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Business Fights Poverty

    Tara Shine

    Tara Shine

    This podcast talks with Dr Tara Shine. Tara was formerly an international climate change negotiator and adviser to governments & world leaders on environment & development policy. During our conversation, Tara shares how business can ensure people are at the centre of climate action.

    Tara was a Special Adviser to the Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice and Climate Adviser to The Elders. Tara is co-founder and Director of Change by Degrees, which provides global sustainability and climate expertise to businesses and organisations to help them maximise their benefits to society. She is also Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) and delivered the 2020 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. She is also author of ‘How to Save Your Planet One Object At A Time’ hailed as a 'an unpreachy guide’ to sustainability by The Times.

    During our conversation, Tara covers the reasons why we should be thinking about climate change and social impact at the same time, before sharing practical ways business can make good decisions and take positive action. Tara tackles the tricky question of social and environmental trade-offs before highlighting the leading-edge trends she thinks we should all be aware of.

    Tara has been working with us here at Business Fights Poverty. Joining up with Jane Nelson from Harvard Kennedy School and our own CEO and co-Founder Zahid Torres-Rahman. Together they have launched: Business and Climate Justice. We would love to invite you to be a part of this too. Please do check out the link below for more information and to sign up to be a part of this.

    Links: Business and Climate Justice: https://businessfightspoverty.org/climatejustice/

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    Blerta Cela, UN Women

    Blerta Cela, UN Women

    What would you do if your entire role, for one of the globe’s most prestigious organisations – the UN - was dedicated to supporting and encouraging gender equality?

    “COVID-19 is predicted to push 47 million more women and children into poverty” – explains Blerta Cela, the Deputy Regional Director of UN Women’s Regional Office in Istanbul, Turkey and this podcast’s thought leading interviewee.

    A native of Albania, Blerta brings over 20 years of experience to her work. Prior to joining UN Women Blerta was with the UNDP is New York, Bangladesh and the Ukraine. Working extensively on gender equality.

    During our conversation Blerta shares how the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) are making real impact with powerful practical business examples: from digital training schools to procurement policies from across Europe and Central Asia.

    In addition, Blerta introduces us to the UN Women in Europe and Central Asia virtual Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo that will take place in April. Links below. Blerta wants to invite you all to join this and be a part of it. Listen in to find out more.


    Women’s Empowerment Principles: https://www.weps.org

    UN Women in Europe and Central Asia, including updates on the virtual Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo: https://www.facebook.com/unwomeneuropecentralasia/

    To get in touch with Blerta:

    And to find out more about the Expo please contact:
    Contact.expo@unwomen.org and www.linkedin.com/in/umranavni

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    Elizabeth Vazquez, WEConnect International

    Elizabeth Vazquez, WEConnect International

    Elizabeth Vazquez is a world leader in women’s economic empowerment. Through her role as CEO and Co-Founder of WEConnect International she is on a global mission to increase supplier diversity and inclusion.

    To say that Elizabeth is well connected and influential is an understatement. She advises the likes of Walmart, Proctor and Gamble and the UN – including being part of the Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment from 2016-2017.

    The title of the book that Elizabeth co-authored arguably sums up her mission: “Buying for Impact: How to Buy from Women and Change Our World.”

    During our conversation Elizabeth shares with us why she thinks we should join her on the mission to include women owned businesses in the supply chains of large businesses and Governments - only 1% of corporate supplier spend is on women owned business. Elizabeth’s insight on why the pandemic lockdown might be helping smaller women owned businesses.

    If you are thinking about how a business can make a bigger positive social impact this podcast provides one very simple step that could make a real difference. Elizabeth encourages you all to rise to the challenge and commit to supporting women owned businesses. Links below.


    WEConnect International: https://weconnectinternational.org/
    COVID survey results: https://weconnectinternational.org/covid/

    Rise to the Challenge: https://weconnectinternational.org/rise2thechallenge/

    Scaling Women Owned Business: https://weconnectinternational.org/about-women-owned-businesses/council-on-scaling-women-owned-businesses/

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    Rupa Dash, World Woman Foundation

    Rupa Dash, World Woman Foundation

    “Excellence knows no gender.” This quote from Rupa Dash’s most recent passion project: World Woman Hour #SheSMyHero sums her up. Rupa Dash is the UN Award-Winning media entrepreneur turned philanthropist, whose sixty, 60-secs films highlight the power of women, first-hand.

    During our conversation, Rupa shares why she and her World Woman Foundation are on a mission to unlock the power of women and why investing in women-led enterprises will unlock huge potential. Whether you are an entrepreneur, working for a bigger business, or a funder, wherever you are in the world– there is advice in this podcast for you. From business case to motivation to practical actions.


    World Woman Foundation: https://www.worldwomanfoundation.com

    World Woman Hour #SheSMyHero: https://www.instagram.com/worldwomanhour/?hl=en

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    Cata Garcia, AB InBev

    Cata Garcia, AB InBev

    From industrial engineering in Colombia to communication director, sustainability leader and corporate foundation creator – our guest today is Cata Garcia.

    Cata, who is now based in New York, is the Global Director of Corporate Affairs with brewing giant AB InBev, and the Board Director of their Foundation.

    Cata is a leader who gets things done. She not only led the formation of this global Foundation, but she and her team were awarded the Grand Prix of Cannes Price for the gender-based violence social marketing campaign called #NoExcuse with the Carling Black Label beer brand. In addition, Cata worked to secure the largest partnership agreement ever made by the company with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) – with the aim to build capacity in governments across the world to improve road safety and reduce drinking & driving.

    During our conversation Cata generously shares the insights and experience that she has gained on her journey. Partnering, scale, stakeholder insight, measurement and campaigns are all hot topics for sustainability and the SDGs – Cata gives us a masterclass in how to activate against each of them and what it takes to make a good plan.

    We talk in detail about supporting women – on the impacts of COVID, what it’s like to be a female leader and a mother of boys. She follows this with her candid thoughts on how she stays motivated and why empowering her team helps to keep her going.

    AB InBev https://www.ab-inbev.com/what-we-do/smart-drinking/

    AB InBev Foundation: https://www.ab-inbev.com/what-we-do/smart-drinking/ab-inbev-foundation/

    AB InBev https://www.ab-inbev.com/what-we-do/road-safety/

    Blog: www.garciacatalina.com

    AB InBev https://www.ab-inbev.com/news-media/news-stories/neighborhood-shops-remain-open-during-pandemic-thanks-to-tienda-cerca.html/

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    Andrew Dunnett, Vodafone

    Andrew Dunnett, Vodafone

    What does it take to scale and grow social innovations? And how does a mobile phone company come to be leading the way business can tackle gender-based violence.

    Andrew Dunnett, the Group Director of SDGs and Sustainable Business at Vodafone and the Director of their Vodafone Foundation explains all.

    Vodafone is the largest mobile and network operator in Europe, and the world’s largest Internet of Things connectivity provider. Operating and partnering in 48 countries.

    It is still rare for a social innovation to be successfully incubated, scaled and then embedded into core business activities. Vodafone has a clutch of them. During our conversation Andrew shares his vision of scaling impact for lasting good and how to make it happen. From partnering and incubating through to stakeholder engagement and influencing.

    Our conversation also focuses on the leading work Vodafone has been doing to tackle domestic violence. Why this issue is so important, and practical advice on how to activate other businesses to take positive action.

    TecSOS-enabled mobile phone device: https://publicsector.vodafone.co.uk/services/Vodafone-tecsos/
    Learnings from Vodafone’s Global Policy on Domestic Violence and Abuse: https://www.vodafone.com/news/vodafone-foundation/learnings-vodafones-global-policy-domestic-violence-and-abuse

    How the Bright Sky app from the Vodafone Foundation and Hestia can help people suffering from domestic abuse: https://newscentre.vodafone.co.uk/features/bright-sky-blog/

    Connected Living, Improving the lives of people needing care using technology: https://www.vodafone.com/business/why-vodafone/vodafone-business-ventures/connected-living

    Vodafone’s DreamLab: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/mobile/dreamlab

    Korn Ferry, The rise of the Chief Sustainability Officer: https://infokf.kornferry.com/the-rise-of-the-CSO.html?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_content=whitepaper&utm_campaign=2021-02-global-riseofcso

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