.

    Life Of Their Own Design

    Ranan's family were living out the "American Dream". He worked on Wall Street, created a few start-ups and moved to Silicon Valley to chase the tech boom and...money. Ranan worked long hours, coming home after the kids were already in bed. But life took a turn when his wife became diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. After surviving a year of aggressive medical treatments they questioned everything. What they were doing and what they were living for. They came to realize the values they were living and the values they believed in did not match. So here's what they did; sold their belongings, quit the office work setting, and set out to travel the world for a year.

    Lesson #1 Making The First Decision Can Be The Hardest

    "We haven't done anything special, we just made the decision to leave." After researching and planning their adventure for 6 months they decided to get on the road. Life centred around learning and travel. They purchased an RV and headed south to the tip of South America. On this journey they experienced things they would have never done if they were still living in the US. They roadschooled (learning and homeschooling as they traveled), volunteered, learned a new language and got to know each other better as a family. They experienced things together. Experiences of joy but also challenging experiences. A life of their own design.

    Lesson #2 The Challenges Stretch You

    After a year traveling South America the family moved on to Australia. They traveled Australia for a few months, then headed to Bali with plans to move throughout Asia. But once they got to Bali, their travel stopped. In this episode Ranan talks about why Bali is the right place for them to be. How it offers a healing space for his wife, the low cost of living suits their family, and the value in minimalism reflects their lifestyle. They decided to stay.

    Lesson #3 Saving Money Through Travel

    Ranan has found the cost of living in Bali to be a small percentage of the cost of living in the United States. The climate is beautiful, amenities are many and accessible and there is a large like-minded community. It is a growing hub for Worldschoolers and those seeking a slower, simpler life. Since being in Bali, Ranan and another business partner have started helping other families relocate and create a life of their own design. They provide information, mentoring and relocation services. Listen in near the end of the episode where we share tips on different things you can do to get started on your travel or relocation .

    Where will they go from here?

    What would you do if life suddenly shifted for you? If it caused you to take a look at your values and what you were actually living for? Would you make a change? If not, what do you think would be your biggest hold back? I appreciate the honesty Ranan spoke with and the joy that you can hear in his voice for the life they have now. And it sounds like his wife is back to good health, enjoying their terrific lifestyle in Bali. Recently Ranan and his family had a chance to return to the US for a visit. During their stay, he and his wife saw life in North America again through new eyes. The pace was fast, life was nonstop and it was really apparent that their values have now changed.



    Tips to leaving the rat race as Ranan mentioned in the episode;

    Deep Work: Cal Newp

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    Sudbury Valley School: Daniel Greenberg

    Sudbury Valley School: Daniel Greenberg

    Sudbury Valley School

    "For us it made no sense at all to think that you could create citizens of the United States of America - adults who understand the country and respect what it's about - if you place them for the first 12, 16 or 20 years of their lives in a completely autocratic setting. Schools are run like a monarchy...The monarchy decides the rules, the monarchy meets out punishments, the monarchy decides whatever it says is right and you have to conform to it. If you are going to make a school that is appropriate for children to grow into (American) society, it has to give every single child the same rights as adults. It cannot distinguish between children and adults."

    Daniel Greenberg, Sudbury Valley School

    No Classes, Curriculum or Grades?

    Picture this:

    Your child has started a new school and you're excited because you have found a school that isn't like the others. A school that offers the freedom for your child to pursue their passions. To make mistakes. A place to mix with various ages and ask questions. A school that your child is excited to be at everyday.

    There are no end of the year exams to be anxious about, no essays to write or grades to tirelessly maintain. No curriculum to follow, classes to attend or subjects required. And no teachers or principals imposing rules or punishment.

    Does a school like this actually exist? 

    If there are no classes, teachers, curriculum or grades, what do kids do all day? What would be the purpose of this school? How would they learn to read and write with out classes, curriculum and teachers? Would they ever have a chance at finding a job or getting into college? How would they survive in society if they spent their childhood doing what they wanted all day long?

    At times I have heard these concerns raised about unschooling. But this is not unschooling. In fact, this is not even a school for unschoolers.

    Democratic School

    What if I told you that there are schools whose sole purpose is to provide a place for kids to be truly free and flourish, uninterrupted.

    Where kids are free to do as they wish the entire day. This means playing in puddles outside, climbing or building forts. Painting, reading, playing music or even playing video games all day long.

    What would happen if a school ran as a democracy? Where every child and staff member at the school has an equal role managing the school. Where everything is done at the school meeting;  the school budget, rules of behaviour, facilities, and hiring of staff. And it's at the school meeting that every member of the school has an equal role and vote. As well, every member of the school community, from the 4 year old students to 70 year old staff members, play an equal part in the school's judicial system.

    This all sounds so idealized but can it actually work?

    Daniel Greenberg says YES, it can work and it has been for over 51 years.

    Sudbury Valley School

    Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts has been in existence since 1968. The school began with about 60 students and around 20 founding members, of which Daniel Greenberg was one of. He remains a staff member to this day.

    Dan says that although each founding member came with their own reason for starting the school, they all shared the same belief; that "human creatures are unique, diverse and have the insatiable desire to figure out the world and what they want to be. Kids are fully formed people...and there is no reason to treat them differently." Sudbury Valley is framed on this belief and the founding principals of the United States. That each individual has the undeniable rights to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The right to pursue a meaningful existence. 

    That is why students at Sudbury Valley School are free to explore the world. Why there are no grades, subjects or curriculum. Why the student decides mastery.

    Sudbury Val

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