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OneSpaceLove Podcast for the love of music, lifestyle, and wellbeing while caring for our planet. On this podcast, I chat with musicians, artists, and creative minds that are living on purpose while doing what they love. "For the Love of it..!"

OneSpaceLove Stephanie Papas

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OneSpaceLove Podcast for the love of music, lifestyle, and wellbeing while caring for our planet. On this podcast, I chat with musicians, artists, and creative minds that are living on purpose while doing what they love. "For the Love of it..!"

    Joss Jaffe_I am worthy

    Joss Jaffe_I am worthy

    OneSpaceLove for the love it of.. Steph Papas shares conversation with Joss Jaffe "I am worthy" 
    Joss Jaffe’s music is rooted in his desire to unite people through spirit, love, joy, community and consciousness. Joss creates innovative songs that bring international artists from different cultures and languages into a nexus where new music is discovered. His music invites the audience into a space of spontaneous joy.

    Joss’ earliest memories include mantra chanting, listening to 60’s-70’s era vinyl records, and experiencing the sounds of the world through travel. By age 9 he could play guitar and began writing and producing his own songs. Drawn in by the music of India, at 16 he studied tabla, sarode, and vocal music from Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. His studies with them continued for the next 10 years.

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    Alana Fairchild_Creative Intuition

    Alana Fairchild_Creative Intuition

    OneSpaceLove Podcast for the love of culture, well-being and Lifestyle - Guest Alana Fairchild_creative Intuition  

    Alana Fairchild is the Australian creative visionary, spiritual teacher and beloved author. Her diverse and original body of work includes over 55 published titles from books and oracle cards, to meditations and music.  Alana hosts a divinely diverse Community of the Sacred, and teaches unique healing modalities online including how to practice divine feminine energy work in The Kuan Yin Transmission and the sacred art of lightwork with enlightened beings in Saraswati Healing.

    Find out more at www.alanafairchild.com

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    BEÁTA ALFÖLD_Freedom, Grief, and Love

    BEÁTA ALFÖLD_Freedom, Grief, and Love

    OneSpaceLove for the love of culture, well-being & lifestyle guest BEÁTA ALFÖLDI 

    Beáta is an international retreat leader, medicine woman, workshop facilitator, author, shamanic practitioner, ceremonial leader, seer, and keynote speaker with a gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation.

    Beáta began working with sacred plant medicines in the Amazon and Andes of Peru in 2007. She has also studied with various teachers and curanderos (healers) worldwide, and it was at this time, that her passion for shamanic, earth-centred practices and plant medicines, was ignited.

    Beáta was invited to contribute a chapter to the book Shamanism for the New Millennium, which became an Amazon #1 Bestseller, and is featured in the documentary film – ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ which is due for release in 2023.

    She facilitates workshops, ceremonies and retreats globally, and is a sought-after teacher and keynote speaker.

    Beáta currently lives in Mexico and travels for work 3 months of the year to Europe.

    She is a full member of the International Energetic Healing Association and is passionate about inspiring individuals to find the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, empowered and radiantly alive!


    Link to online Intuitive Mentoring Session: https://www.beataalfoldi.com/work-with-me/intuitive-mentoring-sessions/

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    Stay in your own lane_Michael Muir

    Stay in your own lane_Michael Muir

    Steph Papas talks to Michael Muir on OneSpaceLove. Michael is a transformational healer, teacher, somatic psychotherapist, astral shaman, and Light Language channel for the Galactic Federation of Light. Michael works directly with this collective of energies to provide clients with DNA codes and keys for their personal Light-body activation. Targeting the body at a cellular level to bring the grounded embodiment of the higher realms into the NOW moment.



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    Ben Catley - Rhythm & Wim Hof

    Ben Catley - Rhythm & Wim Hof

    Ben Catley's mesmerising guitar playing, huge vocals and uplifting stage presence have seen his live shows become renowned for their energy and craft.
    Performing at festivals and shows all around Australia, New Zealand, UK and across the world, Ben weaves effortlessly between wild and beautiful moments with the biggest look of joy on his face.
    With sold out WA shows recently and with regular releases (including tracks featuring the legendary Wim Hof), Ben has created an exciting and uplifting sound, with a live show that captivates audiences like few other solo acts.

    "Vibrant and big energy roots. It’s pure and feeling-centric.” Xpress Mag
    "It's clear that Ben Catley has something special here." Pilerats

    Learn more visit www.onespace.love

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    Atman_Bridge West to East

    Atman_Bridge West to East

    Atman is a World Fusion Music whose music aims to bridge West to East, while he aims to connect the physical world with spiritual world through his music. Atman was born and grew up in Balkan part of Turkey where he got the main influence for his music. He fell in love with Darbuka after he met his master Misirli Ahmet. He went to the Sinai Desert in Egypt with his master to explore depth of rhythm. After this journey, he had a turning point in his music journey. Being influenced by Indian, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Latin Music makes Atman’s music pretty unique. He plays diverse instruments such as Darbuka, Didgeridoo, Bass Guitar, Frame Drums, Drum-kit and Synth. He loves to connect Indian Rhythms with Middle Eastern Scales, and yet make the music dancy. Being a world traveler helped him to broaden his mind and enrich his musical ear. He made his first album No Mind at the end of 2020 which he produced by himself and played most of the instruments on the album (Percussion, Bass, Didgeridoo, Jaw Harp, Vocal).

    Atman shares his journey from travel to producing his own album during Melbourne Lockdown called “No Mind” and he designed a “How to play Percussion Course” Here is a clip to watch.

    You can see full interview on OneSpaceLove You Tube Channel, where Atman shares some music live with me.

    Learn More https://onespace.love/atman-bridge-west-to-east/

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