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    MIX TAPE 005

    MIX TAPE 005

    Play list mix tape 005
    1. Beach House by The Mekanism
    2. Dancing Shoes (original mix) by Christos Fourkis
    3. It's Nothing Kalamita (fr) & Matt Fontaine
    4. Inside (Bjoern Few remix)By Sasch Bbc, Caspar
    5. Vente Con Papi by Butch
    6. UNKNOWN
    7. Kofi (Cioz remix)by Daniel Rateuke
    8.Halo by Simone Liberali
    9. Sixth Sense (Louie Vega instrumental remix)
    Josh Wink, Ursula Rucker
    10. Shades by Djebali And Chris Stussy
    11. UNKNOWN

    • 59 min
    2am (Original Mix)

    2am (Original Mix)

    2am (Original Mix) by Kyri Markou

    • 5 min
    Jungle (Original Mix)

    Jungle (Original Mix)

    Jungle (Original Mix) by Kyri Markou

    • 6 min
    Keep On (Original Mix)

    Keep On (Original Mix)

    Keep On (Original Mix) by Kyri Markou

    • 6 min
    MIX TAPE 003

    MIX TAPE 003


    1. Saint Andre (Original Mix) by Pezzner
    2. Big Afro (Original Mix) by Tini Garcia, Richi Risco
    3. Nightlife (Original Mix) by Loz J Yates
    4. Stasky (Original Mix) by Kyri Markou
    5. Godfather’s Dance (Original Mix) by Andrew Miller
    6. The Bass (Original Mix) by George Smeddles
    7. Hold me (Original Mix) by Craig & Grant Gordon
    8. A tribute to house divas by Juliet Sikora, King Brain, Anita Davis
    9. Be Good To Me (Extended Mix) by Cloonee
    10. Rockin' (Original Mix) by Latmun, Iglesias
    11. Yasmin (Original Mix) by Alex Denne, Ruben Canaies
    12. Bulgarian Breaks (Original Mix) by Westbam/ML

    Contact: kyrimarkou1@gmail.com

    • 55 min
    MIX TAPE 002

    MIX TAPE 002

    Track list:

    1. Feel That (feat KE)- by Risk Assessment
    2. Doin Ya Thang Original - By Oliva $
    3. Camel Brotha - by Illyus & Barrientos
    4. Out There - by Ben Rau
    5. On (Kaiq remix)- by Afxs
    6. Waves (Politics Of Dancing remix)- by Toman
    7. Landslide (feat Jinadu)- by Simone Liberali
    8. Bring U Up (Jasper James remix)- by Romanthony
    9. Thank you by krankbrother
    10. Pussyn (original mix)- by Ruben Mandolini
    11. Hold on - by Peter Neale
    12. Don't Let the Days Go By (Mijangos Mix)

    • 59 min

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2 Ratings

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