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Diving into possibly the most prolific music scene in the country, Charles takes you inside Southern California based independent music. Part of the Insomnia Radio Regional Family.

Insomnia Radio: The SoCal Sessions Charles @ Insomnia Radio

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Diving into possibly the most prolific music scene in the country, Charles takes you inside Southern California based independent music. Part of the Insomnia Radio Regional Family.

    IR: The Socal Sessions #34 – Salmon of Capistrano

    IR: The Socal Sessions #34 – Salmon of Capistrano

    Yes, there’s a place where musicians instinctively flock like the Salmon of Capistrano. Well the quote goes something like that; obviously off quite a bit, but fits the random theme of the show. Just listen through here and it may suddenly appear when you hear the song about Colorado, or maybe it was the one about California.

    Lots of interesting tracks abound today. We’ve got a possible aborist/experimental musician from Burbank who plays a living tree as an instrument as well as a live introduction from my trip to the The Roxy Theater in Los Angeles to see local musician Chance perform. There’s bagpipe music leading into tracks about towns in the Southern California desert, Ennio Morricone influenced pop-folk and some mutinous piratical pub-stomping rock from up the coast in Santa Barbara. We even managed to find a band that recorded their album in San Pedro to tell a tale about a sad crane operator from the Ports of LA, with a brief introduction to the town from one of my liquored up friends who speaks of Bukowski and commerce.

    Please enjoy today’s mixtape, so to speak.

    TRT: 1:04:12


    1] The Mutineers – Hell No

    2] California Celts – Hills of Yucca Valley

    3] Superhumanoids – Palm Springs (KKS remix)

    4] Pepepiano – Millennium Wet Dream

    5] Francisco The Man – Broken Arrow

    6] Stone Darling – All I Wanna Do

    7] The Lonely Wild – Right Side of the Road

    8] From Here to LA – Colorado

    9] Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Teenage Tide

    10] 50FOOTWAVE – Radiant Addict

    11] 400 Blows – We Killed Like Champions

    12] Codpiece – Lament of the Crane Operator

    13] Diego Stocco – Music From a Tree

    14] White Apple Tree – Circles

    15] Chance – Independent (w/ live intro from The Roxy Theatre – 2011)


    Original Image By debaird @ FLICKR – Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #33 – Rarity

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #33 – Rarity

    April’s assembly of thirteen local artists have all been in heavy rotation in my player in the last few months via work commutes, expeditions through the ice & snow, powder carving on top of the world, and while sitting in the dark, illuminated only by the glow of the computer monitor – headphones firmly glued to the cranium.

    It’s actually been a crazy few months weatherwise, with the rare tendrils of snow (or graupel as a few local weather-snobs proclaimed) hitting the local Burbank area after a fifty to sixty or so year snow-drought. You’ll hear some crazy expletives at the head of the program in relation to this local action. On top of a record year in the Sierras a lot of rare events have been occurring, amongst some heavy heavy local burtations.

    I hope you enjoy our 33rd full length episode.

    TRT 58:41, NSFW


    1) Foster the People – Helena Beat | Facebook

    2) Pic Vicious – Heart of Hearts | Facebook

    3) Ballerina Black – Leaves | Facebook

    4) Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover

    5) The Smiles – Cala Cola | Facebook

    6) Lord Huron – The Stranger | Facebook

    7) Hands – Brave Motion | Facebook

    8) Romany Rye – Untitled (Love Song) | Facebook

    9) Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces | Facebook

    10) The Henry Clay People – California Wildfire | Facebook

    11) Tic Tic Boom! – Just Friends | Facebook

    12) Airlines – Burial Grounds | Facebook

    13) Damon Castillo Band – Your Fool (feat. SLO Symphony) (live) | Facebook



    MAIN SOUNDBEDS BY TAPE DECK MOUNTAIN (“P.I.” | “It Goes Down”) & a title="Mogwai @ Facebook" href="http://www.

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #32 – Stardust

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #32 – Stardust

    Febuary’s thirteen track show starts off in a comedic rock vein with some strong local tracks inspired by Tenacious D and even containing their rock-god DNA stamped all over them. From here we take you into a stretch of quality indie rock from the Little Heroes through White Lights, with a little Black Watch and more goodness in between.

    At the last minute I decided to take the second half of the show and turn it into a dedication to a close friend’s father who passed away in late January, with some appropriate themed space-oriented tracks and mission audio from a few of those who spoke at the service.

    At the tail end of the show we explain the sad situation thrust upon our friends up north at KUSF, and the fight they are taking to the FCC in a few weeks to keep Entercom and KUSC from wresting away future controls of their local airwaves through shady backroom dealings.

    Turn it up, support your local artists, and please help support KUSF in the next few weeks as your local college or community radio station could get gobbled up next.

    TRT 55:45, NSFW


    1) Trainwreck – The Drummer | Facebook

    2) Trey Green – I Wanna Rcck N Roll | Facebook

    3) The Little Heroes – Say I’ll Be Gone | Facebook

    4) The Black Watch – Like in the Movies

    5) Superhumanoids – Hey Big Bang | Facebook

    6) Eulogies – You Hide | Facebook

    7) White Lights – Ponzi Scheme | Facebook

    8) Boris Smile – Satellites (Soundbed) | Facebook

    9) High Places – From Stardust To Sentience | Facebook

    10) Building a Better Spaceship – Spacey | Facebook

    11) The New Division – Starfield | Facebook

    12) Birdmonster – Spaceman | Facebook

    13) Sleepless Nights – Radio Silence | a title="Sleepless Nights @ Facebook" href="http://www.facebook.com/#!

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #31 – Riffs & Melodies

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #31 – Riffs & Melodies

    Today’s primarily Los Angeles based show slowly crept upward from 6 tracks,  doubling in size as we gradually realized that we had an oversharing problem. While this can swifly turn to embarrassment in social networking circles, here we like to think its a very good thing.   |  TRT 50:36 – NSFW


    Nico Stai – Dead Pony (w/ short interview @ The Roxy) | Facebook

    Kisses – People Can Do the Most Amazing Things | Facebook

    The Power Cords – Texas Desert | Facebook

    Lelia Broussard – Satellite | Facebook

    Paul Avion – Stand Up, Be a Man | Facebook

    A Book About Elephants – Copper Kettles | Facebook

    El Ten Eleven – Indian Winter | Facebook

    Downtown/Union – Keep the Engine Running | Facebook

    Radars to the Sky – Mirror | Facebook

    American Royalty – Lately | Facebook

    AWOLNATION – MF | Facebook

    Kyle Jester – LA | Facebook


    IR: The SoCal Sessions #30 – Get the Metal Out!

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #30 – Get the Metal Out!

    The metal has been slowly building in my system for the last few years, to where something drastic had to be done, fortunately right in time for Halloween this year. In this episode I detoxify using questionable methods, and luckily for you that means a break from my normal programming and a longer than normal look inside a select part of the metal scene from San Diego to Los Angeles.

    Some of the bands featured today have moved on, but that doesn’t mean the music is retired. Many of the groups here are quite active and are putting out new albums, while one or two have been around since the beginnings of the LA metal scene. Styles run the gamut from traditional metal to grindcore, including other metal influenced styles of rock. embellished with plenty of operatic screams for your enjoyment. It just wouldn’t be a proper show if it wasn’t replete with death growls for you closer to the finale, ripped out of the pages of your old Dungeons & Dragons campaign and recorded in bloody howling stereo.

    TRT: 1:20:16. NSFW


    The Plague Within – Fearless (clip)

    W.A.S.P. – Long Way to Go

    Fydolla Ho – Untied

    Holy Grail – My Last Attack

    PeepHole – New Set of Eyes

    Black Flame 13 – Lindsay Lohan

    Testing Tomorrow – Grip

    Canobliss – Hit the Floor

    Jagged Thought Process – Smirking (Tastes Like Floor)

    Death Riders – Crucifixation

    In This Moment – Beautiful Tragedy

    Warner Drive – Lost

    Black Chapel – Sands of Time

    Prototype – Synthespian

    A Race Called Man – Drifter

    Crescent Shield – The Last of My Kind

    Never Like The Movies – Ballad of the Horde

    Ghostbuster – I Just Walked Two Miles With a Banana In My Pocket


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    IR: The SoCal Sessions #29 – Easy As Pie

    IR: The SoCal Sessions #29 – Easy As Pie

    Not everyone who sings about our little regional bubble is from the Southern California area, so I decided to place a few tracks at the head of the show today that offer a alternative viewpoint – maybe not pleasing to hardcore regional cheerleaders but still great songs and excellent bands worth your perusal and ultimate support.

    Today’s show also features loads of excellent new tracks from bands all over the LA area, with a brief dip below the county line to Newport Beach to visit Young the Giant and a road trip to Las Vegas where we check in with another favorite, Imagine Dragons.

    I saw you scratching your head looking at this graphic, so wanted to let you know that the episode’s title comes from an old-timey commercial embedded within; my dream sponsor for the program if you will. While supplies last….   -cs

    TRT: 1:03:08 | WORK SAFE (…as far as I can tell…)




    * The Lonely Forest – Live There

    * The Voyces – Let Me Die in Southern California

    * Halloween, Alaska – The Hollywood Sign

    * The Sea of Cortez – The Shores

    * Young the Giant – My Body

    * The Secret 6 – Drama Queen

    * Film School – Heart Full of Pentagons

    * Imagine Dragons – Cover Up

    * Voxhaul Broadcast – Leaving on the 5th

    * Twilight Sleep – Don’t Fire Your Guns

    * Ima Robot – Ruthless

    * Fools Gold – Suprise Hotel

    Original photo remixed and re-released under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

    Creative Commons for the win.


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