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Film Director Alastair Clayton invites friends, colleagues and inspirational guests from his realm and others to discuss what they believe happiness to be, how to obtain it and how to hold on to it in the chaos that is life.

If You're Happy, Do You Know It? Turtle Canyon Media

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Film Director Alastair Clayton invites friends, colleagues and inspirational guests from his realm and others to discuss what they believe happiness to be, how to obtain it and how to hold on to it in the chaos that is life.

    138. BOZ

    138. BOZ

    The mystical and beautiful Boz joins Al in the arena to talk about his atheist re-birth, his life as a narcissist and many a topic that guides his own pursuit of happiness.

    Find Boz online: backontrackliving.com
    Find Boz's podcast: Search for: The Little Pod of Horrors.

    • 1 hr 25 min


    Turtle Canyon's wonderful intern, Kenagh Babcock realises that part of her internship is to be a guest on a drastically underwhelming podcast (this one).
    Nevertheless, she's really good on it, passionate, interesting and full of happy thoughts for her past, present and future.
    Grab a listen if you can!
    Find Kenagh on instagram: @kenaghbabcock

    • 47 min
    136. CHRIS BONWELL feat. Sydney Stevenson's return

    136. CHRIS BONWELL feat. Sydney Stevenson's return

    Please welcome Chris Bonwell to the arena, and fixed delightfully to his side is our first returning-guest, Sydney Stevenson, who is in an amorous, co-habiting, consciously coupled union with Chris.
    Chris and Syd tell us about the happiness they derive from "singing from the same hymn sheet" in their relationship. Chris talks of his love for food and cricket, but not necessarily in that order, Al and Chris share a love for being sad, embracing sadness for its allotted time and moving back into the light when ready.

    Find Chris on instagram: @christopherbonwell
    Find Chris on twitter: @ChrisBonwell

    • 1 hr 11 min


    Human Person, Mother of Miniature Human and Director of Photography, Caroline Bridges joins us in the arena this week to discuss the journey she took in life whilst switching from one vocational career to another. Caroline tells us how the shocking discovery of having achieved everything she'd dreamed of as a dancer led her to feel a great sense of loss, now that her goals were no longer a driving force. This inevitably led her to her new career, passion and ultimately to the podcast arena and your very ear canals!

    Find Caroline on Instagram: @carolinebridgesdop

    • 40 min
    134. DAVE FULTON

    134. DAVE FULTON

    Comic, Climber, Father, Blue-Eyed Wonder Dave Fulton joins Al in the podcast arena to discuss the elation he finds from having an extreme hobby. Dave accidentally wanders into a metaphor for life that gets Al all kinds of excited to explore, he talks about adopting his son and how this adjusted his outlook on his own happiness and his son's potential for happiness. Dave also explains how it's taken a long time, but how he feels increasingly happy being simply "content" as opposed to constantly chasing after things that supposedly make him happy.

    Find Dave on twitter: @fulton_dave
    Find Dave on instagram: @fultonville

    • 1 hr 14 min
    133. JESS REVELL

    133. JESS REVELL

    Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Thinker and Genuinely lovely human, Jessica Revell pops by the arena to share her thoughts on staying happy, finding happiness and peace and leaves us with an absolutely beautiful treat for the ears.
    Find Jess on instagram: @jessvrevell
    Find Jess on twitter: @jessvrevell

    • 1 hr 14 min

Customer Reviews

DawsonAntilles ,

A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air in an increasingly stale environment of podcast topics. Genuinely great to hear real stories and opinions from interesting people - those who have such a profile, as well as those who don't....yet.
Sincere and unfiltered thoughts, feelings and opinions about a topic that's not easily quantifyable. Dare I say "ground-breaking" in it's candor on emotions and mental health.
Subscribe! It will make you happy!

Ams353 ,

Brilliant stuff!

Each episode of this podcast is better than the last and it feels like host Al Clayton is taking a deeper and deeper dive into this fascinating topic.

Al’s brilliance lies in his ability to meet guests where they are and explore, without judgement, their very personal and varied views on happiness. Al draws out the nuance of the often complex thoughts of his guests, helping them to unpick and lay out some brilliant and surprising conclusions about what makes them happy.

I am so thoroughly drawn in every episode that I often find myself wanting to interject with my own thoughts and experiences!

Please do give this a listen for some truly wonderful and thought provoking stuff - highly recommended.

jonny father of steve ,

God like

Al is the best, he is god like and if you aren’t listening to his podcast you are missing out on the opportunity to listen to some pearls of wisdom and hang out with the best human ever!!! Me and Steve are so proud of him

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