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Comedy podcast where Kit and Sands banter over topical subjects and try to help troubleshoot people's lives . Turning life woes into life wins

Just the Ti‪p‬ Kit Johnstone and Sands Mahal

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Comedy podcast where Kit and Sands banter over topical subjects and try to help troubleshoot people's lives . Turning life woes into life wins

    Just the Tip Ep 24: The Ron Pape Takeover

    Just the Tip Ep 24: The Ron Pape Takeover

    Kit and Sands have had another falling out so Ron Pape: Social Media Influencer is doing a takeover to mercilessly plug his extremely eccentric Get Rich Quick schemes.

    This may sound like an aggressively marketed advertorial but it’s not. It is a podcast where we learn about Ron’s brutal upbringing and just getting to know him as a humble decent human being, incredibly talented and versatile individual.

    Also did we mention Ron’s incredible humanitarian work? He literally saved the incontinent from downing in their own stools.

    Ron has also put him forward as mediator to get Kit and Sands back.

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    Just the Tip Ep 23: The Help Letters

    Just the Tip Ep 23: The Help Letters

    While Kit is still incapacitated after a freak jogging accident (remember, jog safely) we actually have some letters that came in. Some anonymous people actually want us to turn their life woes into life wins.
    Listen in and see the advice we have passed out


    After the sh*t show that was the Trump administration we along with everyone on the planet keep referencing Obama. We mention his biography but if you can’t be bothered to read his life story in detail just read his Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama

    Feeing crap because you never win arguments? Try this and be a mouthy champ: https://time.com/5318965/how-to-win-an-argument/

    Dirk Bogarde was a dashing closeted actor and the author of 10 biographies. Read one read them all but check him out here first https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirk_Bogarde

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    Just the Tip Ep 22: Quest for Zen

    Just the Tip Ep 22: Quest for Zen

    In this weeks episode we try to add value to your ears with another rip roaring attempt to being a claustrophobic exercise machine! Live! Learn! Like! Subscribe!

    Below are links to some of the subjects we have talked about

    If you, dear listener, want to know what middle aged things there are to do then look no further than here. The URL says it all really. https://www.onefamily.com/talking-finance/wellbeing/50-things-to-do-now-youre-50/

    The most insane non David Lynch television series ever made was this piece of surreal eye candy starring the Man from Uncle and the the alcoholic Patsy…..Sapphire and Steele… read about the weirdness here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapphire_%26_Steel

    Basically we are poor and shamelessly need coffee money via sponsorships. Buy either Nescafe, Kenco, Cafe Direct, Douwe Egberts or but Starbucks and let us know if you have and then we can start begging ruthlessly.

    Like Lucozade? You must do. Buy them by the pallet and let us know so we can also approach them for money… do you get that we are broke?

    We think Sadiq Khan should create dining area on the underground carriages for people who eat while off to work. Try this while we petition TFL:

    We mention the 70s blackout in New York. Read about the time people talked to each other: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_blackout_of_1977

    Here is the full list of Hunter S. Thompson’s daily routine. No wonder he blew his brains out!

    Nancy Reagan's don’t do drugs really didn’t work did it? Well, at least she tried.

    Inspired about our Axe Throwing banter? You can go to this place and do some urban axe throwing

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    Just the Tip Ep 21: The Nintendo Switch Workout

    Just the Tip Ep 21: The Nintendo Switch Workout

    For this podcast episode, Kit decides to stay indoors and create less of a risk to himself by playing along with an exercise game on the Nintendo Switch. You can’t cause that much damage unless you are a repressed deranged lunatic.

    I know what you are thinking. Why are you doing a visual game in a audio world? Well dear listeners it is because bantz is bantz and we guide you through how this digital health obsessed world operates.

    Below some show notes to make you smarter:

    Sands says Ying and Yang, not Yin and Yang for the proper pronunciation here is the wikipedia article

    Boxing Game Nintendo Switch try this piece of Clockwork Orange-esque ultra violence https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/boxing-champs-switch/

    Yes, some people are lonely and talking to a real girl freaks them out. Meet Erica the lifelike robot:

    The dummies guide to metrics. We sure could have used this:

    PRP PGP. We made this up so there is no link. It’s just innuendos for taking a sh!t and w@nking.

    For all you old school rap fans, at the end of this podcast is the first airing since 1988 of Silver Bullet’s live show on Tim Westwood’s Capital Radio Show. For it is he! The fast rapping mentalist famous for 20 Seconds to Comply and Bring forth the Guillotine

    Got any interesting exercise stories? Call to action! Email us on sands@fuzzydice.co.uk

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    Just the Tip Ep 20: The Rebrand to Mind and Body Health

    Just the Tip Ep 20: The Rebrand to Mind and Body Health

    We made it to Episode 20 in the same way an 80 year old wakes up in the morning glad for another day of gardening. This is the rebrand. Who thought we’d run out of steam talking a lot of cobblers but we did!

    We are now Just the Tip Mind and Body Health and this Episode 20/New Episode 1Point2Point-0 is where Kit will show us his mindset when it comes to exercising. This all sounds like a professional approach in the vain of SuperProJoeWickes but as you indulge your ears it doesn’t go as planned.

    So listen in on this show and feel like you are on the Titanic about to hit an iceberg.


    We mention Joe Wickes and unless you have been living in a bank vault here is a breakdown of the great man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Wicks_(coach)

    As Kit used Tescos Peas to fix his battered leg here is a review of a Tesco Cafe involving mushy peas https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186443-d4167516-r256273611-Tesco_Cafe_Holyhead-Holyhead_Anglesey_North_Wales_Wales.html

    Let’s say you are a Tescos snob and it is the ONLY place you want to go to…. Well here is the store locator so you can never be too far away from a Tescos Value Range https://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/

    Moose socks? where to buy? Lost in the noise of online shopping? The Cats Spazz of comfortable footwear is here—>>> https://road.cc/content/review/71033-moose-nordkapp-socks

    We went retro television and referenced Allo Allo and Mimi’s and Rene’s age during the series run… well read Mimi’s stats below and honestly do your own calculation of their ages using the internet…. Use some grey matter https://alloallo.fandom.com/wiki/Mimi_Labonq

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    Just the Tip Ep 19: Revenge of the Trolling/ WhatsApp/ Sauce

    Just the Tip Ep 19: Revenge of the Trolling/ WhatsApp/ Sauce

    The First of three sections in our latest podcast before we have brand refresh.

    1- Revenge of the Trolling Part Deux

    This is where Kit again goes mental and starts making ‘’anonymous” calls pretending to be various celebrities but this time we HAVE PRIZES TO GIVE AWAY! Not good prizes but some old tat dug out from the back cupboard that nobody bought off eBay.
    For this you need to guess all the celebrities that Kit impersonates and some of them are quite difficult. Also another Boris Johnson one thrown in like a live humours hand grenade.

    All the answers will be on our website www.fuzzydice.co.uk

    2- The WhatsApp podcast

    How many people take their WhatsApp banter and make into a compelling piece of melodrama? We do! An entire weeks worth of back and forth has been magically transformed into a David Mamet style sweary twisted tale. Kit still can’t get over that the Urban Monologue shorts Sands did were done solo and not as part of a team.
    Even the Emojis are spelled out!

    3- The Sauce

    Sands dials in Kit to surprise him with an impromptu pod but…. Well what can I say? Oops. We may have dived into someone’s saucy evening.

    The Urban Monologues skits have been posted on our FaceBook Page so please do check it out. Also click the subscribe button to get more content.

    And Finally we are about to unveil our Socially Distanced Standup Short Web Series….. more details soon.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Ron Pape ,


This pod is about two people who are trying to make a TV show but have no idea but keep battling on through. A random discovey and a very happy find, I wish them all the luck in their journey and will be listening!!

Trent Social Media Maker ,

5 stars?

I have no idea why I gave it 5 stars. This is blatantly a podcast of 2 people who are clearly working out their issues on u suspecting listeners

Still worth a listen

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