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The Oil & Gas Authority Podcast brings people together to openly discuss hot topics within the industry.

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The Oil & Gas Authority Podcast brings people together to openly discuss hot topics within the industry.

    Mediation - what's in it for us?

    Mediation - what's in it for us?

    The OGA's Head of Disputes and Sanctions, Jane de Lozey, discusses the role that mediation can play in commercial issues. She is joined by guests:
    - Amrik Kandola (CEDR Mediator)
    - Angela Fletcher (Chief Commercial Officer, Ancala Midstream Acquisitions)

    Our speakers look at how an independent, third-party mediator can help companies resolve complex commercial problems. The episode addresses when and why mediation can be used, how quick and cost-effective it can be, and what really goes on during the mediation process. Our speakers reflect on their experience of disputes throughout their careers, and consider what barriers prevent companies from using mediation more often.


    In June 2020 the OGA launched a pilot mediation scheme in conjunction with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution - CEDR. The scheme is in use by companies within the oil and gas industry.

    If you have questions or comments about this podcast episode, please contact oga.pressoffice@ogauthority.co.uk

    From resilience to recovery?

    From resilience to recovery?

    In our first bitesize episode, our Supply Chain and Exports Task Force co-chairs Stuart Payne and John Pearson catch up on the immediate priorities of the Task Force as they work to support industry.
    They question what can be done in these testing times to keep more people in work and more companies anchored in the UK, whilst also keeping a very firm focus on the long-term action that is needed to reach net zero.

    • 25 min
    Power in difference - valuing the voices of our workforce

    Power in difference - valuing the voices of our workforce

    Last week the OGA published its first Inclusion Report, highlighting the OGA's interest in supporting an increased level of diversity and inclusion (D&I) within oil and gas sector. In this podcast episode our guests consider some difficult, but critical, questions. In recent years, big changes have taken place across society as a whole, but is the oil and gas industry anywhere near a level playing field in terms of diversity? People know it's important to make others feel welcome and included but is that the responsibility of individuals themselves or is it something for companies to take control of? And what can the sector do to improve D&I activity, particularly during this period of crisis and uncertainty?

    The podcast acknowledges that the combined impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and low commodity prices is putting pressure on the industry and creating some very difficult trading conditions for businesses. In the immediate term, protecting staff and businesses is the industry's main priority, but as the podcast and report explain, inclusion can be one of the enabling behaviours that can support individuals and organisations in navigating the future, engaging staff, and fostering innovation, particularly as the industry works towards the UK's net zero ambitions.

    Hosted by Chrissie Innes, Communications Manager at the OGA, the episode centres around the opinions of two highly experienced diversity and inclusion consultants:

    - Claire Harvey - Founder at Anatta Ltd
    - Chris Gibbons - Director at Inside Inclusion

    The episode also features the authentic voices of individuals working in the oil and gas industry, highlighting their passion and pride for the topic, and giving invaluable suggestions about how both companies and individuals can go further:

    - Myrtle Dawes - Solution Centre Director at OGTC
    - Craig Shanaghey - President Operations Services Europe & Africa at Wood
    - Mez Riezia - Business Advisor at Oil and Gas UK
    - Susan Grayson - Director, Resourcing, Talent, D&I and L&D at Spirit Energy
    - Dr Ollie Folayan - Chairman, AFBE-UK Scotland

    Working within social distancing measures, this episode called for a new level of creativity and technological patience, with the entire recording being carried out remotely from each guest's own home.

    • 50 min
    Surviving and thriving: what's next for the UK's oil and gas supply chain companies?

    Surviving and thriving: what's next for the UK's oil and gas supply chain companies?

    This episode invites industry experts to discuss real-life experiences and observations from working with UK oil and gas supply chain companies. What is the mood like following the lows of the recent downturn? What strengths do these companies have, both domestically and globally? And what opportunities and challenges come to mind when thinking about energy transition and digitisation? We hear about how the landscape has changed in recent years, the vital role technology has - and will continue to play - in this industry, and what needs to be done to help companies navigate the path towards net zero.

    • 41 min
    The Oil and Gas Authority Podcast: The Energy Transition

    The Oil and Gas Authority Podcast: The Energy Transition

    Climate change targets have led to significant changes in the energy mix with the energy transition rapidly gaining pace. However, UK oil and gas production projections remain below what the UK will consume, therefore cleanly maximising the value from indigenous hydrocarbons will help deliver the UK's future energy needs.
    As such, MER UK can continue to play an important role as we move towards a 'net-zero' economy. It can also help realise the significant global opportunities for our world-class supply chain to diversify into other energy markets.
    So how can the oil and gas industry achieve maximise economic recovery from the basin while supporting the transition to a lower carbon future?
    In the latest OGA podcast 'The Energy Transition', the Oil and Gas Authority's (OGA) Chief Executive Andy Samuel debates this important issue with leading industry figures:
    - Hedda Felin, Managing Director UK at Equinor
    - Sinead Lynch, UK Country Chair at Shell
    - Charlotte Hartley, Regulatory Pilot at Pale-Blu
    - Harry Thorne, Lead Business Advisor at Oil & Gas UK
    - Jonathan Dredge, Policy Advisor at OGA
    This episode delves into how industry is balancing the demand for oil and gas with strategies to deliver ambitious emissions targets. The guests discuss the changing energy supply but also how the public's attitudes to consumption is also changing. We also hear about the steps industry is making to diversify and integrate offshore power generation. This includes: platform electrification; carbon capture and storage; gas to wire; enhanced oil recovery; hydrogen projects; and the role of the OGA in supporting this.
    Dr Andy Samuel, Chief Executive of the Oil and Gas Authority said: "The OGA fully supports the transition to a net zero economy. Industry has great skills and technologies and will be part of the solution to climate change. To retain their social licence to operate they must also be part of the conversation and actively engage with the public. I was pleased to chair this podcast discussion with a great panel of guests.”
    The OGA is inviting feedback on this series of podcasts, including any ideas for future episodes. If you would like to become a guest, please let us know.

    • 42 min
    The Oil and Gas Authority Podcast: "Revitalising Exploration in the UKCS"

    The Oil and Gas Authority Podcast: "Revitalising Exploration in the UKCS"

    The Oil and Gas Authority's Chief Executive Andy Samuel and Nick Richardson, Head of Exploration & New Ventures, get the lowdown on the UKCS exploration scene with three industry leaders:
    - Jenny Morris, Head of Exploration UK & Ireland at Equinor
    - Mohamed-Amine Soudani, Exploration Manager at Total
    - Eliza Larrett, General Manager, UK Exploration at CNOOC International
    The episode delves into the leaders' thoughts on whether the UKCS is witnessing a turning point - a revival in exploration. We hear the inside story on the recent significant discoveries, Total's Glendronach, Equinor's Verbier and CNOOC's Glengorm discoveries, which were welcome news, following a period of some of lowest levels of activity since the 1960s.
    Nick Richardson, Head of Exploration & New Ventures at the OGA said: "It's a very positive time for exploration, especially in the frontier West of Shetland region which is now a key area for growth. The OGA estimates there is 4 billion boe yet to be discovered from existing mapped prospects, with an additional 11 billion boe possible from new plays in the UKCS. Finding costs have gone from $9 to $1 per barrel, adding a further incentive to explore. The extensive opportunity-set, and improved industry performance, underlines the considerable potential of the UKCS with there being every chance of more significant finds.”
    Since the OGA was established, it has placed a strong focus on exploration; the 'lifeblood' of the basin. This includes: commissioning new government-funded seismic surveys to acquire new geophysical data; overhauling the licensing regime to make it more flexible with lower entry barriers; establishing annual licensing rounds focusing alternately on mature and frontier areas; and making high quality seismic, digital well logs, geological mapping, reports and lessons-learned information openly available to all. The OGA recently launched the new National Data Repository, which has for the first-time opened-up the UKCS's released subsurface data to the public.
    The OGA is inviting feedback on this series of podcasts, including any ideas for future episodes. If you would like to become a guest, please let us know.

    • 27 min

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