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MoxieCast is THE show to add more feel-good to your day. Dr. Mandy Lehto, coach, writer and speaker, brings you unique and actionable ways to get more purpose, peace and awareness of what’s possible when we disable auto-pilot and start living on purpose.

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MoxieCast is THE show to add more feel-good to your day. Dr. Mandy Lehto, coach, writer and speaker, brings you unique and actionable ways to get more purpose, peace and awareness of what’s possible when we disable auto-pilot and start living on purpose.

    Episode 43: How to Lead From Behind, with Kelly Wendorf

    Episode 43: How to Lead From Behind, with Kelly Wendorf

    As the world grapples with Covid-19, deep presence and the ability to create a sense of calm and groundedness feel more important than ever in leadership.
    I'm not just talking about VIP's in the business world. I'm talking about self-leadership too.
    Today's guest says a leader is someone entrusted with holding the heart of an endeavour or a family. It's someone who inspires us "to hold each other well." (I mean, how beautiful is that?)
    Kelly Wendorf is a coach, mother, spiritual mentor and founding partner of Equus, an 11-acre experiential learning & discovery campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Horses are co-facilitators in their work at the ranch, and much of Kelly's wisdom on leadership has emerged from her life-long observations of the horse herd, a 56-million-year-old system.
    Kelly's also the author of the forthcoming book, Flying Lead Change, published by Sounds True this autumn.
    In this episode, we discuss:
    What it means to lead from behind  Leadership the equine way - tapping into the wisdom of the horse herd Qualities to base your own leadership on What if I don't see myself as charismatic, or having any X-factor? How can I lead? How checking in with your body can change how you plan your diary (and your life) Join us (and alpha horse, Artemis).
    Links and Resources:
    Flying Lead Change 
    Getting Ahead by Leading From Behind
    Mandy Lehto
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    Quotes by Kelly Wendorf:
    “I love to create conditions for people to have transformative experiences and change their lives.”
    “The qualities I trust and I look for, both in myself and in those who I trust to lead, are curiosity, vulnerability, porousness.”
    “These are qualities that are much more powerful because they draw people in.”
    “Be deeply present with what is—our feelings, who we are, our circumstances. That is a powerful spiritual practice.”

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    Episode 42: How to Receive, with April Boyd

    Episode 42: How to Receive, with April Boyd

    Ever run yourself ragged hosting a party, and yet DECLINED offers of help (while seething silently)?
    Or maybe you agreed to watch a friend's gaggle of unruly kids for the weekend (while your own bandwidth and energy were already non-existent), and yet declined her offer to reciprocate next weekend.
    You have a huge portal for giving, and a teeny pinhole for receiving. 
    Sound familiar?
    And if so, what the heck is going on there? 
    Today's guest, April Boyd, a psychotherapist, says not receiving can be a way of protecting yourself in relationships.
    After a traumatic event in her own life, April learned that receiving help - and even more, ASKING for it - was riddled with complexity.
    She says it's vulnerable to receive. Asking for help is even more of a challenge. And yet, declining it blocks connection.
    If you regularly utter, "No, it's fine, I've got this," this episode will help you get better at saying, "Thank you, that would be really great."
    We discuss:
    Why receiving feels risky How to determine if you want to receive help from this person How to ask for what you want (without getting all cringey and awkward) Noticing your auto-response to offers of support Self-Check: How often do YOU give when you don’t actually have the bandwidth? HINT: This matters! The role of shame in receiving Ready to receive more (and seethe less)?
    Join us!
    Links and Resources
    April Boyd on Instagram
    Mandy Lehto
    Mandy Lehto on Instagram
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    Quotes by April Boyd:
    “One of the things that makes receiving so much harder than giving is it’s actually a really vulnerable place to be.”
    “We have this culture that really encourages us to wear that badge of honor of being so independent and not needing anyone, and being able to do it all. That’s a myth.”
    “How often do you say ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’?”
    “Recognize that the guilt is just often a built-in part of this process.”

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    Episode 41: How to get into your body, with Alexis Artin

    Episode 41: How to get into your body, with Alexis Artin

    Ever feel like your relationship with pleasure, sensuality and the feminine is a bit of a Rubik’s cube?
    For years, I heard the phrase “get out of your head and into your body,” and never really understood it. I mean, duh, where else would I be? I clearly had a lot to learn…
    Today’s guest is Alexis Artin, owner of a globally renowned female empowerment company who’s on a mission to help women connect with their bodies.
    Before you do a U-turn Gents, this episode isn’t just for women. There’s some real insight here for you too…
    We discuss:
    Feminine and Masculine Energy: What’s the difference? Why should we care? Embodying the feminine: Awareness, appreciation, and experiencing feelings/senses  Practical ways to access our feminine – and what that can mean in our lives (pure goodness) Links and Resources
    Alexis Artin
    Alexis Artin on Instagram
    The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine
    Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax
    Mandy Lehto
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    Quotes by Alexis Artin:
    “I really wear so many hats in my life. My friends refer to me, jokingly, as the Forrest Gump of the Feminine.”
    “What are the three worst words that a man can hear from a woman? ‘We gotta talk.’”
    “It is inherently dangerous to be in a feminine body. Being in a feminine body, life is the ultimate resource and that’s what the feminine is, she’s the source of life.”
    “Feminine Experience of Life: When a woman is in that experience, it’s pleasureful, and that pleasure is magnetic.”

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    Episode 040: How Not to be a Jerk to Yourself

    Episode 040: How Not to be a Jerk to Yourself

    How would life change if you could shift your relationship with the negative voice in your head? Submit to it less. Lighten up a little. Do what you want anyway, even if the voice threatens you with public humiliation and epic cringey-ness.
    Honestly, we can be such dicks to ourselves. If you're as sick of that as I am, grab your mug of something hot and hit .
    Suzy Reading - author, coach, and champion of all things self-care-related - is back on the show by popular demand.
    Listen to our popular previous episode, "Win at self-care and willpower," HERE.
    Today we talk about:
    Worthiness - stories we tell ourselves about not being good enough Self-worth is a choice (never thought about it like that!) HALT Check-in - You need to know about this... Are you successful in spite of yourself? Permissioning ourselves to honour boundaries and feelings - it's essential Join us!
    Links and Resources:
    Suzy Reading
    The Little Book of Self-Care
    Stand Tall Like a Mountain: Mindfulness & Self-Care for Children and Parents
    The Self-Care Revolution
    Suzy Reading on Instagram 
    Suzy Reading on Facebook
    Suzy Reading on Twitter
    Mandy Lehto
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    Quotes by Suzy Reading:
    “It comes down to how we talk to ourselves, treat ourselves, view ourselves, and allow other people to treat us.”
    “It’s learning how to shape your inner language, as well as your actions.” 
    “You can’t change something until you’re aware of it.”
    “Our thoughts, our emotions, our sensations, our memories, all of these things are passing states.”

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    Episode 39: Soulbbatical, with Shelley Paxton

    Episode 39: Soulbbatical, with Shelley Paxton

    "Is this all there is?"
    Maybe you've asked yourself that question after achieving something - a promotion, a degree, a level of success - that you were convinced would fulfil you.
    And when you get there, it feels kinda meh, empty even.
    Then there's the guilt about how you're feeling, when, to the outside world, you've MADE IT, baby.
    It's depressing, yet alienating (I mean who'd complain at having your embarrassment of riches, hey?) So you shut up, and suck it up.
    That's what makes it the head screw of all head screws.
    Meet today's guest, Shelley Paxton, former chief marketing officer of the badass brand, Harley-Davidson.
    She rode choppers in some of the coolest places on the planet; had a swoon-worthy wardrobe; had people hanging on her every word.
    I knew her back then. She seemed like one powerful mofo, a woman with her life together.
    The reality? Shelley was holding on by her manicured fingernails, numbing nightly with food and a bottle of wine. She felt empty and full of self-loathing, unsure how she could go on like this. She had recurring nightmares for months. To say she was 'burnt out' was putting it mildly.
    “My soul was feeling neglected. It wanted to be acknowledged and loved and nurtured and fed. Instead, it was shrivelling up and dying.”
    In today's episode, Shelley shares how she became the Chief Soul Officer of her own life (I love that phrase!)
    She created the Soulbbatical, a new way of being that listened to the knowing that was trying to bubble up from within, instead of tamping it down with food and booze and pretending.
    Show highlights include:
    What is a Soulbattical? She wrote a book about it! Finding yourself doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your job Are you a Ninja of Numbing? 10 Commandments to being a Chief Soul Officer: Don’t ask for permission, give it to yourself Authenticity is truest form of rebellion Courage over comfort Impact over ego; ask for help Self-first is not selfish (self-worth trumps net worth) Release the Shackles of Should Look inward Values over validation Are you Soulccessful? Be a soul ambassador in every aspect of your life to spark a movement Grab your cuppa and join us. Your soul will thank you!
    Links and Resources:
    Shelley Paxton on Instagram
    Shelley Paxton on Facebook
    Stillness Is The Key by Ryan Holiday
    Mandy Lehto on Instagram
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    Quotes by Shelley Paxton:
    “Soulbbatical is about creating a life that’s more authentic, more courageous, and more on purpose.”
    “I’m on a mission to liberate a billion souls.”
    “Soulbbatical is about rebelling for who we are and what we want for our best life, for our fulfillment, for our own unique path forward.”

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    Episode 38: How not to fear failure, with Dr Erin Baker

    Episode 38: How not to fear failure, with Dr Erin Baker

    Today's guest craves failure (not chocolate like the rest of us).
    Most people will run a mile to avoid failing and looking bad, lest folks point and laugh.
    Not Dr. Erin Baker.
    She's a leadership coach with a PhD in social psychology. In her previous career, Erin held senior roles at Microsoft and Facebook (READ: lots of pressure to perform and get things right).
    With a big brain and a stellar career, you might find yourself thinking, "Say what?" if I told you that Erin was terrified of failing.
    Or rather, she used to be.
    Instead of living in fear, Erin geeked out on it, examined it like a scientist, and came up with some fascinating conclusions that you want to know about. 
    If you've got bullet-proof confidence and eat fear for breakfast (with a side of spiders), this episode is NOT for you. Have a lovely day. Bye now!
    But if you've ever felt like a weenie, doubted yourself, or played small because you're afraid to splat, then tune in my friend. You're in for a treat.
    Here's a few things we play with in this episode:
    When you fail, do you move on, or do you chastise yourself on replay? (Remember that time you screwed up in 1977?)  How getting clear on real vs. perceived risk can be a game-changer Dreaming big (it starts with small steps) Befriending failure? Research and data make all the difference What failure actually means, depends on you (I never thought about it like that...) Join us! There's bubbly at the end!
    Links and Resources:
    Dr. Erin Baker
    Dr. Erin Baker on Facebook
    Dr. Erin Baker on LinkedIn
    The Little Engine That Could
    Mandy Lehto on Instagram
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    Quotes by Dr. Erin Baker:
    “I am a recovering perfectionist. I spent the first 33 years of my life just absolutely terrified of what it meant if I failed.”
    “These days, I actually crave failure.”
    “When we fail, we’ve just done some sort of action.”
    “Bubbles for everyone!” (very possibly the best quote ever)

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5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

miisamink ,

Leading from behind left a deep impression

I've known that the feminine way of leading is different in so many ways, but Kelly gave me the words and a visual image to understand it deeply. Mandy is an incredible host and there's so much wisdom in this podcast. Highly recommended!

sunshinetome ,

Olga Lister

Thank you! Always inspire by you! It’s so cheerfully, clever and very very clearly as well!

Constructive critic... ,

Inspiring, informative and human!

MoxieCast is a breath of fresh air. So many podcasts are just too long and waffly to hold my attention. This is an entirely different animal. Mandy is an insightful and relatable host who gets genuinely interesting people to talk about their work, studies and life-lessons.

Highly recommend!

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