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Join the Membership Geeks - Mike Morrison and Callie Willows - for advice, tips and insight on planning, running and growing a successful membership website plus interviews with existing membership owners and industry experts.

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Join the Membership Geeks - Mike Morrison and Callie Willows - for advice, tips and insight on planning, running and growing a successful membership website plus interviews with existing membership owners and industry experts.

    Top Tips for Researching a Membership Plugin or Platform

    Top Tips for Researching a Membership Plugin or Platform

    When you start up a membership site, you naturally want to give your members a perfect experience. Or at least as close to perfect as possible.

    The key to that is finding the right tools, software, and plugins to help you deliver a fantastic membership experience. But it’s tough to find the right tools and even harder to know whose opinions to trust.

    In this episode of The Membership Geeks podcast, your hosts, Mike Morrison and Callie Willows share some expert tips on finding the closest thing to ‘the perfect plugin’ and how to find reviews you can trust.

    Essential Learning Points:

    Why not all reviews can be trusted (they may be paid affiliates)
    What works for one membership service may not work for yours
    How people’s past experiences can affect their opinions and suggestions for plugins
    Why great functionality is the most important thing to look for

    • 19 min
    Behind The Membership: IT Rockstars

    Behind The Membership: IT Rockstars

    Juggling a 9-5 with a membership in a saturated marketplace sounds pretty impossible, right?

    But Scott Millar of IT Rockstars has somehow pulled it off and is seeing great growth in his membership. In this episode of The Membership

    Geeks, he shares some top tips and insights for others looking to start a membership.

    He also delves into his membership's unique origin story, as well as how his geographical cap doesn't limit his growth.

    Essential Learning Points:

    How Scott found his ‘wow’ factor in a saturated market
    Why there’s a geographical cap on enrolment for IT Rockstars
    The ins and outs of juggling a 9-5 with a membership business
    IT Rockstar’s unique onboarding process
    Why it’s important for your idea to align with what your audience wants

    • 34 min
    Avoid These Terrible Membership Cancellation Policies

    Avoid These Terrible Membership Cancellation Policies

    Is your cancellation process as effective as it could be?

    As a membership site, it’s vital to get the balance right! You need to make the decision for your members to leave difficult…not the process.

    It’s very easy to feel hurt or worried when members depart in their droves but don’t take it personally. Members will end their subscription for so many different reasons… and they may well come back very soon.

    In this episode of the Membership Geeks podcast, hosts Mike Morrison and Callie Willows discuss some of the most common things membership site owners get wrong when faced with customer cancellations.

    Essential Learning Points:
    - Why you should remember to ‘think like a member’ – how would you want the process to go if you wanted to cancel a membership?
    - Why it’s important to make the decision to cancel difficult – not the process
    - Why you should avoid turning members who might rejoin away
    - Finding the right software to make the process seamless

    Key Quotes:
    “During the cancellation process, give it a final shot to try and convince them to stick around. But it shouldn't get in the way, it shouldn't be an obstacle.”

    “If that member experience was 100% positive up to that point, you can ruin it all by having a terrible approach to cancellations.”

    “If someone has paid for a month, you have to give them that month. If someone's paid for a year, you have to give them that year. This is why we say that you're getting into dodgy legal territory if you don't actually honor that.”

    • 42 min
    6 Ways to Breathe New Life to Older Membership Content

    6 Ways to Breathe New Life to Older Membership Content

    Does old automatically mean useless or outdated when it comes to membership content?

    Definitely not. In fact, there are so many things you can do to breathe new life into your archived content. Especially, when the core subject matter is still as relevant as the day it was first posted.

    This episode of the Membership Geeks podcast is all about six concrete ways you can reuse your old content and drum up some engagement in the process.

    We’re talking about everything from repurposing content to simply giving it a touch-up. By tuning in, you’ll get six handy tips to refresh and reuse your existing content to maximize its value.

    Essential Learning Points:

    Why watch alongs offer a great way to engage with your audience
    How repurposed content helps you meet your audience where they are
    How you can grow your audience by giving content away for free
    How to drum up new members through a cohort experience
    Why you should always have something available for your members to tackle next

    • 20 min
    Understanding the Customer Journey with Kenda Macdonald

    Understanding the Customer Journey with Kenda Macdonald

    Can you use science to boost your membership numbers?
    It’s not magic but getting to grips with the science behind how people make purchase decisions will help you transform your own content.
    Kenda Macdonald, CEO of Automation Ninjas, international keynote speaker, and author of the best-selling book, Hack the Buyer Brain, joins this episode to talk about the science behind why people choose to sign up (or not) for a membership.
    Tune in to hear what behavioral automation is, how the five stages of awareness work, what neuroscience tells us about buying decisions, and much more!
    Essential Learning Points:
    What behavioral automation is
    How the buyer journey typically works
    The problem with relying on marketing funnels
    What neuroscience tells us about the buying decision
    The five stages of awareness and how they can help you build better content
    The problem with using scarcity tactics
    How Kenda uses automation for her membership

    Important Links and Mentions:
    https://www.automationninjas.com/ (Automation Ninjas)
    https://www.automationninjas.com/hack-the-buyer-brain-3/ (Hack the Buyer Brain)
    https://www.automationninjas.com/marketing-automation-academy/ (The Marketing Automation Academy)
    https://www.automationninjas.com/blog/what-is-awareness-and-why-does-it-matter/ (What is Awareness and Why Does it Matter?)
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/the-marketing-automation-expert/ (Kenda’s LinkedIn)
    https://www.membershipgeeks.com/ (Membership Geeks)
    https://www.membershipacademy.com/ (Membership Academy)

    Key Quotes:
    “Understanding the brain and then tracking physical behavior are two parts of what I would say is behavioral marketing automation.”
    “We need to create something that's more flexible, more personable, and more catered to where someone is in their own personalized customer journey.”
    “We should be utilizing our content to help people make better choices. That is why people consume such a huge amount of content because they want to learn, they want to make the right choice about something.”

    • 53 min
    Top Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2022

    Top Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2022

    Fresh on the back of attending Social Media Marketing World 2022, we're sharing our top takeaways from the event, common themes and trends membership owners should be aware of, and specific tactics to try out in your social media marketing strategy.

    In this episode:
    How social media marketing is once again becoming more focused on content creators
    NFT's, Metaverse and Web 3.0 - what does it all mean in terms of marketing your membership?
    Key changes to how what we post on social media is about to change significantly
    Specific tips and tactics for Tik Tok, Instagram and more

    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

ELD1972 ,


This podcast is packed full of brilliant tips and advice. I could listen to Mike all day; he has a charming manner of delivering vital information and a great sense of humour. Thank you so much!

Lorri h ,

Thinking of a membership site?

Mike and Callie are absolutely awesome at what they do. The podcast is such a brilliant resource that is full of incredible tips. Despite being in the membership academy I also listen religiously to the podcast!!!

KWilding ,

Daily Inspiration by the Bucketload

I was recommended ‘The Membership Guys’ on the Kajabi FB forum in response to a question about the best ways to retain members. I did some investigating and signed up to their academy. I’ve been slow to start on my amazing library of resources included in this , due to work commitments, so have been treating myself to a daily dose of the podcast whilst I walk my dog 😊I can not recommend this podcast more highly. Mike is so easy to listen to, talks SUCH sense and is an incredible source of information. Thank goodness there’s over 300 for me to listen to; when I finish I think I’ll go back and listen all over again! I particularly great feature is the fact that other related podcasts are mentioned so you know exactly where to go to continue with a line of thinking. Absolutely love it. Thanks Mike, Callie and team.

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