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    Episode 63: Rokugan at War

    Episode 63: Rokugan at War

    The team review the most recent L5R LCG dynasty pack Rokugan at War.

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    • 1 hr 40 min
    Episode 62: Clan War Review

    Episode 62: Clan War Review

    Baz, Eoin, and Justin review the Clan War expansion.
    Make sure you check out the ROBA kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heelturngames/roba-champion-edition

    • 2 hrs 1 min
    Episode 61: Exploring the new meta

    Episode 61: Exploring the new meta

    Baz, Eoin, and Justin get back after the holiday break and start looking at all the new options available for decks.

    Episode notes
    Intro - We’re back from the holidays. There have been a ton of changes and we’re still coming to grips with the changes ourselves. In this episode, we’re going to talk about some of the recent changes and have a look at some of the decks emerging in the new meta.

    Recent news
    Roles Open
    Crab pack
    Dragon pack
    Lion pack
    New Banned and Restricted list
    All the issues with FFG

    Main topic
    The new meta
    We’ve had some pretty big changes recently.
    · Roles are free, so you can choose whichever role you wish when deckbuilding.
    · We now have a banned list along with updates to the restricted list.
    · The Lion, Crab, and Dragon packs have all come out. While the Lion back was around for Worlds, it was a little too early for Lion players to fully come to grips with the new cards.

    Crabbits by Mozi
    Mozi's article https://www.offmetamusings.com/2020/01/going-wide-archetype-analysis-featuring.html

    Eoin's Berzerker experiment

    Kyudren Kakita denial by dnapolitano

    Monk Dragon by Opie
    Bushi Dragon by Mirumoto Ryunosuke

    Courtiers, Commanders, or Swarm?
    Commanders by Padula
    Courtiers by AkodoT1

    Bird deck by Travis

    Honor drain by Hotaruchan

    HMT Swarm by Robsmash138
    Unicron by Christian


    Announced after the episode, L5R Tshirts at hot topic! Make sure you pick up your clan T-shirts https://www.hottopic.com/search?q=legend+of+the+five+rings Let FFG know that we'll buy the shit out of anything with a mon on it! :P

    Alex's AMA

    • 1 hr
    Episode 60: A Review of the Kotei Format

    Episode 60: A Review of the Kotei Format

    The IA team have a look at the Kotei system up to now and the recently announced changes for the future of the events. Some of it is good, some of it not so good. There's a good amount of frustration, but we've done our best to be constructive.

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Episode 59: A Champion's Foresight

    Episode 59: A Champion's Foresight

    The Imperial Advisor team go though the most recent pack release A Champion's Foresight.

    WARNING: Justin's Audio is very bad in places, nothing we could do about it I'm afraid. The local audio recording we normally do was lost so we couldn't fix it :(

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Episode 58: The Emperor's Legion

    Episode 58: The Emperor's Legion

    Eoin, Justin, and Special Guest Marios discuss the new Lion Clan Pack the Emperor's Legion. They also muse on the new changes to the restricted list.

    • 1 hr 55 min

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