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Weird and wonderful mix of music from all over the world

PCP. A Music Podcast Raising money for a Sussex Children's Cancer Hospice Pete Cogle

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Weird and wonderful mix of music from all over the world

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4.9 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Ro_Cutler ,

A wonderful assortment

Like pebbles on a beach, this show plays some of the most fantastic music from around the world. Pete goes through the tunes with a fine tooth comb finding an excellent blend of styles ranging from Pop to Reggae, Punk to Jazz. The production is great and is well worth an hour of your listening time each week.

GilmourTwin ,

Globalisation, my foot.

I've reviewed this podcast before (honest), but that was on my computer in the US, as opposed to the one here in Blighty, and so the review only appears on the US iTunes site. Its not right that my countrymen should be deprived of my "bon mots" just beacuse of a geographical anomaly, so I shall type it all in again. It was to be called 'The Wizzo Chocolate Assortment of the Music World', but the most excellent frog dude has already covered that angle.

Pete Cogle has been described with uncanny accuracy (at least for this year) as a 16 year old musc freak trapped in a 45 year old's body.

Fuelled by a potentially explosive mixture of Adnam's bitter and Curry, Pete introduces an incredibly diverse range of music from Rock to Bangra, stopping off on the way for an occasional trip through New Psychedlelia, or Cornish Bagpipe dub (I & I, inna Camelford, Oh Arr!). All of this comes to you from a village in Sussex which was, its rumoured, one of the inspirations behind Royston Vasey.

His relaxed and friendly commentary along with cunningly placed mistakes and fumbles (which are so well done that they almost lull you into believing that he has lost his marbles as well as his barnet [he claims he's not balding, its an invisible Mullett]) are reminiscent of a much missed British radio Icon, and make you feel as if he's just chatting to his freinds. In this case, he is (even if he calls me Phat).

So, I'm biased - but these days, who isnt? Pour a glass of your favourite beverage, drag up an Onion Bhaji, relax, and do your ears a favour - have a listen. Like Royston Vasey, you'll never leave...

itsafrogslife ,

This podcast is like a deluxe box of chocolates...

...you never know what scrumptious chocolate variety yer gonna get next!
Sorry to mess up the quote from Forest Gump, but I couldn't think of a better one. I really love listening to this podcast because it has such a wide range of music from every genre under the sun. I don't always like every single song, but I really appreciate the way it challenges me to at least give different types of music a 'first listen'. Pete Cogle is obviously passionate about music, and about supporting the musicians and bands he plays. So if you're looking to widen your musical outlook then you can't go too far wrong with the PC Podcast.

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