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Join Selina & Vicki, the Project Love duo, and their guests, as they dive deep into juicy conversations about life and love, from how to design a life you love to how to create a career that gives you freedom and fulfilment to how to find love and make it last.

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Join Selina & Vicki, the Project Love duo, and their guests, as they dive deep into juicy conversations about life and love, from how to design a life you love to how to create a career that gives you freedom and fulfilment to how to find love and make it last.

    Ep 102: It’s time for a quarterly check-in! ✨

    Ep 102: It’s time for a quarterly check-in! ✨

    Hello lovely,

    We hope you are doing well? 

    With July fast approaching, it is time to grab your Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 journal (https://www.thegoodbyehellojournal.com/) and join us for a quarterly check-in. 

    And what a historic quarterly review this one will be!

    Join us for this episode as we reflect on the last 3 months, share the progress we’ve made and our new commitments for the next 3 months. If you don’t have a journal, then simply answer the questions as we go through them 😍

    As the entire last quarter was spent in lockdown here in the UK, we talk about regrouping and giving yourself permission to check-in with the intention set at the beginning of the year and allowing yourself to either realign or reset it completely for 2020. 

    As always, we find these reviews such a nourishing opportunity to practice gratitude and remind ourselves about the challenges we’ve overcome and to reflect on our proudest moments – and we hope you do too.

    We will also be doing our first quarterly Love-In on Monday 29th June at 1pm (BST) on Zoom. We will be running these every quarter as a chance for us all to pause and reflect on the past 3 months and set our intentions and commitments for the following three months. Sign up here (https://loveprojectlove.com/lovein) to join us! 

    We really hope you enjoy this episode. It’s the last in the season as we take our scheduled podcast break in July. We’ll see you back in August for a brand new season and brand new podcast guests 🥳

    Much love,

    X Selina & Vicki

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    EP 7 Life in Lockdown Series | Changing Career in Lockdown

    EP 7 Life in Lockdown Series | Changing Career in Lockdown

    Hi lovely, 

    How are you doing this week? We’ve been finding that while lockdown is easing here in the UK, it isn’t necessarily feeling any easier for a lot of us. It’s so important that we remember that we don’t have to pretend that we’re doing ‘fine’ all the time. 

    It’s also important that we don’t start to feel like we’re treading water and going nowhere. Just because 2020 may have had different plans for us, doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the unexpected time and space that many of us have been given. For a lot of us this time has been a huge opportunity for reflection and taking stock, getting clear on what is most important to us, what we want more of in our lives and what we want less of. And if you’ve decided that what needs to change in your life is your career, then this episode is for you.

    For the first time in nine months, now that her book on Burnout is finished, Selina is finally opening the doors to her Career Change Coaching programmes (https://www.selinabarker.com/coaching) !

    So we put her in the hot seat in today’s episode, to talk about why now can be such a powerful time to focus on changing career, particularly if what you are looking for is a career that gives you freedom and flexibility and that can be created online.

    So if you’re feeling like it is time to take the leap and discover what it is you really want to do with your life and make that change, then tune into this week’s episode and find out all about Selina’s Career Change Coaching Programmes at selinabarker.com (https://www.selinabarker.com/coaching) - just think, by September you could know exactly what career lights you up and be on the path to making it your full-time career! Let the adventures begin!

    X Vicki and Selina

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    Ep 6 Life in Lockdown Series | Managing the emotional rollercoaster of the past few weeks

    Ep 6 Life in Lockdown Series | Managing the emotional rollercoaster of the past few weeks

    Hi lovely,
    I hope you are well and making your self-care a top priority at the moment. These past few weeks have been another huge historic moment in our lives and one big global emotional rollercoaster, the likes of which most of us have never experienced before in our lifetime. From grief, to pain, to trauma, to anger, to shame, to guilt - there are a lot of big heavy emotions going on collectively as the anti-racism movement rises up and takes centre stage in our lives. And so this week on the podcast we wanted to talk about that. About how to navigate these times of big emotions - from grief, to anger, to shame, the tools that we’ve been using ourselves and of course the all important topic of active anti-racism and collective healing. 
    We hope that this episode helps you to take a deep breath, slow things down and remember what you need right now to help you to grieve, heal, release your shame, whatever it may be. Use those tools.
    And below you’ll find a list of the people and resources we mention in the podcast episode.
    Sending you huge amounts of love, 
    Selina & Vicki
    @donnalancs (https://www.instagram.com/donnalancs/channel/)  
    Love(d) (https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=love%28d%29&i=prime-instant-video&ref=nb_sb_noss_2)  
    House Gospel Choir (https://www.instagram.com/housegospelchoir/)
    Their single Blind Faith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv2MFkCsn6I
    Black anti-racism educators to follow:
    Nova Reid (https://novareid.com/) (Conversations with Nova Reid)
    Layla Saad (http://laylafsaad.com/)  
    Rachel Cargle (https://www.rachelcargle.com/)  

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    Ep 5 Life in Lockdown Series | Anti-racism and Lessons from lockdown

    Ep 5 Life in Lockdown Series | Anti-racism and Lessons from lockdown

    Hello lovely,
    It has been a heavy few weeks in the world and when we recorded this on Monday we were really feeling it. 
    Our plan was to talk about looking to the future and the positive lessons we’ve learnt during lockdown that we want to carry through as we emerge from it step by step, but when it came to recording, all we wanted to talk about was anti-racism and in particular what we are doing as white women to commit to doing anti-racism work, not just something we dip in and out of, but something we remain firmly committed to on a daily basis, for life. 
    We share what we’re doing right now to be actively anti-racist and what we are committed to doing from now on. 
    If you are white and wondering what you can do, then the key is to listen to the lived experience of black and brown people and never stop listening. Follow black and brown educators but rather than popping into their DMs to ask them to educate you for free, buy their courses and their books. Do the work to shine a light on your own inner racism. We all have it, particularly if we think we don’t. This is an inside outside job as all great transformations are. Breathe through the shame and discomfort that will inevitably bubble up. Welcome it. 
    Here are the resources, books and black anti-racism educators we mention. 
    Nova Reid - an anti-racism campaigner, educator and writer, has been on the podcast to talk to Selina twice about anti racism - those episodes are here (https://loveprojectlove.com/new-blog-1/race-and-white-privilege-with-nova-reid) and here (https://loveprojectlove.com/new-blog-1/navigating-microaggressions-nova-reid) . But in particular we recommend you follow Nova on Instagram NovaReidOfficia (https://www.instagram.com/novareidofficial/?hl=en) l, listen to her own new podcast (https://novareid.com/podcast/) ‘Conversations with Nova Reid’ and do her anti-racism course (https://novareid.com/services/anti-racism-white-privilege-course/) . 
    We also recommend the book ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla Saad and Reni Eddo Lodge’s book ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race’. Here (https://www.instagram.com/p/CA3M9jPhUdK/) is the Instagram post that we mentioned from Pandora Sykes on book recommendations and Jolyon Rubinstein’s (https://www.instagram.com/jolyonrubs/?hl=en) Instagram is another one to check out. Also check out our friends at @housegospelchoir (https://instagram.com/housegospelchoir?igshid=ks8277rjy7nb) for messages of hope, strength and unity and healing music to lift your spirits. 
    Second part of the episode: Life in Lockdown - Lessons Learnt
    As lockdown starts to ease in many parts of the UK, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the positive lessons that we’ve learnt during this time and some of the new habits and rituals that we’ve been cultivating. 
    As you listen to this episode, we invite you to have a think of your own lessons from lockdown. Perhaps there are some new ways of living and working that you’d like to bring into your life post-lockdown? 
    For both of us, we’ve been appreciating the simplicity and slower pace of life and plan to maintain that as we move forward. And if there is one thing that we’re excited about returning to post lockdown, it is most definitely HUGS and spending quality time with loved ones. 
    Sending you a big hug from both of us 😍
    We hope you enjoy the episode.
    Love, Vicki and Selina xxx

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    Ep 4 Life in Lockdown Series | Practising Self-Love

    Ep 4 Life in Lockdown Series | Practising Self-Love

    Hi lovelies,
    We have another episode for you in our series on Life in Lockdown and this week we're talking about how to practice self-love. We loved recording this episode (we always do when it comes to talking about self-love) and it is jam-packed with laughter and giggles. 
    So if you'd like an episode to lift your spirits and get you giggling along with us while we explore how to practice self-love during lockdown (and in general) then this one is for you!
    x Selina & Vicki 

    • 31 min
    Ep 3 Life in Lockdown Series | Working from Home

    Ep 3 Life in Lockdown Series | Working from Home

    Hi lovely, how are you doing?
    We are back with another podcast episode for you from our ‘Life in Lockdown’ series. 
    With the boundary between work and home now feeling so blurred, we thought we would dedicate this week’s episode to working from home during lockdown. 
    In this episode, we talk about:
    Our own experiences of working from home during lockdown and how we have been adapting 
    Productivity tips to help you to focus (particularly if you have a tendency to procrastinate!)
    The importance of creating healthy boundaries between work and home 
    Rituals to help you to get ready for the working day and tips on how to stay energised and in flow 
    Tips on how to transition out of work mode, to unwind, de-stress and renew your energy after your working day 
    And much more!
    What would you like to hear us talk about next in this ‘Life in Lockdown’ series?
    While we’ve been recording this ‘Life in Lockdown’ series we’ve really enjoyed how many of you have been engaging with us and joining in the conversation to share how you’ve been feeling. So we wanted to offer you the opportunity to tell us what you would like to hear us talk about next in the series. 
    We really hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.
    Project Love weekly love-ins 
    We are still holding our free Monday lunchtime love-ins (1-2pm BST) on Zoom where we all come together and check-in with each other. It really is a gorgeous time filled with love and support and always sets us up for the week ahead. And as always, Vicki will be leading us through some EFT/Tapping to help us to start the week feeling calm and at ease. Here (https://loveprojectlove.com/lovein) is the link to join 🤗
    Lots of love,
    X Selina & Vicki

    • 46 min

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4.8 out of 5
131 Ratings

131 Ratings

NicLa047 ,

Awesome pair of coaches!

Thank you!
I was on my own path of recovery after a v toxic abusive relationship. I though I was ok.
Then I started this podcast in Mid May, from your v beginning back in 2014... It’s helped me so much more than I ever imagined. Thank you girls. You’ve helped me see even more clearly that I will be OK and I’ve got this! 💓

DebPage ,

So inspirational

Just listened to the conversation with Tamu Thomas. Amazing. Her story resonates so much with me and felt very inspired after listening. lovely interactions between the host & guest.

Lololo82 ,

Great uplifting and insightful

Really enjoy these podcasts. Just went back and listening to them from the start. Love the ritual one. Thanks ladies 😍

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