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Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast for High Achievers covering career, business and personal development

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Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast for High Achievers covering career, business and personal development

    PYG 160 - 5 Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand in the Next 30 Days

    PYG 160 - 5 Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand in the Next 30 Days

    The end of the year is the perfect time to manifest money quickly. Many people are thinking about how they want to make changes in their lives, or may be reflecting on what they didn't accomplish this year that they need to bring back into focus.
    This is where you come in.
    How can you position your skillset as the solution to someone's end of year problem? How can you make yourself top of mind for those who may be ready to work with you at the top of the year.
    In this episode, I share five specific ways you can monetize your personal brand fast. 
    Once you learn how to do this, you'll never be the same.
    If you’ve been eyeing one of my programs, and supporting yourself feels like working closely with me, I invite you to explore the two ways we can engage.
    I’m running the December PURPOSESCAPING Brand with Purpose Coaching Intensive starting December 6.
    Over those fertile four weeks leading up to the new year, I’ll be sharing elements of my new PURPOSESCAPING framework as well as coaching you to set your intentions for 2021 and map out a tactical/spiritual/malleable plan for your platform, visibility, and revenue. Click here to apply for the December coaching intensive.​
    Here's the thing: getting clear on your intention works.
    Writing your goals down works.
    Sharing your goals in community with others who can hold space for you works.
    Because the domino effect we set off at the end of 2019 during our last December intensive...🤯🤯🤯
    Secondly, I’m wrapping up enrollment conversations for our Package Your Genius Academy Visibility Mastermind.
    Behind the scenes this year, our students and clients have achieved some extraordinary wins:
    • Ash unlocked her business potential, got unblocked and exceeded her 6-figure corporate advertising salary. And she did this by selling spiritual coaching services she was unsure she could sell at premium prices just one year ago. She now has a waitlist. 
    • Tiffany hosted her first sold-out virtual event and launched her first membership program. 
    • Allissa leveraged her journalism and storytelling skills to write a book on the history of mobile journalism. She landed a mainstream publishing deal and released her book to critical acclaim. 
    • Tamika sold over $100k in sponsorships for her first virtual event during the pandemic. 
    • Amber landed a mainstream book deal, 10xed her corporate client list, grew her team, and blew past her ambitious revenue goal for the year. 
    • Tisa buckled down and wrote the first book in a 3-book series on personal finance, and has since landed a grant that has allowed her to GIVE BACK and get the book in the hands of hundreds of first-generation college students. 
    While the mastermind kicks off in January, those who enroll now can join the December PURPOSESCAPING intention setting planning intensive at no additional cost. Click here to apply for the mastermind.

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    PYG 159 - Write it down (REWIND)

    PYG 159 - Write it down (REWIND)

    Another rewind episode finds us here. This one is a bit personal, I've noticed a pattern with myself lately. I've been getting these confirmations about the things I'm doing that correspond to practices and worlds I'm not well-versed in. I heard the same message from two different people in as many days so I thought - hmm - maybe that's a podcast!
    The message was - we are often affected by forces we're not even aware of.
    It all goes back to clarifying what you want and putting that out there while remaining unattached to how you'll get there. That's why I chose today's episode as a fitting rewind as we move into the end of year planning or visioning season.
    So many curveballs this year. And next year will likely be interesting, too. But one thing is for certain, we still need to get clear on what we want if we expect it to find its way to us. And honestly how often do you allow yourself to really immerse yourself in your big dream?
    I'd like to invite you to immerse yourself in your intention for next year. If you need to get focused on what you want for your personal brand and business - join me over 4 weeks in December for the Purposescaping Brand With Purpose Intensive. We'll be getting clear on what we want to see show up in our lives but divorcing ourselves from the GPS.
    Remember - the vision and roadmap rarely pop up at the same time. But what I'm learning more and more - and I'm by no means an expert in intention-setting - is the more you can embody what it is that you want from the inside out, the more inevitable will be its return to you.
    So that's what December is about - embodying what we want for our personal brands - what do we want to create, what do we want to promote, what do we want to earn in the next year. Seeing it is the first step to claiming it, and once we claim it, it's ours. Enjoy this rewind.
    Apply for the Brand with Purpose Intensive - Apply Now

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    PYG 158 - From seeking to SOUGHT AFTER - How to become KNOWN (Rewind)

    PYG 158 - From seeking to SOUGHT AFTER - How to become KNOWN (Rewind)

    I’ve never done a rewind episode, before but I was reminded by how many episodes I’ve recorded (157 and counting, yay!) AND how everyone listening hasn’t necessarily been here since the beginning. And even for those of you who HAVE been here since the beginning, some episodes bear repeating, so here we are.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about the intentions we set and how even when we make plans, our intentions tend to make the real difference because we never know exactly how we’ll reach our biggest goals.
    If one of your intentions for the next season of your career and business is to become known in your industry so you can become sought after instead of always seeking, you need to listen to Becoming Known, a master class I taught last fall.
    In it, I break down the 9 elements to becoming known in your industry so you can grow your audience, command higher fees, and reach your goals faster. Visibility is not the end goal, but it is definitely an accelerant if you want to reach your goals faster. Think about it - it’s really hard to become sought after if no one knows who you are and what you do.
    If you’re seriously ready to become sought after in your next season, I invite you to apply for PYG Academy’s winter cohort. If you’re accepted and join before December, you’ll get to join our December intention setting and brand planning intensive at no additional cost!
    If you're looking to go from seeking to sought after, I invite you to apply to Package Your Genius Academy.  Apply Here >> Application
    If you're ready to move from doing the work you CAN do to the work you were BORN to do without losing revenue or credibility, submit your application this week and we'll be in touch!
    Apply to Package Your Genius Academy >> Apply Here
    Apply to PURPOSESCAPING Brand with Purpose Intensive Only >> Apply Here

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    PYG 157 - Land a mainstream BOOK DEAL to explode your personal brand

    PYG 157 - Land a mainstream BOOK DEAL to explode your personal brand

    You can land a mainstream book deal during a pandemic without a huge following... 🤯🤯🤯
    After working together in our PYGA Agency program this spring and summer, our longtime client and academy alum Amber Cabral, a diversity consultant and Fortune 500 trainer, landed a mainstream book deal with Wiley Press. It all happened really fast - Amber wrote the book over the summer and it will be released on November 17 in just a few weeks.
    Since preorders are such a huge piece of helping books do well, we're excited to host an invitation-only master class for those who preorder the book this week. Amber will join Jeanenne Ray, acquisitions editor at Wiley Books in a conversation about mainstream publishing and what you can do to position yourself if landing a book deal as an expert is on your to-do list.
    ​We’ll be discussing how Amber caught the attention of a major publisher this year, what publishers are looking for RIGHT NOW, and how YOU can potentially land a book deal WITHOUT a huge social media following.
    ​If you are looking to explode your personal brand through a traditionally published book, this exclusive closed-door conversation is happening Thursday, November 5 at 2pm ET.​
    How can you join?
    To register, you simply need to preorder Allies and Advocates, provide proof that you preordered the book in the last week, and fill in this form by Wednesday. On Thursday morning we'll send you details to access the private Zoom training. 
    If you’ve already preordered, please grab ANOTHER copy to gift to a friend or colleague. We want to drive as many preorders as possible before the book is released on Nov. 17!
    If you’re looking to peek behind the curtains of how to land a book deal and learn how you can position YOURSELF for mainstream publishing, don’t miss this conversation!!!
    On another note, if you're interested in learning some of the same strategies we've shared with Amber over the years - the ones that have helped her become a recurring expert on Fast Company, land a mainstream publishing deal, and grow her business to multiple six figures from zero figures just to name a few, understand that she started out in our 12-week visibility academy. Amber shows up and does the work - she outgrinds everyone AND she's obedient in that she implements what we tell her to do, so her results speak to that. If you're looking for that kind of transformation, I invite you to apply to Package Your Genius Academy.  Apply Here >> Application
    This cohort will work a little differently from previous groups.
    First, I'll be infusing much of my new PURPOSESCAPING philosophy into the curriculum, so we're covering some brand new stuff!
    Second, I'm committed to a six-month journey instead of three.
    More time together means more opportunities to go deep with my team and I, more chances to implement, more chances to get feedback on your brand-building assignments, and more time for the lessons to crystallize.
    I've noticed that when I bring dynamic groups together to embark on a journey like this, we're unstoppable.
    If you're ready to move from doing the work you CAN do to the work you were BORN to do without losing revenue or credibility, submit your application this week and we'll be in touch!
    That's all for now - I hope to see you in our session with the acquisitions editor at Wiley. If you're a subject matter expert, I believe there has never been a better time to put your ideas out there. It's our time. Let's go!
    Links from this episode:
    Apply to Package Your Genius Academy >> Apply Here
    Preorder Allies and Advocates >> Preorder Here
    Sign up for the Conversation with Wiley Press >> Register Here

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    PYG 156 - Where Package Your Genius is Going...

    PYG 156 - Where Package Your Genius is Going...

    A little update about where the Package Your Genius podcast is going...
    I haven't sat down to record an episode of Package Your Genius in eight months and for that, I need to be straight up with you and offer my sincerest apologies.
    When the year started, I was in a season of searching that took me a little longer than it usually takes at the beginning of a new year. I knew I was on the cusp of a season of personal and business change - I can't tell you how I knew it, but I did know it. And for that reason, I believe my spirit was stuck in quicksand.
    I kept trying to put my own plan together for 2020, but every time I'd try, I'd get nowhere. It was like God was saying - "Girl, no need for a plan right now. Stay flexible. Things are about to get weird..."
    Then the pandemic hit, and the year began to unravel quickly. I had just launched a high-end group program for established personal brands - AGENCY - and as we onboarded new members, news of the pandemic spread. Two weeks into the new program, my kids' school shut down and transitioned to virtual classes. My husband's corporate job also went virtual so everyone was working from home. Four weeks into the new program, several of my clients reported lost revenue due to pandemic-related cancellations.
    I was devastated, terrified, unnerved - you name it. I immediately went into my default recession mental programming. If you know my story, you know that when the Great Recession of 2007-2008 hit, I was laid off from my newspaper staff writer position with a newborn baby and my husband would soon lose his job as well. While I hunkered down and started the first iteration of my PR business, I remember feeling stressed and scared the entire time. In those early months, there was a lot of hitting and a lot of missing - and with a newborn baby, there was so much pressure to succeed for survival's sake.
    Fast forward to this past spring, and my default story around uncertain economic times started to play in my head. I mean, it was visceral. I could literally feel the panic of 2007-2008 just as if I were once again a first-time twenty-something mother who had just lost her job. Like many parents, I wondered if my kids would mentally be okay spending so much time indoors and if any of us would catch the virus and get sick. I grieved not getting to visit my grandmother on her 90th birthday which coincided with the kids' spring break. More in line with my conditioning though, as I watched news of rising unemployment numbers in the USA, I worried if I would be okay if my clients' businesses would be okay and if I should brace for a season of drought and struggle.
    But this time, I was far removed from that 2007 2008 version of myself as a business owner who's weathered her fair share of storms and built something profitable and sustainable - something I am proud of. But that didn't keep me from feeling the physical manifestation of anxiety, and replaying my recession story both mentally and physically.
    My fear froze me.
    I held off on launching the programs I'd had on my calendar for 2020. I took my focus off of myself and dove into supporting my children as they navigated classes on RingCentral and Zoom. I gave all my energy to my new program clients which paid off handsomely when I witnessed them clawing back to rebuild their 2020 revenues, outline and publish their books, raise six-figure sponsorships, host sold-out virtual events, and land a traditional book deal. I plan to record either a special podcast episode or virtual training on the specific lessons I learned about building your profits via your personal brand even during a pandemic.
    But anyway, a few of my new agency clients ended up leaving the program early due to their own situations regarding COVID - one, in particular, was a hospital executive who was essentially living at the hospital and putting herself at risk every

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    PYG 155: Who's keeping you from seeing yourself clearly?

    PYG 155: Who's keeping you from seeing yourself clearly?

    As a personal branding coach to high achievers, I have a special insight into the inner lives of many of my clients. And one unfortunate thing many of them have in common? 
    They don't see themselves clearly.
    Their possibility and their potential for GREATNESS is often obscured by a lack of self-awareness.
    So they downplay their gifts, sell themselves short, and end up overlooked for the very opportunities they seek.
    Since the company we keep is important, and we base so much of our self-knowledge on what the world is mirroring back, it must have something to do with the people around us, right?
    After talking to so many high achievers who don't know one another, I've spotted four sources of this blurred vision.
    Here are four types of people who tend to obscure our ability to see our full potential:
    1.) the opportunist
    2.) the micromanager or toxic leader
    3.) the person who sees us as who we used be despite our evolution
    4.) the person who's unfamiliar with the territory we were born to roam
    Which one resonates with you? Drop me a note online - I'd love to hear from you!
    It's that time again. We're putting together the spring cohort of Package Your Genius Academy! If you know you don't see yourself clearly, but you're finally ready to see and step into your full potential, apply to join us. We're accepting applications for the cohort that starts March 10.

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