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No Pressure is a raw, down to earth approach to business and life lessons from host Anthony Frasier. Each episode deep dives into quotes, passages from inspired books, or hard lessons learned from the mistakes we've made. The podcast is inspired by stoic philosophy, despite what's happening in the world around us, we feel no pressure.

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No Pressure is a raw, down to earth approach to business and life lessons from host Anthony Frasier. Each episode deep dives into quotes, passages from inspired books, or hard lessons learned from the mistakes we've made. The podcast is inspired by stoic philosophy, despite what's happening in the world around us, we feel no pressure.

    History stutters ft. Jaylen Bledsoe & Amanda Shepherd

    History stutters ft. Jaylen Bledsoe & Amanda Shepherd

    Took a break from my normal interviews about mindset and entrepreneurship to hold a round table discussion on what unfolded in America after the death of George Floyd.

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    Rich vs wealthy ft. Carl Joseph Black

    Rich vs wealthy ft. Carl Joseph Black

    This week we talk about money, financial literacy, and credit. But don’t get it confused, we talk about it in a way you can understand it. That’s the gift today’s guest has. As the founder of RaisingBenjamin.com Carl Joseph Black breaks down complex finance news into bite-sized digestible nuggets anyone can understand.
    We didn’t really have enough time to discuss everything I wanted to know and we still went over the typical 20 or so minutes I try my best to hold the discussion to. We still covered a good amount of ground though. Some of the gems dropped:

    The difference between being rich vs being wealthy. Being rich is more about the material things people see. Being wealthy is the money moves that can’t be detected by the human eye, but still somehow disrupts or changes the way we live.

    Read the boring stuff. Get used to reading the boring stuff like financial newspapers. You’ll start to develop a 3rd eye for the way money works if you make a habit out of it. One example Carl gives is Warren Buffet. Buffet still finds time to read for an extended amount of hours a day. If that’s a habit he uses to keep himself wealthy, why don’t we take that same habit on? I don’t know about ready 5 hours a day though. Ha!

    Humanize data. Start finding ways to make data make sense to you in layman’s terms. This is one of those skills you can organically develop from reading financials a lot.

    Credit as an investor. Carl gives us a masterclass on how to build credit as a business to help us build wealth.

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    Luck is consistency in disguise

    Luck is consistency in disguise

    Today’s episode I fly solo and deliver a deep dive into why I believe consistency creates luck. I dig into quotes from Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen who touch on this topic and I even give some personal anecdotes from my own experience.
    I’m even excited to give you a formula on how you can create credibility in any topic you want using this same mindset. It ultimately boils down to a few steps:

    Find a topic you like

    Create content interviewing experts from that topic (blog, podcast, newsletter, etc.)

    Choose a frequency (once a week, every two weeks, once a month, etc)

    Do it consistently for 6 months

    Boom, you’re an authority and somewhat of an expert. No experience necessary.

    Some people use this to their advantage in not so Kosher ways. Don’t be that person. Aim to give value in whatever you create, and you’ll see that value return 10x. Good luck.
    Much love to Urban Nerd Beats for the background music.

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    Crafting a million-dollar mindset ft Nichole Lynel

    Crafting a million-dollar mindset ft Nichole Lynel

    Nichole Lynel is an independent fashion designer who turned her clothing line, Shop Nichole Lynel, into a million-dollar business. She unabashedly leveraged social media and created a whole new mindset to achieve this goal. In this interview, I try to get a glimpse into how we can craft our own mindset for success, and some of the hard lessons she learned on her journey. 
    We live in an amazing time where we can leverage social media and online advertisements to build almost any business we want. You would think that means everyone should be successful, right? Nope, like any endeavor, you will take bumps and bruises on your pathway to success. Nichole dropped a lot of gems in this interview for anyone that can help any entrepreneur looking to weather that storm.

    Crafting a morning routine. Don’t wake up grouchy. The average human has 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Nichole spoke about her “zen” moments she has in the morning that includes prayer but also seeing the sunrise. What do the first 30 minutes of your day consist of?

    Reprogram yourself. Nichole made it a habit to make sure she always fed herself positive messages and affirmations. She placed sticky notes all over the home, and read an abundance of self-help books. We all have self-limiting beliefs, some more than others. Know what you need to hear and see and start there. Start with a vision board!

    Build a driven team. People rarely build empires alone. Build a team you can trust and that can match your energy for success.

    When building your network, don’t come empty-handed. You don’t have to always come with a gift but think hard about the value you bring to the table when you're looking to connect with people. Also, start networking sideways. The real gold is found in your peers.

    Learn the art of storytelling. The biggest marketing hack Nichole figured out is probably the oldest one in the world. She tells a great story. But beware, telling stories means you know your customer well. Don’t assume you know them, be sure you do.

    The key to large goals is to break them down. Small consistent goals help you build a mountain from a molehill. Nichole wanted to make a million dollars, so instead of dwelling on the large number, she set her to mind up to think about how many sales she needed to make in a day.

    Build a mastermind group. Positive and constructive peer pressure can have a lasting effect on your success. Nichole had a group to keep her accountable and put her in check when she was slacking off. I first learned about this concept from the book “Think and Grow Rich”

    There is so much more gold in the podcast that I didn’t capture in the notes. Make sure to hit me up with feedback and share what you took away from her story.
    Make sure you purchase my book “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness.” Also, shout out to Yondo for the background tunes.

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    Praying during a pandemic ft. Darnell Barrett

    Praying during a pandemic ft. Darnell Barrett

    This week I speak with Pastor Darnell Barrett of Hillsong Church on the power of prayer, especially in hard times. I wanted to ask some hard questions to a man of faith, to speak to those who may actually be losing theirs. It’s no secret entrepreneurs and business owners are taking a hit during this time so hopefully, something you hear in this podcast ministers to you.
    Darnell is someone who would tell you his life wasn’t perfect either. He himself had challenges and one of his largest was discovering who his birth parents were. It was this process of reconciliation that made him a better man, husband, father, and leader. We learn a lot from Darnell in this episode, so whether you a Christian or not there are plenty of gems to soak up. Here are my takeaways:

    Comparison nullifies what you conquered - Being proud of your accomplishments only goes so far if you keep comparing it to what others have. Everyone has their own path, respect what you’ve been able to do by not measuring it to other peoples timelines.

    Material things can’t fill voids - We must look for something deeper than the cars, watches, money, and jewelry to be fulfilled. If something in your life is missing those things won’t make up for it, they are just band-aids. Barely that too.

    God teaches you how to fish - Prayer is not just about what God can give you, it’s about what God is helping you become. Do you want to be someone who keeps asking for fish, or someone who can fish on their own?

    Protect you energy - Don’t place too much of your own energy on things you can’t control. When helping people make sure you realize that you are not God, and that you aren’t the one doing the saving, that job is left to someone much greater.

    If you enjoyed this episode leave a comment or follow me on social media @anthonyfrasier and tell me. I want to hear from you! Be sure to purchase my book “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness” for more insights and personal development gems.

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    The art of falling back ft. John Henry

    The art of falling back ft. John Henry

    My good friend John Henry joined me this week for No Pressure. Initially, I was going to hold onto this interview (we taped on Easter) for a few weeks but decided to release it early after re-listening to the timely messages and also to shine a light on the fact that both his parents were hospitalized due to COVID-19, and have since recovered. That deserves a digital round of applause. Thank God.
    This episode we dived into several topics but the main topic was how to really fall back and keep your peace in the process. John was very aggressive on social media and business and recently took a moment to reflect and reevaluate his values. I challenged his bold stances and asked him if there was anything he doesn’t hold such a strong opinion on like he used too. Other topics we discussed were:

    Building your speaking platform. Speaking helps you build authority in almost any field you wish to gain ground in. It also helps you hone your point of view and like my good friend Julian Mitchell likes to say develop your “unique perspective.”

    The trap of comparison. Many people were trying to copy his style of content distribution but didn’t know the actual amount of manpower he had working behind the scenes. Also, you cant compare yourself as a beginner to someone who has been developing themselves for years. Go back to their starting points, and learn from there.

    The negative side of self-promotion. John is a self-admitted creator of “Hustle Porn.” So does he regret that it may have given people the wrong impression of him? We also talk about how it’s necessary to promote yourself, but there are limits.

    Vulnerability is the key. You want to open the doors to opportunity and building a community around your brand? Start being more vulnerable.

    If you enjoyed this episode be sure to share it with your friends or anyone you feel needs to hear it. Follow me on social media (@anthonyfrasier) and cop my book “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness.”
    Much love and Be safe!

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