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Pincount is a tech podcast not afraid of the details. We're not just users, we're computer scientists and developers. Join us for half an hour each fortnight to get into the detail on new tech and speculate about what might be next.

Pincount Podcast Iain Wallace and Douglas Shearer

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Pincount is a tech podcast not afraid of the details. We're not just users, we're computer scientists and developers. Join us for half an hour each fortnight to get into the detail on new tech and speculate about what might be next.

    Episode 33 - A Pink Velvet Shark

    Episode 33 - A Pink Velvet Shark


    Benchmarks of Memcached on multiple SSDs
    EC2 Graviton benchmarks - Phoronix

    Some DL problems are intractable
    Complete Coffee Lake CPU list - Anandtech

    Available in 2019 iMacs

    Jetson Nano
    Google Stadia - The Verge

    Netflix Open Connect

    ESRGAN texture packs
    Playable raytraced Quake 2

    HN Discussion
    Battlefield V RTX Demo
    RTX On/Off Meme, fellow kids

    ARM Helium vector extensions


    GradientFlow - Training ImageNet in 1.5 Minutes on 512 GPUs
    Thinkpad X210

    Microsft Wall of GPU History
    Farming Simulator peripherals
    Cup throwing robots

    • 40 min
    Episode 32 - It's a Proper Chunky Boy

    Episode 32 - It's a Proper Chunky Boy


    Linus Tech Tips - Linus Swaps Hard Drive Actuator
    LLVM in Webkit update

    Webkit B3 JIT Compiler
    LLVM Wikipedia - History


    Alienware Area 51 M

    The Verge - Report
    The Verge - Video interview with Alienware Product Lead
    Intel Ark - Core i9-9900K
    LGA 1151

    LG Rollable TV - The Verge video
    Intel Keynote

    Anandtech coverage

    Ian Cutress tweet about 28 core high-clock Xeon pricing
    Gsync on freesync

    The Verge coverage
    Linus Tech Tips video

    Microsoft 896 core servers
    Global Kernel locks in APFS
    Iain’s tweet about Google Bart

    Pentagram designs for Graphcore
    Intel Nervana

    AWS re:Invent

    AWS Ground Station
    ARM on EC2

    AWS Announcement
    The Register coverage

    AMD EPYC on EC2

    Intel Cascade Lake Xeon - Pincount news!
    Sub $1000 IBM Power9 motherboard
    Adversarial Examples that Fool both Human and Computer Vision
    Fast and accurate object detection in high resolution 4K and 8K video using GPUs

    • 30 min
    Episode 31 - A Series of Small Fires

    Episode 31 - A Series of Small Fires


    Episode 5
    Anandtech - iPhone Xs displays
    Amazon S3 Versioning
    Amazon S3 Object Lifecycle Rules
    Backblaze - Going Deep On Durability

    Skype white noise

    Tweet by Nicbravo
    Wikipedia - Comfort Noise

    Threadripper 2 Performance on Linux vs Windows
    Nvidia RTX

    Tim Dettmer’s updated DL GPU recommendations

    Nvidia Video to Video Synthesis

    Source code

    Deep Angel
    iOS 12 Core ML benchmarks
    iPhone Xs Javascript benchmarks

    DHH Tweet
    Webkit LLVM

    Intel CPUs

    Intel Whiskey Lake, Amber Lake
    Intel Xeon Roadmap new DL instructions
    10nm in NUC
    Intel Xeon W-3175X - Anandtech

    Reminiscing about old PCs

    Commodore 64
    ZX Spectrum
    Amstrad PC1512
    Amstrad PPC 640
    BT Gold
    School computers

    Dan’s Tweet
    BBC Micro
    Acorn Archimedes
    Tesco Computers for Schools Vouchers

    Apple iBook
    Iain’s cooling “solution”
    HP Jornada

    Windows Mobile

    Dell Streak
    How the computing world was represented in high-school computing.

    Batch Processing
    Token Ring Bus

    • 34 min
    Episode 30 - Throw It All In The Sea

    Episode 30 - Throw It All In The Sea


    More on local Python web servers.

    Pincount development server

    Intel 10nm

    Holiday 2019 - Anandtech
    Episode 29
    2018 Macbook Pro - Macrumors


    Apple Time Machine
    RAID is not a backup
    Gary Bernhardt’s corrupted par2 restore script
    Windows 10 File History


    Pokemon or Big Data?

    • 27 min
    Episode 29 - Total Donkey

    Episode 29 - Total Donkey

    More ARM on servers

    Cloudfront rewrite image processing using NEON to beat out Intel equivalent

    HN discussion

    Anandtech Thunder X2 review
    Homebrew supports ARM CPUs, maybe only on Linux?
    Qualcomm to exit ARM Server chips?

    10nm Intel CPUs in the wild

    Intel Core i3-8121U
    Lenovo Ideapad 330 - Anandtech

    Facebook job ad for a chip designer
    Xeon with integrated FPGA - Anandtech

    Pincount Episode 18

    Command line utilities


    htop in more detail than you ever cared about

    GNU parallel

    GNU parallel tutorial
    GNU parallel book

    SimpleHTTPServer - For Python 2

    http.server - For Python 3


    GNU screen



    strace - Linux

    dtrace - Linux, Mac OS, Solaris
    How to Debug Anything by James Golick
    Legally mandated Brendan Gregg Dtrace info

    Bash tips:

    ctrl-r for reverse history search.
    ctrl-a to go to the start of a line.
    ctrl-e to go to the end of a line.
    rm -rf / to test your backups.

    Fish Shell


    IBM 5 in 5
    Crab simulator
    Goat simulator

    • 39 min
    Episode 28 - Taking a Baby

    Episode 28 - Taking a Baby

    Nvidia GTC 2018

    Quadro GV100 - Anandtech
    V100 32GB - Anandtech
    NVSwitch and DGX-2 - Anandtech

    More Intel 8th Gen Core CPUs

    Anandtech overview
    Mobile Core i9-8950HK
    Mobile Core i7-8559U
    Dell with 8th Gen Core CPUs - Anandtech

    ARM PC followup

    Gigabit ARM Workstation - Bit Tech
    Cloudflare testing ARM in Servers - Matthew Prince on Twitter

    PCIe SD cards

    RED proprietary SSDs for cinema cameras

    Google Knusperli
    Generating images from human brain activity

    Guilluame Dumas Tweet

    Newsletters we recommend

    Wild Week in AI


    Last Week in AWS

    Issue 52

    Import AI

    Detecting jaywalking with facial recognition


    Stratechery 4.0

    Benedict Evans

    Microsoft re-org


    Instacart Article


    VR game reviews

    Elite Dangerous - UpIsNotJump
    Fallout 4 Negatives - UpIsNotJump
    Fallout 4 Positives - UpIsNotJump

    More Computer Vision Trolling:

    Request for sheep - Janelle Shane on Twitter
    Do Neural Nets Dream of Electric Sheep
    Diagnosis Pain Levels in Sheep

    Amazon Transcribe

    Episode 27 transcript sample

    • 33 min

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