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3 nerdy siblings - older sister She She, big little brother Tone, and little little brother Wopsle - give you all the reviews you never knew you needed, until now! Join us every Monday @ www.kick.cool, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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3 nerdy siblings - older sister She She, big little brother Tone, and little little brother Wopsle - give you all the reviews you never knew you needed, until now! Join us every Monday @ www.kick.cool, or wherever you get your podcasts!

    Viral Zoo Hanx Door

    Viral Zoo Hanx Door

    Thanks for listening to Episode 53, where we dive back into the world of the Next Door app, make a plan to go viral, and celebrate the world's greatest actor.
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    Reviews include: Going Viral, The Zoo, Tom Hanx, Next Door
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    Oprah Stimmy Safety Days

    Oprah Stimmy Safety Days

    Howdy, howdy! Welcome to Episode 52 of Kick the Cool, where we finally figured out how to make a podcast that doesn't make you want to scratch out your ears. I don't how one would "scratch out" their "ears", but let's not waste our time together talking about that!
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    Reviews include: That Stimmy Check, Snow Days, Safety Precautions, Oprah Winfrey
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    Big D² Car Food

    Big D² Car Food

    Welcome to Episode 51, Cool Kickers! It's a land where we have our second guest ever on to talk about Bigfoot, Wopsle makes up some song lyrics, and Sherri struggles with car shopping.
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    Reviews include: Car Shopping, Seasonal or Limited Edition Foods (Thanks Lauren!), Bigfoot, and Duran Duran
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    Catfishing Title Tube Tapes

    Catfishing Title Tube Tapes

    Holy cow, it's Episode 50, can you believe it? I can't believe they are still letting us do this! In this episode we find out Wopsle's rating on "Hot or Not", She She reveals a lifelong crush, and Tone butchers a George Carlin bit. Then we all get sappy and talk about loving each other. Don't tell anyone, but we actually do.
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    Reviews include: Past Titles, Tapes, Bank Tubes, Catfishing
    Thank you for listening. Love you, byyyyye!

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    Yard Carl Moon Gary

    Yard Carl Moon Gary

    Welcome to Episode 49, where the Wopsle family stalks the neighbors like a SEAL team, our biggest contributor T.J. gets a Kick the Cool bump, and everyone's favorite person - Carl the Producer - is back with more demands...err...I mean advice.
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    Reviews include: Carl the Producer, The Moon, Yard Work, Gary Busey
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    Next Made-Up Mullet Dreams

    Next Made-Up Mullet Dreams

    Thank you so much for listening to our little podcast. Unless you're reading this before listening. In that case, thank you for reading, now go listen to three idiot middle ager siblings try to make each other laugh. But seriously, thanks for listening, everyone. Enjoy!
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    Reviews include: Made-Up Songs, Mullets, Next Door, Bad Dreams
    Thanks again guys and gals. See you next week.
    Love you, byyye!

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