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Reevoo founder and entrepreneur Richard Anson tracks down the marketers, businesspeople and characters he admires for a half-hour chat about how they got started, where they're going and what's happening in their industry.

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Reevoo founder and entrepreneur Richard Anson tracks down the marketers, businesspeople and characters he admires for a half-hour chat about how they got started, where they're going and what's happening in their industry.

    Matt Seaman, CEO, GoMedia

    Matt Seaman, CEO, GoMedia

    If you don’t know Matt Seaman, you’ve definitely seen something created by one of his companies.

    Matt is the CEO of GoMedia, who provides on-board entertainment for the rail industry. Before that, he was one of the founders of Freeview, which of course anyone in the UK would know.

    Matt has a strong background in building out TV platforms, and his story will be interesting for anyone starting or growing a business. What I found especially interesting was GoMedia’s initial phase, where Matt and his team were balancing building out the platform and striking partnerships with both train companies and content partners.

    We talked about:

    * Matt’s background in TV platforms;

    * How Matt spotted the opportunity for rail entertainment;

    * Dealing with content partners and studios;

    * Keeping content secure, especially in the early days;

    * How Matt and his team built trust with both content and train partners;

    * Meeting the quality demands of the consumer;

    * The need to continually innovate and provide new content;

    * The challenges of providing WiFi to large numbers of train travellers;

    * How GoMedia makes money;

    * Raising money to get the company off the ground;

    * The importance of good partners and a good team in a startup;

    * Bulding business in the UK vs. going international;

    * Making bets on the future of mobility;

    * Why huge companies like to work with SMEs;

    * Using data now and in the future;

    * How train companies can make the customer experience better through small steps;

    * And Matt’s vision for GoMedia in five years.

    People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 54

    Matt Seaman, CEO, GoMedia

    • 30 min
    Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures

    Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures

    On this show I’ve spoken to a few people whose remit is to innovate from within big established brands. Sebastian Peck is one such person – he’s the MD of InMotion Ventures, the innovation arm of Jaguar Land Rover.

    InMotion is split into two very distinct parts; a traditional incubator, where his team have free reign to be creative problem solvers; and an investment arm which operates much like a traditional VC on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover. It’s a fascinating operation and a huge opportunity for Sebastian, who’s been in the role a little over a year.

    We talked about:

    * The way our cities are built around cars, and how that’s starting to change;

    * InMotion Ventures’ two distinct parts;

    * What Sebastian sees as Jaguar Land Rover’s 3 pillars of innovation;

    * The challenges and benefits of being associated with such a huge brand;

    * How to keep the right amount of distance as an investor;

    * A particularly exciting InMotion investment and a top-secret original project;

    * Allowing for serendipity with investments and partnerships;

    * What’s holding back the concept car-sharing in western countries;

    * Is it less attractive to own a car for millennials? Or is it just more difficult?

    * The top things Sebastian looks for in a pitch;

    * Navigating the politics of a big company like JLR;

    * The impact of Tesla on the industry and public perception;

    * And some big bets for the future of mobility.

    People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 53

    Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures

    • 29 min
    Rob Weston, Global Brand & Marketing Director, M&S

    Rob Weston, Global Brand & Marketing Director, M&S

    My latest chat was with Rob Weston, global brand and marketing director at M&S. Rob and I spoke about all the things that keep his job exciting, from the changing customer in retail, to the power of data and AI.

    Rob’s role at M&S is broader than most in retail, covering food, fashion and banking, and has recently expanded to include ownership of the customer – giving him an interesting perspective on the overall customer experience.

    Keeping up with the pace of change in retail is a fascinating topic. Bringing the customer experience back to when your local shopkeeper could easily figure out with a conversation what was most important to you. Rob shared his thoughts on how technology can be leveraged to get to that level of personalisation across digital channels as well as in-store.

    We talked about:

    * Keeping up with the pace of change;

    * Focusing on the trends your customers actually care about;

    * Picking which few things to do really well;

    * Keeping an eye on growing markets, like the ageing population;

    * Beyond just mobile, what it means to have the world in your pocket;

    * Personalisation as a balancing act;

    * How a rental retail model is emerging;

    * Personal recommendations as the most powerful form of advertising;

    * Offline analytics becoming as good as online;

    * The concept of ‘one basket’;

    * Loyalty propositions;

    * The future of efficient bricks and mortar;

    * And remembering the questions you’re trying to answers.

    People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 52

    Rob Weston, Global Brand & Marketing Director, M&S

    • 27 min
    Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz

    Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz

    Super excited to add to the list of podcast guests who make me look uncool – Rand Fishkin joins me on the show this week.

    Rand goes by the weird and wonderful title, Wizard of Moz.

    He’s founder and former CEO of SEO software startup Moz, host of Whiteboard Friday, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, co-founder of Inbound.org, and serves on the board of the presentation software firm, Haiku Deck. Rand’s currently writing a book for Penguin/Random House on the ups and downs of startup culture, due out this year.

    Rand is also planning another big move this year, which he talks about – and gives the one piece of advice he thinks is crucial for startups starting today.

    We talked about:

    * A brief overview of Moz, and its journey from consultancy to product company;

    * The business move that transformed Moz;

    * Why Moz was successful in the early days;

    * What should come first – audience or product;

    * The only thing that can kill SEO;

    * Rand’s thoughts on Google becoming a ‘suggestion engine’;

    * Facebook’s ‘algorithmic radicalisation’;

    * What SEOs can learn from Google’s intent;

    * How to get in front of people before they have a need for your product;

    * What net neutrality will mean for brands;

    * Influencer marketing and disclosing endorsements;

    * Regulation like GDPR in the EU;

    * How SEO should be handled internally,

    * And how to handle things like voice search.

    People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 51

    Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz

    • 28 min
    The best of the podcast 2017

    The best of the podcast 2017

    Thanks for listening in 2017 – we’ve had a great time doing People Tell Richard Stuff.

    As an end of year treat, I’ve put together a 45min compilation of a few of my favourite bits from this year. Here’s what I’ve picked:

    Brian Solis, digital analyst, speaker and author

    We talk about a few huge acquisitions that took place in 2017 – Amazon/Whole Foods and Wal-Mart/Bonobos – and what that means for each. We also discuss how hard it can be to effect culture change in these big companies, especially when it comes to digital innovation.

    Justine Roberts, co-founder & CEO, Mumsnet

    Justine is quite candid about the early days of Mumsnet, where she would ask and answer her own questions to drive activity on the site. I ask her about how the site has grown and how the strategy has evolved, especially with Google and Facebook rocking the boat.

    Edward Griffith, co-founder & CEO, LoveCrafts

    Edward grew LoveCrafts as a multisided platform – ecommerce plus social marketplace. That’s a tricky thing to balance, so I asked him about why he started with the ecommerce and grew from there. We also talk about international expansion and how LoveCrafts is managing growth.

    Jonathan Wall, group ecommerce director, Shop Direct

    Jonathan is really excited about how AI and chat bots can help with customer service. We talk about that, and all the different components that come together to create a sleek, delightful customer experience.

    David Walmsley, chief customer officer, House of Fraser

    David represents the ‘conscience of the customer’ within House of Fraser, so we talk about listening to customers and bringing all departments of the business together around a common aim – meeting customer expectations at every touchpoint.

    People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 50

    The best of 2017

    • 43 min
    Nicholas Lovell, author and advisor to creative businesses

    Nicholas Lovell, author and advisor to creative businesses

    Nicholas Lovell, author of best-selling book The Curve, welcomed me into his London home for this episode of the podcast.

    The Curve emerged from Nicholas’ work in video games, where so much is given away for free. He developed a business model that allows different types of fans to engage with (and pay) your brand in different ways.

    Now, Nicholas advises creative businesses on strategy and has been working on a really cool book series called ‘The World of Supersaurs’ which comes with an incredible AR app.

    It’s not just games companies that will enjoy this episode – The Curve model and Nicholas’ thoughts on “earning the right to talk to people” will chime with content marketers as well.

    We talked about:

    • ‘Free’ as a tool for competition;

    • How the concept of ‘free’ should be used in a long-term plan;

    • The concept of the ‘superfan’ and how to create them;

    • How Nespresso transcended the supermarket to go direct-to-consumer;

    • How content can contribute to identity and remove buyer’s remorse;

    • Why you need to start by considering what your customers want;

    • How content marketing is a good starting point;

    • The ‘content trap’;

    • The different types of risk;

    • ‘The World of Supersaurs’;

    • On the content and completion of his next project ‘The pyramid of game design’;

    • And the difference between free-to-play and freemium.

    People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 49

    Nicholas Lovell, author and advisor to creative businesses

    • 35 min

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18 Ratings

Hriday. ,

A great podcast

I love this podcast so much. There is so much of content we don’t find stated so succinctly otherwise; especially when it comes to content and marketing. I also love how Richard summarises the chat in the end. Keep it coming !!!

Joe gfggggh ,

A great listen

Very insightful and some key points to take away from every episode

hkms20 ,

Insightful easy listening

Really interesting mix of topics that anyone working in anything and everything to do with digital would benefit from!

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