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Discussing all things nerdy in the world of film, TV and more. Find us on www.nerdfestpodcast.com or @nerdfestuk.

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Discussing all things nerdy in the world of film, TV and more. Find us on www.nerdfestpodcast.com or @nerdfestuk.

    130: Stop Bugging Me!

    130: Stop Bugging Me!

    It’s buff or bluff time! Can you work out the truth from the nerds’ devious lies?

    Topics today include method acting in boxing films, the incredible career of Frances McDormand, and the life and times of Stanley Kubrick.

    Plus sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, as Peter investigates real life espionage activities for his Buff or Bluff.

    Stay tuned for Andy’s fun quiz at the end: guess the movie title from two clues in one!

    • 40 min
    129: Disappointing Shrinkage

    129: Disappointing Shrinkage

    It's reviews and recommendations time! We cover the start of Marvel Phase 5: 'Ant Man and the Wasp: QuantumMania'. Plus, 'Our Flag Means Death' has finally made it to these shores, much to Dan’s delight.

    Peter reviews 'Extraordinary'. Jon revels in Blumhouse’s latest horrifying creation, 'M3GAN'. And Hazel tells us why 'Till' should be winning all the awards.

    Speaking of awards, Hazel’s got her hats out! It’s time for our annual Nerdfest Oscars Sweepstake. But this time, all rules have been thrown out the window….

    (An apology to our listeners as we did indeed get the date of the Oscars ceremony wrong! We were a week early :))

    • 1 hr 2 min
    128: Sherlock Clones

    128: Sherlock Clones

    It’s time to lie to our closest friends again, as we play our Buff or Bluff quiz. Can you work out the truth from stories about the entertainment industry?

    Rounds include facts about re-used props in movies, the ridiculous diets that some stars undertake to prepare for a role, Sir Christopher Lee’s record breaking antics, and the weird and wonderful guest appearances of Sherlock Holmes.

    Plus, Hazel gets us all excited for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film, by befuddling us (and herself) with the elaborate plots of previous Barbie outings.

    We round today’s episode off with a “Higher or Lower” game of how many times movie stars have died in their movies.

    It’s a really fun one folks - enjoy!

    • 56 min
    127: This Is The Last Of Us

    127: This Is The Last Of Us

    Dan discusses the similarities between Spielberg’s mostly autobiographical 'The Fabelmans', and Terry Pratchett biography 'A Life with Footnotes'. Andy conducts a TARiffic review of 'Tar' (sorry, the puns don’t get any better….). Jon reviews post-apocalyptic zombie thriller 'The Last of Us' (as an avid fan of the game, will he be converted?) Hazel recommends 'This is Us'. which she accidentally stumbled across when looking for 'The Last Of Us' and has completely fallen in love with. And Peter reviews the Gary Oldman MI5 thriller series “Slow Horses”, with apologies in advance to our Slough-based listeners…

    • 56 min
    126: Ian's Attic Treat

    126: Ian's Attic Treat

    Jon, Ian, Andy and Peter riffle through the dusty attic of Ian's brain, attempting to find at least ONE thing he actually enjoyed over the past few weeks!

    We also play Buff or Bluff about early TV music shows, dodgy 80's computer game licences, famous actors' debut performances, and some ridiculously terse movie plotlines- Can you beat the team to guess which movies they describe?

    • 41 min
    125: Must See in '23!

    125: Must See in '23!

    It’s the first Nerdfest of 2023, and Jon, Peter, Kerris and Dan have each been making ‘most anticipated’ lists of the stuff we’re hyped for in ‘23. Adam Driver fighting dinosaurs! 'The Last Of Us' on TV! The return of Ghostface! A "fourth" Indiana Jones movie! And something about 'Groundhog Day'…

    What’s on YOUR "must see" list? Get in touch and let us know!

    • 53 min

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5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Hodgy123456789 ,

All the content!

Great shows, facts and quizzes!
Love listening in!

mummabaa ,

insightful, entertaining and addictive

These guys are brilliant and deserve all the praise you can throw in their direction. Can tell they are great friends as the rapport and teasing is effortless. You feel like you are eavesdropping on the most interesting conversation in the pub. Thanks for some brilliant reviews and recommendations and plenty genuine lols. Jon’s Scotch apology is best start to podcast heard this year

pieman75 ,


Love this. Great chat and trivia. Totally tickles all the nerdy places I need to be tickled.

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