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Localized shows playing the very best music available in those areas.

Insomnia Radio: New Zealand Laurie Stanbridge

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Localized shows playing the very best music available in those areas.

    IR: NEW ZEALAND #9 – Devilskin Approved

    IR: NEW ZEALAND #9 – Devilskin Approved

    Laurie is on fire, two shows in a month, just how I want the regular format to continue!  This podcast was yet again inspired selections from some of the bands I saw perform on the weekend.  Really enjoying putting this show together, plenty of hardcore Kiwi Rock in the package for you to enjoy listening too.


    Track Listings & Links;

    Sideshow Revival – Lonely Creatures

    Website | Facebook | Instagram | ReverbNation | Twitter

    Devilskin – Little Pills + Start A Revolution

    Facebook | Instagram | Website | YouTube

    Coridian – Reflections 

    Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | Youtube

    Checaine – Symbols

    Bandcamp | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

    Just One Fix – Homeless + Death In The Family

    ReverbNation | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

    TRT: 48:13


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    Website | Facebook (Please Like and Share, thanks) | Soundcloud | Youtube | ...

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    IR: NEW ZEALAND #8 – Family of Strangers

    IR: NEW ZEALAND #8 – Family of Strangers


    Laurie reboots Insomnia Radio New Zealand back into life with the ‘Family of Strangers NZ Tour’.  Laurie’s last show was back in the dark ages of 2010 where very few bands were unwilling to get involved with things like Podcasting but, now in 2017 its a whole new ball game.  This show was put together quite quickly due to the four gigs were fast approaching.  I hope you all enjoy and promise to hell and back you’ll definitely have plenty of shows and more closer frequency than ever before!!


    Track Listings & Links;

    BLUE RUIN – Scream Queen + Green River Thriller

    Bandcamp | Website | Facebook | iTunes | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify

    His Master’s Voice – The Devil’s Blues – Possession + Save My Soul

    Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

    Armed In Advance – Running You Down + Change/Evolve 

    Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

    These Four Walls – Bravery + Passenger

    Bandcamp | Website | Facebook | Twitter


    TRT: 50:40

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    * a href="https://itunes.apple.

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    IR New Zealand #7: Laurie’s Back!

    IR New Zealand #7: Laurie’s Back!

    Laurie’s is back with his first full Insomnia Radio New Zealand Podcast for 2010.  And what a new entry he brings you with awesome 6 tracks from New Zealand artists plus some bonus tracks from an IR Turkey episode and The Daily Dose!

    This show has been almost 2 years since his last and he promises to make this podcast much more regular than ever before.



    1. AMMP: Let The Sunlight In – Myspace and Buy Ammp Music from www.Ammp.co.nz.

    2. Fuser: Sell Me Out – Myspace and Buy Fuser Music from Amplifier.

    3. The Connoisseurs: Antarctic Waste – Myspace and the Debut album “Face for all Occasions” Out soon!

    4. Miscreant: Complicated Characters – Myspace and Buy Miscreant Music from Amplifier.

    5. Divan: Sofra – featured on IR Turkey – Myspace and Download from DiVan Music.

    6. Pela: Lost to the Lonesome   featured on IR Daily Dose track 30/12/09 Myspace and Buy Music from Pela Music.

    7. Malone: Gone – Myspace and BuyMalone Music from Malone HQ.

    8. Ivy Lies: Addicted – MySpace Debut album out soon!

    Other Links;

    IR Australia

    IR New Zealand on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace.


    Artist Submissions/Comments & Feedback:

    Please send emails to newzeland@insomniaradio.net

    IR New Zealand: Mixtape #1

    IR New Zealand: Mixtape #1

    Insomnia Radio returns to New Zealand and to kick start it I have 18 awesome tracks that I really enjoyed in 2007 & 2008.   Enjoy guys – Laurie is back to show the world what is happening down here!!

    There is a few BONUS tracks labelled like*Track name* it is actually a FIRST TIME PLAYED ON INSOMNIA RADIO – I’ve had the tracks since I started in 2007 and just had to put this submitted track out there for the listeners.  These tracks will be re-visisted at a future date but for now ENJOY!!

    This is a pure rock out session (no talking) to get everyone back into my Podcast so share this website about with your friends and I look forward to my next show AND to it here Subscribe or search for Insomnia Radio New Zealand in the iTunes Podcast listings.

    1. The Rabble: Carry On  Myspace / Website / Rabble Online Store

    2. AMMP: *Go* – Website / MySpace

    3. Chuganaut: *Party Geek* Myspace / –CD Baby / eMusic

    4. Crescendo: On The Pigs Back – This band has re-named Flesh and Blood check them out @MySpace

    5. Donald Reid: *All The Advice* – MySpace / Website

    6. Flight of the Conchords: Business Time –  MySpace / Website

    7. Flight of the Conchords: *Ladies Of The World* – MySpace / Website

    8. Fuser: Your Pleasure – MySpace / Buy Album from Digirama – Amplifier & Real Groovy Records

    9. Fuser: *Friday Night* – MySpace / Buy Album from Digirama – Amplifier & Real Groovy Records

    10. GONE WILD: Escape – MySpace /  Soundclick.com AND Buy Album from CDSuite.com

    11. Imaginitus: The Ruckus – MySpace / Website

    12. The Janets: Song For Janet – MySpace

    13. Laidrive: *Beaches* – MySpace

    14. Medolic: Nothing More – MySpace

    15. Motocade: Into The Fall – Myspace / a href="http://www.amplifier.co.nz/artist/20151/motocade.

    IR New Zealand #6: The Rocker Show

    IR New Zealand #6: The Rocker Show

    Welcome to Insomnia Radio: New Zealand Episode 6 and the first show for me in 2008. I bring you a 4 track playlist which includes one from Florida, USA. Click on the following links for full details about the bands played in tonight’s Show.

    [audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/irnewzealand6.mp3] (Download It)

    * AMPERZAHN Amperzahn.com Buy EP via MySpace Or Amplifier.co.nz

    * BERMAN MySpace Buy Albums from Berman’s Online Store

    * GONE WILD MySpace Soundclick.com Buy Album from CDSuite.com

    * INCARNATE MySpace Bebo

    Also mentioned in this podcast: Taking The Fall

    Subscribe to Insomnia Radio: NZ by adding http://feeds.feedburner.com/irnewzealand into your podcast media player.

    IR New Zealand #5: Christmas Episode

    IR New Zealand #5: Christmas Episode

    Ho Ho Hooooooo! Welcome to Insomnia Radio: New Zealand and Merry Christmas to all. Tonight I have for you a varied collection of songs to get you into the Christmas mood. This is a no talking show, just some great Christmas music only.

    I hope you enjoy the playlist. The tracks vary all genres from all 4 corners of the global from New Zealand to California to Baltimore and even some Scottish artists.

    Special thanks to IODAPromonet for some of the music in this playlist and Tim from IR Baltimore for suggestions of some of the tracks too.



    NoCtUrNaL fReAkShOw: Xmas Tears MySpace

    OFM: Egg Noggin OFM website

    The Blue Hawaiians: We Four Kings (Little Drummer Boy) AMAZON

    Dr Elmo: Send Me A Wife For Christmas iTunes | eMusic

    The GrooveBarbers: O Christmas Tree iTunes | eMusic

    Dean Martin: Jingle Bells (Dan The Automator Remix) iTunes | eMusic

    Dr Elmo: Feels Like Christmas iTunes | eMusic

    The Snow Kidz: Twelve Days of Christmas a href="http://newzealand.insomniaradio.net/submit/article/%3Ca%20href=%27http://redirect2.iodalliance.com/buy_album.php?id=3489F907776555CB4B42C8A2F3E3808DC3A7D7D43C5DBCD6AD8A3A69DBAE9325967E2F0D629ABBFC48E56F47B...

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