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A monthly podcast of conversation, music and sound art, featuring improvising and experimental musicians and artists.

IMPROVISOR Hutch Demouilpied

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A monthly podcast of conversation, music and sound art, featuring improvising and experimental musicians and artists.

    Podcast - The Iklectik Horse Festival 2018

    Podcast - The Iklectik Horse Festival 2018

    Live from The Iklectik Horse Festival. Conversations with musicians/composers: Dave Petts, John Butcher, Mark Sanders, Douglas Benford, Students from Leeds and Leeds Beckett, and Paul Sutton, at the IKlecktik Horse Festival of improvised and experimental music and sound. It includes some excerpts of music from the festival curated by The Horse Improv Club at IKlectik Art Lab in London SE1 in January 2018.

    Iklectik Horse Festival

    Show notes

    Dave Petts:

    Sue Lynch
    Adrian Northover
    Mark Sanders
    Morton Feldman
    Remote Viewers
    Caroline Krabbel
    John Edwards
    Crystabel Riley
    Big Bands
    Stan Kenton
    Mike Westbrook
    Carla Bley
    Composition as a craft
    The London Improvisors Orchestra

    Mark sanders

    Fish factory studio’s
    Johnny Edwards
    John Butcher
    20 Johns
    Paul Dunmore
    Evan Parker
    The Vortex
    Liam Noble
    Women musicians
    Strong melodic free jazz
    Alex Hawkins
    Paul Whatly
    Crystal Riley
    Mathilda Rolfsson- Norwegian Percussionist
    Rachel Musson
    Pat Thomas
    Cafe Oto
    The Mac- in Birmingham
    Tony Dudley Evans- promoter

    Douglas Benford

    Incongruous sound
    Art installations
    Field recordings
    2 sounds at once
    Urban and natural sound
    National trust
    Forest of Dean
    Delia derbyshire
    Radiophonic workshop
    Dr who theme
    Paradise yard ensemble
    Sound collage
    Steve beresford
    Adam Bohman
    John butcher
    Crysabel riley
    Rhodri davies
    Bonnington centre
    richard Sanderson
    Confront recordings
    Mark wastall
    Clive bell
    Rachel mission
    Ed lucas
    Hundred years gallery
    Snap to grid

    Paul sutton

    South london
    Horn arrangements
    The clinker
    Danial thompson
    Cath Roberts

    John butcher

    John Edwards
    Mark sanders
    Stoller Lavik Solberg- percussionist from Oslo
    Lasse Marhaug- noise electronic scene
    self formed tiny drum kit
    John stevens
    Derek Bailey

    • 44 min
    Podcast- Sharon Gal at the Iklectik Horse Festival

    Podcast- Sharon Gal at the Iklectik Horse Festival

    This is a conversations with Sharon Gal. She is a Interdisciplinary Artist ,Vocal Experimentalist, Performer and Composer. She performs solo, and has on-going collaborations with Steve Beresford, David Toop, Steve Noble, Alex Ward, John Edwards amongst others. She directs site specific compositions/performances examining the inter-relations between people and place. She is the co-founder of arts radio Resonance 104.4.FM.
    I talk to her briefly before her performance at the Iklectik Horse Festival about her beginnings and collaborations and play excerpts of her music.
    Show Notes:
    People and Things mentioned:

    Free improv and jazz records
    Lana lovitch
    Nina hagen
    Kate bush
    David bowie
    Mouth crazy
    Thurston Moore
    Sonic youth
    Byron Coley
    Moshi Connin
    Denis Austin
    The Klinker
    Hugh Metcalf
    Loot( the paper)
    Band called Voltage- Dennis and Moshi
    Adam Bohman
    Richard Sanderson and the club room
    Sound Out
    The V& A
    Gals with guitars
    Goldsmith’s_ ‘Fill The Noise’
    Micro amps
    Sculpting in space
    Open call
    Voices in staircase
    Sound and Music

    refreshments: Water

    • 22 min
    Podcast - John Edwards

    Podcast - John Edwards

    A conversation with John Edwards an incredible musician and double bass player. We talk about the Iklectik Horse Festival: https://horseimprovclub.wordpress.com and his views on the improvised and experimental music scene in London and Europe. Listen to excerpts of music he has recorded. His insights and experience of how the scene has evolved over 30 years. How women as musicians and audience members are now contributing to the ever increasing interest in this music and his own inspirations and future musical journeys.

    Show Notes

    People/things mentioned

    Dave Petts
    Mark Sanders
    Elton Deane
    Veryan Weston
    John Butcher
    Barf Phillips
    Evan Parker
    Crystal riley
    Sue Lynch
    Lol Coxhill
    Bruce turner

    Drinks/ snacks consumed:

    Pints of ale
    Belgium white beer

    • 30 min
    Podcast - Sue Lynch

    Podcast - Sue Lynch

    A conversation with musician, composer and promoter Sue Lynch about her beginnings in experimental and improvised music in London UK, how she started The Horse Improv Club and her curating of The Iklectik Horse Festival in London SE1 in January 2018.

    Refreshments consumed: Tea and later- Vegetarian Thai food in Lower March SE1

    Show Notes:

    Steve Beresford
    Clive Bell
    David Toop
    Eddie Prevost
    Adam Bohman
    Caroline Krabbel
    Dave Petts
    The Remote Viewers
    Crystabel Riley
    Adrian Northover
    Steve Noble
    Hutch Demouilpied
    Iklectik Art lab
    St Austell Sound
    Sharon Gal
    Greta Pectecci
    John Butcher
    John Edwards
    Mark Sanders
    Adam Bohman

    These Lamps- Sue Lynch
    Jennifer Alum
    Ruth Marshall
    Linear Obsessional Label

    • 19 min
    Podcast - Adrian Northover

    Podcast - Adrian Northover

    To mark the occasion of his 60th birthday - Improvisor releases a podcast talking to Adrian Northover, an inimitable presence on the improvised and experimental music scene in London UK for many years and in my view, an effortless master of the saxophone. (http://www.adriannorthover.co.uk).
    Discussing his playing with electronic players we discuss tonality and the combination of ‘freedom and restriction’ in this environment- which Adrian summed up as 'having handcuffs on but still being able to jump out of the window’……
    We talk about the function of playing improvised music live - the collaboration & interaction between players and ‘providing the meat and grist for the audience…. either successfully or unsuccessfully’.
    He talks of his interest in ‘Sufi’ music and the idea of ‘the ecstasy’ behind the music and how he likes to know ‘the function of music’. The differences between processed and produced or un-produced music ‘a document versus a treated document.’
    Improvised music has become ‘more acceptable and less weird…’……people in the past would say it ‘was just noise’ not music…..it was ‘really out there in terms of public awareness… now you can do anything and it is not so outrageous’….. ‘it has moved more centre stage………’

    Show Notes and Mentions:

    The Alligators
    Adam Bohman
    John Edwards
    Sue Lynch
    The Happy End
    Steve Noble
    Tasos Stamou
    Steve Beresford
    John Stevens
    Phil Vaxman
    Foley st
    The Bonnington Club
    Ronnie Laws
    Steely Dan
    Hard Evidence
    Morley College
    I’Klectik Art Lab
    London Improvisors Orchestra
    Linear Obsessional Label
    Sufi Music
    Jazz Thali
    North Indian Classical Music
    Lol Coxhill
    Edgard Varése
    The Remote Viewers
    Ann Homler

    Refreshments: tea and pretzels

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Podcast - Adam Bohman

    Podcast - Adam Bohman

    This conversation is with Adam Bohman who has been operating on the outer fringes of underground music for decades. Working with home-built instruments, found objects, tape cut-ups, collages, ink drawings and graphic scores. Favouring acoustic sounds over electronics, he explores the minute tendrils of sounds coaxed from any number of non-musical instruments and objects. He is a member of British experimental groups, Morphogenesis, The Bohman Brothers, Secluded Bronte, and The London Improvisers Orchestra. Adam's music is unique and experimental, incorporating Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation. 

    Show Notes:
    Adam mentioned the following:
    Charles Fox- jazz critic
    Toney Oxley
    Howard Riley
    Evan Parker
    Clifford Douse
    Robert Nut
    The cranium bunch
    Jonathan Bohman
    the cockpit improvised music workshop
    Cockpit Theatre
    Ian Macqueen
    Teddy Coleridge
    Fred Frith
    Keith Rowe
    Paul Pevan- Du Fuy Collective
    Hugh Metcalfe
    The Clinker
    Rodger Sutherland
    Dave Jackman
    Morley college
    Ron Priefal
    Barry Anderson
    Phil Vaxman
    Nick Couldry
    Eddie Prevost- Matchless Recordings
    Intravenous- Album on Matchless Recordings
    John Telfer
    Andy Hammond
    Phil Wachsmann at City Lit
    Ian Smith- trumpet player
    Red Rose Club- Seven Sisters Road
    Time Out
    Cafe Oto
    Adrian Northover
    Robert Powell
    Tim Fletcher
    John Russell
    Dirk Midvll- saxophonist
    Andy Holden (artist)
    Richard Thomas (Secluded Bronte)
    Bohman Brothers Extended Family
    Andy Brown- Wine glass player
    Dale Chilhuly (glass blower)
    Tom Jackson
    Michael Prime
    Clive Graham
    Clive Hall
    Ron Briefel
    Panos Ghikas
    Vitrine Tapes
    lan Mozek
    Sharon Gal
    My Dance The Skull
    The Junkie- William Burroughs
    Dvorak The Dumkey Tri
    Junkie Hornby Dumkey
    LMC-London Musician Collective
    The Clinker

    • 1 hr 6 min

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5.0 out of 5
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3 Ratings

Douglas DB ,

Superb talks with London musicians

A great series of one-on-one interviews with many of the back-bone musicians from London's fertile free music scene, outlining their personal journeys via post-punk, experimental, art and jazz. Especially recommended to listeners of Resonance FM radio, The Wire magazine readers, and visitors to London's Cafe Oto/Iklectik/Vortex's etc improvisational events. Accessible, informative and entertaining.

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