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Join me, Adam Gow, as I interview guests who once were DJs, looking at how they got into it, how they grew, and how it plays a part in their lives now they're a bit older and might have other responsibilities...

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Join me, Adam Gow, as I interview guests who once were DJs, looking at how they got into it, how they grew, and how it plays a part in their lives now they're a bit older and might have other responsibilities...

A https://remote-ctrl.co.uk podcast

    Songs of Innocence - House Shoes on community, sacrifice and authenticity

    Songs of Innocence - House Shoes on community, sacrifice and authenticity

    In this conversation, House Shoes, a DJ and record label owner, discusses his journey in the music industry and the hip-hop scene in Detroit. He talks about setting goals and starting a podcast to reconnect with the culture. House Shoes shares his experiences growing up in Detroit and the influence of music in his life. He highlights the competitive nature of the hip-hop community and the importance of innocence in creativity. He also discusses the impact of Proof and the Detroit hip-hop community. The conversation concludes with House Shoes reflecting on the need to leave Detroit and start fresh in Los Angeles. In this part of the conversation, Shoes discusses feeling exhausted and overwhelmed in his career and the desire to help others. He talks about struggling to help himself and the challenges of putting others first. Shoes also shares his frustration with finding a manager and the difficulty of letting go. He discusses the lack of emotional and financial reward in his work and the search for originality in music. The impact of social media on judgment and the performative nature of grief are also explored. Shoes reflects on the challenges of stardom and mental health and the importance of empathy. He discusses the shift in community and social interaction and the sacrifices of staying true to oneself. The transition from Detroit to LA and the start of his record label are also discussed. Shoes shares his experiences with social anxiety and the importance of integrity and sacrifice. Finally, he talks about navigating the music scene in LA and the ownership and confidence of DJing. In this conversation, Shoes discusses the challenges of building a community around sobriety and finding like-minded individuals. He reflects on the nostalgia for the past and the belief that things were better in previous generations. Shoes shares his journey of starting Street Corner Music and the pride he feels for his accomplishments. He also talks about the financial realities of running a record label and the joy of holding a James Brown record with his name on it. Shoes discusses his transition to Twitch streaming and the challenges of making a living from it. He emphasizes the importance of kindness and transparency in building a supportive community. Finally, Shoes reflects on the decision to step back from beat battles and prioritize personal well-being.
    Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed can lead to a desire to help others, often at the expense of oneself.Putting others first can be rewarding but may result in a lack of emotional and financial reward.The search for originality in music can be challenging in a world where many artists imitate popular trends.Social media can be performative, and it's important to be mindful of the authenticity of online interactions.The impact of changing entertainment and technology on childhood can lead to a loss of community and social interaction.Staying true to oneself often requires sacrifice and can be challenging in a world that values conformity.Transitioning to a new city can present both opportunities and challenges in the music industry.Living with social anxiety can affect one's ability to navigate social situations, even in a career that involves public performance.Integrity and sacrifice are important values to maintain in the pursuit of one's passion.Navigating the music scene requires confidence, ownership, and a willingness to adapt to new environments. Building a community around sobriety can be challenging, but finding like-minded individuals is essential for support and growth.Nostalgia for the past is common, and it's important to acknowledge that things were different in previous generations.Running a record label involves both creative and grunt work, and it's important to find a balance between the two.Twitch streaming can...

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    Flava In Ya Ear with DJ Nu-Mark

    Flava In Ya Ear with DJ Nu-Mark

    ORDER NU-MARK'S NEW "AMU-NU" COOKBOOK: https://djnu-mark.shop/products/amu-nu-cookbook
    DJ Nu-Mark on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djnumark
    DJ Nu-Mark on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djnumark/
    DJ Nu-Mark Linktree: https://linktr.ee/djnumark
    DJ Nu-Mark discusses his background, the influence of his mother, and the healing power of music. He shares his experiences growing up in Iran and the United States, as well as his love for Brazilian music. DJ Nu-Mark also talks about his early DJing days and the vibrant house parties he organized. The chapters cover themes of togetherness, cultural identity, and the impact of music on personal growth and healing. This part of the conversation covers DJ Nu-Mark's early DJing days, the importance of constant learning in music, the influence of community and togetherness, the significance of being in a crew, the role of confidence and comparison in performance, the formation of Jurassic 5, the decision to pursue independent releases, the contrast between confidence in abilities and confidence in the group, the success of 'Concrete Schoolyard', recognition in Europe before the US, and the importance of retaining publishing rights. In this conversation, DJ Nu-Mark discusses his surprising streaming success, his experiences digging for records in Europe, his influences from the East Coast, and the challenges of recording on an eight-track. He also talks about the importance of building a solo career and the decision to cut off outside production. He shares the journey of writing his book and the multi-purpose nature of the book. Finally, he reflects on his influence on DJing and production and the creation of Lesson Six.
    00:00 Introduction and Technical Difficulties
    01:23 The Theme of Togetherness
    03:16 The Scenic Route and Taking the Wrong Path
    04:20 Persia and Iran
    05:50 DJ Nu-Mark's Mother and Iranian Culture
    08:06 DJ Nu-Mark's Mother's Independence
    09:04 DJ Nu-Mark's Organized Record Collection
    12:47 Dealing with Traumatic Experiences
    15:06 The Healing Power of Music
    17:45 DJ Nu-Mark's Drumming Background
    18:18 House Parties and DJing
    22:03 Charging at House Parties
    24:18 Policing House Parties and Bunrush Productions
    25:56 Early DJing Days
    26:27 Constant Learning in Music
    27:21 Influence of Community and Togetherness
    28:13 The Importance of Being in a Crew
    29:01 Confidence and Comparison
    30:02 Collaborating with Other DJs
    32:11 The Importance of Confidence in Performance
    34:56 The Impact of Confidence on Stage Presence
    36:09 The Formation of Jurassic 5
    37:24 The Name Jurassic 5
    38:48 The Decision to Pursue Independent Releases
    40:10 Contrasting Confidence in Abilities and Confidence in the Group
    44:22 The Success of 'Concrete Schoolyard'
    47:02 Recognition in Europe before the US
    48:35 Retaining Publishing Rights
    49:33 Surprising Streaming Success
    50:33 Digging in Europe
    51:34 Influences from the East Coast
    52:35 West Coast Influences
    53:53 Recording on an Eight Track
    54:41 Challenges in the Music Business
    56:00 Working with Scott Storch
    58:56 Finding Direction After J5
    01:00:34 Building a Solo Career
    01:03:12 Cutting Off Outside Production
    01:04:49 The Journey to Writing a Book
    01:07:53 The Multi-Purpose Book
    01:11:41 Influence on DJing and Production
    01:12:40 The Creation of Lesson Six

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    Pubs, Publishing and Public Enemy with Andrew Emery

    Pubs, Publishing and Public Enemy with Andrew Emery

    New Book "Write Lines" out now: https://velocitypress.uk/product/write-lines-book/
    This week we sit with Andrew Emery to discuss his experiences as a journalist for Hip Hop Connection, founding Fat Lace magazine, and loads more from his past as an aspiring rapper (he's also done bits of DJing so we aren't cheating), and much more.
    This book covers his time in publishing, and is his second memoir after "Wiggaz With Attitude: My Life As a Failed White Rapper" ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wiggaz-Attitude-Failed-White-Rapper/dp/1999760700 ). Both books are highly enjoyable and a fun look at different phases of life told through a lens of hip hop.
    In this conversation, Andrew Emery discusses his passion for music and his career journey from being a rapper to a journalist. He shares his early experiences with hip hop in Nottingham and Leeds, including the vibrant hip hop scene in Nottingham and the influence of Rock City tapes and Arcade Records. Andrew also talks about his transition to writing and his work at Paul Raymond. The conversation concludes with a discussion about his early recognition of Eminem's talent. In this conversation, Adam Gow discusses various topics related to hip-hop, including the disappointment of artists who didn't live up to expectations, the short-lived hype around Dr. Dre's album 'Compton', and the changing landscape of music consumption. He also talks about the influence of regional hip-hop scenes, the mixed reception of shiny suit rap, and the fun and freedom of working on 'Fat Lace' magazine. Adam shares his experiences and challenges in writing and publishing books, as well as his thoughts on the ethics and boundaries of writing about controversial topics. He also mentions his journey of self-publishing 'Wiggers' and the potential TV show based on the book. Lastly, he reveals his ideal dinner guests: Chuck D, Charles Dickens, and Woody Allen.
    Andrew Emery's passion for music has shaped his career journey, from being a rapper to a journalist.The hip hop scene in Nottingham and Leeds played a significant role in Andrew's early experiences and love for the genre.Andrew's transition to writing allowed him to explore his passion for music in a different way and make a mark in hip hop journalism.His work at Paul Raymond provided unique insights into the world of adult publishing and the evolution of lads' magazines. Artists often face high expectations and may not live up to the initial hype surrounding their talent.The reception of an album can be short-lived, with initial excitement fading quickly.The way people consume music has changed significantly, with streaming platforms offering a vast array of options.Regional hip-hop scenes have had a significant impact on the genre, with different styles and sounds emerging from various locations.The shiny suit era of rap had a mixed reception, with some appreciating the more commercial sound and others criticizing it.Working on 'Fat Lace' magazine provided a fun and creative outlet for Adam and his colleagues, allowing them to celebrate hip-hop culture and poke fun at its more serious aspects.Writing and publishing books can be challenging, with the need to navigate the industry and find the right audience.There are ethical considerations when writing about controversial topics, and it's important to approach them with sensitivity and respect.Self-publishing can be a rewarding experience, allowing authors to have creative control and reach a niche audience.The potential TV show based on 'Wiggers' could have been a compelling exploration of hip-hop culture and personal journeys.Adam's ideal dinner guests would be Chuck D, Charles Dickens, and Woody Allen, representing different eras and...

    • 1 hr 2 min
    The Beats Of Bodmin Moor - Barry Beats on the finer points of making music

    The Beats Of Bodmin Moor - Barry Beats on the finer points of making music

    Barry Beats Instagram (via Si Spex): https://www.instagram.com/sispex/
    Barry Beats Bandcamp (via Si Spex): https://barrybeatsakasispex.bandcamp.com/
    Barry Beats YouTube (Via Si Spex): https://www.youtube.com/@Sispex
    Once A DJ links: https://linktree.com/onceadj
    In this conversation, Barry Beats discusses his journey into beat making, his experience creating a live cut and paste mix, and his latest project, the Ultimate Fakes compilations. He emphasizes the importance of finding your own sound and enjoying the process of music making. Barry also shares advice for DJs who want to start making their own beats and discusses his YouTube channel and upcoming Patreon plans.
    Find your own sound and enjoy the process of music making.Experiment with different techniques and technologies to create unique beats.Take inspiration from your favorite producers and study their processes.Consider limitations as a creative tool and embrace the power of simplicity.Support independent artists and explore sample packs and compilations.Join online communities and platforms like YouTube and Patreon to connect with fellow musicians and share your work.
    00:00 Introduction and Background
    02:50 Getting Started in Beat Making
    09:06 Creating a Live Cut and Paste Mix
    15:06 Planning and Recording the Mix
    24:52 Ultimate Fakes Compilations
    31:51 Advice for DJs Starting to Make Beats
    39:16 Barry Beats' YouTube Channel and Patreon
    44:07 Conclusion

    • 48 min
    Once Upon A Time In Cornwall with Si Spex

    Once Upon A Time In Cornwall with Si Spex

    This week we get into it with Si Spex of UKHH pioneers The Creators, about growing up in Cornwall and getting into hip hop, early DJing experiences, college and university, meeting Julian and Johnny F, and exposure to library music. Si Spex discusses his journey in music production and DJing, including his time with High Wicking, equipment acquisition, DJing in High Wycombe and London, working with MCM and The Rats, signing with Blindside Records and releasing the Master Plan EP, signing with Wall of Sound and collaborating with American artists, and the mix with Plus One and DJing. In this conversation, Si Spex discusses his transition to the internet age, selling records in America, his day job and DJing, adapting to commercial DJing, enjoyment and feedback in DJing, balancing DJing and a day job, working at a music distribution company, recreating the sound of old records, motivation and belief in his musical potential, advancements in music technology, and investing time and efficiency.
    Growing up in Cornwall presented challenges in getting into hip hop, but the passion remained strong.
    Early DJing experiences helped shape the DJ's skills and confidence.
    College and university provided opportunities to study graphic design and illustration.
    Meeting Julian and Johnny F led to a deep friendship and shared love for music.
    Exposure to library music opened up new possibilities for sampling and production. Si Spex started his music production journey with High Wicking and acquired equipment such as samplers and sequencers.
    He DJed in High Wycombe and London, including at The Attic, and formed connections with local music people.
    Si Spex and Julian formed The Rats and released a few 12-inch records.
    They signed with Blindside Records and released the Master Plan EP, which received positive reception.
    Si Spex and Julian signed with Wall of Sound and collaborated with American artists, expanding their reach.
    Si Spex continued DJing during this time, playing at various venues and events. The internet revolutionized the music industry, making it easier to communicate and sell records.
    Si Spex transitioned from selling records in America to working a day job and DJing.
    He adapted to commercial DJing and focused on playing music that pleased the crowd.
    Si Spex enjoys DJing and values feedback from the audience.
    He balances his DJing career with his day job at a music distribution company.
    Si Spex is passionate about recreating the sound of old records and using advancements in music technology.
    He stays motivated by believing in his musical potential and investing his time efficiently.

    Growing Up in Cornwall and Getting into Hip Hop
    Early DJing Experiences
    College and University
    Meeting Julian and Johnny F
    Exposure to Library Music
    Formation of High Wicking and Equipment Acquisition
    DJing in High Wycombe and London
    Working with MCM and The Rats
    Signing with Blindside Records and Releasing the Master Plan EP
    Signing with Wall of Sound and Collaborating with American Artists
    The Mix with Plus One and DJing
    Transition to the Internet Age
    Selling Records in America
    Transition to Day Job and DJing
    Adapting to Commercial DJing
    Enjoyment and Feedback in DJing
    Balancing DJing and Day Job
    Working at a Music Distribution Company
    Recreating the Sound of Old Records
    Motivation and Belief in Musical Potential
    Advancements in Music Technology
    Investing Time and Efficiency

    • 1 hr 35 min
    People Make The World Go Round with DJ Swerve

    People Make The World Go Round with DJ Swerve

    This week we sit with Kiss FM hip hop/R&B legend DJ & remixer (and now  @lovethingldn  podcaster) Swerve to look at both the many opportunities that his DJ career has brought him, and the people who have helped and supported him along the way.
    In this episode of the Once A DJ Podcast, DJ Swerve shares his journey in the DJing world. He talks about his early interest in DJing and scratching, starting with pause tapes and eventually getting his first mixer. He discusses his love for hip hop and the influence of artists like Public Enemy. DJ Swerve also shares his experiences gigging out, joining VIP Sound and the Starlight Crew, and participating in the DMC competition. He talks about his transition to full-time DJing, joining Kiss FM, and touring with the Pure Hip Hop albums. Adam Gow discusses his music collections, recording hip hop compilations, the politics of compilation albums, funny road trip stories, touring with Mystique, and transitioning from radio to Love Thing London. He also shares his thoughts on the future of radio and DJing.

    - Compilation albums involve a lot of politics and negotiations with record labels.
    - Touring with artists can lead to memorable experiences and encounters with other musicians.
    - Transitioning from radio to other ventures can provide new opportunities for growth and creativity.
    - The future of radio lies in creating unique and engaging content that offers a sense of community and connection.

    00:00 Introduction to Once A DJ Podcast
    02:15 Early Interest in DJing and Scratching
    04:43 Pause Tapes and First Mixer
    08:31 Getting Second Turntable and Mixer
    09:30 Introduction to Hip Hop and DJing for Friends
    11:31 Influence of Public Enemy and Hip Hop Culture
    13:25 Making Mixtapes and DJing for Parties
    15:22 Gigging Out and DJing for Bucks
    18:59 Getting Turntables and Joining VIP Sound
    20:49 DJing at Soul Nights and Joining Starlight Crew
    22:11 Participating in DMC Competition
    25:00 Experience in DMC and Influential DJs
    28:47 DJing for Soul Nights and Joining Kiss FM
    31:39 Transitioning to Full-Time DJing
    38:50 DJing on Kiss FM and Life-Changing Opportunity
    45:57 Transitioning from Day Job to Full-Time DJing
    49:22 Touring with Kiss and Pure Hip Hop Albums
    51:18 Adam Gow's Music Collections
    52:31 Recording the Hip Hop Compilation
    53:27 The Politics of Compilation Albums
    54:54 Working with Warner's and Shorty
    55:23 Choosing Songs for Compilations
    56:20 Road Trips and Funny Stories
    57:49 Secret Party Spots
    58:10 Glasgow Gig and DJ Swerve
    59:18 Passport Troubles and Taiwan Gig
    01:00:44 Touring with Mystique
    01:01:38 Working with Live Bands
    01:03:06 Music Directors and Live Bands
    01:04:05 Memorable Gigs and Tours
    01:06:40 Transitioning from Radio to Love Thing London
    01:10:57 Transitioning from Kiss to Love Thing London
    01:11:26 The Future of Radio and DJing

    • 1 hr 44 min

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