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Comment, analysis and interviews from UK Pharmacy

    Jonathan Burton on leading pharmacy out of a crisis

    Jonathan Burton on leading pharmacy out of a crisis

    Jonathan Burton is Chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Scottish Pharmacy Board and he has been on the frontline in community pharmacy throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

    We caught up to have a chat about the myriad of unprecedented things that pharmacists and their teams have had to cope with over the last few months. Changes in legislation, delays in registration of pre-registration pharmacists, opportunism by certain organisations and the performance of the RPS during the crisis.

    Below are some of the questions we put to Jonathan. We hope you enjoy the podcast to hear how he responded.

    Where do we go next in pharmacy?

    From a general perspective how do think the government in Scotland has performed in response to the pandemic?

    Has the national question in Scotland and the way decisions are taken favoured the profession?

    How has the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) performed during the crisis?

    How do you think RPS members feel about the decision to make resources free to the whole profession at the point when the RPS value proposition is arguably most potent?

    Have you got any concerns about some of the decisions made by any organisation during the pandemic?

    How can RPS support provisionally registered pharmacists?

    Do you think there will be increased responsibility on pre-reg tutors during this provisional registration process?

    Do you think there is a chance that the issue of vicarious liability could become an issue for pre-reg tutors especially if a provisionally registered student that they are supervising fail the registration exam?

    Do you feel that pharmacists have adequate development opportunities over the years and if not why has investment been lacking?

    If we encourage remote consultation services like NHS Near Me in community pharmacy why will people need to go to a community pharmacy?

    Can you tell us about your early experiences of using NHS Near Me?

    Who do you think the next Chief Pharmaceutical Officer of Scotland will be?

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    Interview with the founder of the newly formed Pre-registration and Newly Qualified Pharmacist Association

    Interview with the founder of the newly formed Pre-registration and Newly Qualified Pharmacist Association

    Jasraj S Matharu is the founder of the Pre-registration and Newly Qualified Pharmacist Association (PNPA). He is currently a pre-registration student and has become involved with the Pharmacist Defence Association (PDA) as a union representative.

    I caught up with Jas to discuss the rapidly changing landscape for pre-registration pharmacists this year in light of the COVID-19 crisis. This has been a tough year for pre-registration students so it was important to cover some of the issues that they faced.

    Since we recorded this interview the GPhC have published guidance outlining the provisional registration of pre-registration pharmacists.

    The PNPA is an independent network for young pharmacy professionals. This group enables young pharmacy professionals to network, discuss and tackle key challenges and issues we are currently facing. Click here to find out more. 

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    Career spotlight: Prescribing support pharmacist Dr Emily Kennedy

    Career spotlight: Prescribing support pharmacist Dr Emily Kennedy

    Dr Emily Kennedy has worked as a prescribing support pharmacist in primary care in NHS Dumfries and Galloway for 16 years and now supervises 17 pharmacists working across general practice. Her varied and very successful career so far has involved education, research and work in community pharmacy.

    I was interested to discuss various aspects to her current and previous roles. In particular, I was interested to hear more about Emily's current role and how she has seen things change in pharmacy over the years.

    We discussed the current state of play in primary care pharmacy in Scotland and touched on education, training, supervision, competence and also the need for pharmacists to have confidence in their own ability.

    Scottish pharmacy has evolved dramatically over recent years and Emily has really been part of that evolution. We discussed how pharmacists' expectations have changed and how her work now involves

    During the COVID-19 crisis, Emily has been involved with her local COVID-19 hub in Dumfries and Galloway. I was interested to hear her insights around being involved here.

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    What does the pandemic teach us about the future of antibiotics?

    What does the pandemic teach us about the future of antibiotics?

    Stephen Hughes MBA, MSc, MPharm, is a consultant antimicrobial pharmacist at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust. 

    We were lucky enough to catch up with him on the podcast to discuss how he and his team have adapted to working life during the pandemic. We also discussed antimicrobial pharmacy at length. A fascinating conversation.

    In your view what is the importance of patient-reported outcomes in antibiotic use?

    How do we innovate before we have to in the antibiotic space?

    Are we too reliant on the pharmaceutical industry to keep coming up with new antibiotics and how sustainable is this cycle?

    Do we make the best use of new antibiotics?

    How should the UK government intervene to ensure a robust pipeline of new antibiotics remains into the future?

    Are we collectively being too complacent in the prescribing practise that we tolerate with antibiotics?

    What have you and your team had to unlearn during COVID-19?

    Are you concerned about a surge of secondary bacterial infection in people who have suffered COVID-19?

    How have your team coped with the COVID-19 situation?

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    Yousaf Ahmad on coping in pharmacy during the pandemic

    Yousaf Ahmad on coping in pharmacy during the pandemic

    In our latest podcast, we sat down with Chief Pharmacist Yousaf Ahmad. Amongst other roles, Yousaf is currently Chief Pharmacist at Care UK and was also recently appointed to the GPhC Council. We had a wide-ranging chat about how Yousaf has coped with COVID-19 in his current role.

    How has your life as a pharmacist changed as a result of COVID-19?

    Has our over-reliance on the NHS been to our detriment during COVID-19?

    How has community pharmacy coped during the COVID-19 crisis?

    What is the most significant legislative change you have noticed during the COVID-19 crisis?

    Who hasn't wasted the COVID-19 crisis?

    How has your leadership changed in light of COVID-19?

    What does the future hold for you?

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    The potential legal ramifications of pharmacies using volunteers

    The potential legal ramifications of pharmacies using volunteers

    Our guest for this podcast was Andrea James. Andrea is a regulatory lawyer advising doctors, pharmacists, vets, teachers & other highly regulated professionals.

    Andrea is a partner at Brabners. She leads their Professional Discipline and Healthcare Regulatory team, providing vital insight to our wider Regulatory team and Healthcare sector group. You can contact Andrea to engage her services by clicking here.

    In the first of two podcasts, we discussed how the recent fast-moving legislative changes and action by the GPhC may impact on the practise of pharmacy in the UK.

    In this second podcast, we had a discussion about the use of volunteers to deliver medicines. NHS England announced a new essential and advanced delivery service. The services involve community pharmacy contractors being used to work with volunteers to deliver medication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Whilst we discussed all relevant aspects of the delivery service and use of volunteers Andrea made interesting comments on potential liability issues that may arise during the running of the services.

    Please note that this podcast was recorded before the RPS and GPhC published their joint statement on the impact on 'pharmacy professionals'.

    Essential listening if you are a pharmacy contractor about to engage with this service.

    We discussed and recommended the Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidance on ethical professional decision making during the pandemic.

    We also chatted about the Headspace app. You can access and download it here. If you are under pressure and feel that you need support at this time click here.

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6 Ratings

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