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    Radcast #38

    Radcast #38

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    Ashley caught up with Jamey Reilly over the weekend to check out the new Pottstown venue and the future of the business! Check out www.jameyshouseofmusic.com and click the 'donate' button to help Jamey make the move to Pottstown! Josh was at Fresh Produce studios working on the first single to his upcoming album with Jake Detwiler and Shawn Riley! Visit www.jakedetwiler.com to book a recording session with this legendary producer! Also, Dugout has a new album just around the corner and we got to check it out this week. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it! Check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dugoutpa and see them at their album release show March 21st!

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    Radcast #37 :: Get Involved

    Radcast #37 :: Get Involved

    INTERVIEW @ 22:22 mark

    Get Involved!, the new band featuring ex- members of Thursday, GlassJaw and From Autumn To Ashes is thrilled to announce the release of their upcoming EP, "Silk Cuts". The EP was produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (At The Drive- In, The Cure) and will see worldwide digital release March 4th, 2014.

    Composed of guitarist Todd Weinstock (glassjaw), guitarist Brian Deneeve (From Autumn To Ashes), drummer Tucker Rule (Thursday), lead vocalist Derrick Karg- Zamudio and bassist Marcus Russell Price, Get Involved!'s post-hardcore pedigree is the strikingly original music they've managed to craft over the past year and a half.

    While Get Involved!'s roots lie in aggressive music, the band were conscious to avoid relying on the formulaic trappings of punk/hardcore in favour of creating a progressive brand of music that transcends the genre while still implementing the stylistic hallmarks that have endeared them to fans over the years. From the catchy catharsis of "Serenity Now" to the syncopated sing-along "Paint It Gold," these four songs showcase how much each player has progressed since their previous acts and listeners who aren't familiar with Karg-Zamudio will literally be blown away by the acrobatic power of his distinctive pipes as it rises above the pummeling instrumentation.

    From the Snapcase-inspired post-hardcore drive of "Let Your Guard Down" to the alternately captivating and crushing nature of "Apathy," this EP showcases the various sides of Get Involved! and is precursor to what these seasoned musicians are like onstage.

    The band will be performing a free show at The Old Blue Last, an infamous venue owned by VICE in Shoreditch, East London on March 26th. For more information on the show, please visit: http://www.theoldbluelast.com/

    "The live show is where we give three million percent because with this type of music you can't help but throw yourself into it or not do it at all," Rule explains. "It feels like we've all been playing together much longer than we have," Weinstock summarises, adding that the band will be touring and working on a full-length in 2014. "It already sounds like we've been through a war together and we're just getting started."

    "Silk Cuts" Track Listing:"
    Let Your Guard Down
    Paint It Gold
    Serenity Now

    Pre order the vinyl now http://morsecoderecordings.limitedrun.com/roster/GetInvolved

    Find them at www.gtnvlvd.com
    Instagram: getinvolvedny
    Twitter: Get_InvolvedNYC

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    Radcast #35 :: Jamey Reilly

    Radcast #35 :: Jamey Reilly

    We finally did it! Our interview with the Legendary Jamey Reilly is here! Jamey Reilly is the owner of Jamey's House of Music, a concert venue originally located in Philadelphia and known for hosting such legendary acts as The Lightyears and The Kennedys. Along with huge talent, Jamey's House of Music was also home to Cantonese Home Style cuisine prepared by Jamey's wife, Chef Suyun Reilly (owner of China's Heaven-Heaven Restaurant). Operating the venue out of their very own home, Reilly and his wife provided an intimate and beautiful setting for artists both big and small to play. In December 2013, despite having previous clearance, the city of Philadelphia shut down Jamey's House of Music on the grounds that it was an illegal night club operating in a residential area. Since then Jamey and his family have picked up and decided to move their venue to Pottstown, but the move isn't cheap and they still have to secure the new venue. Visit www.jameyshouseofmusic.com and click the 'donate' link at the top of the page to help support the relocation of this legendary venue. Interested in volunteering? Contact Jamey directly jamey@jameyshouseofmusic.com.

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    Radcast #34 :: Dawnie Marie

    Radcast #34 :: Dawnie Marie

    We catch up with the legendary Dawnie Marie, founder of Little House Booking, to talk about the local scene in New Jersey and New York as well as plans to start booking in the Philadelphia area. We also announce our new tag team effort between Little House Booking and Radcast to create a network of local musicians, book shows regionally and broadcast these events with a focus on the bands through interviews and other media coverage! Join the group today at www.facebook.com/groups/LittleRad. Follow Dawnie and Little House Booking on the web at www.littlehousebooking.com and for booking inquiries contact littlehousebooking@gmail.com

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    Radcast #33 :: Mic Stewart, Kiel Ferrari

    Radcast #33 :: Mic Stewart, Kiel Ferrari

    We couldn't get Jamey Reilly on the line BUT we did get the legendary Mic Stew to stop by and tell us what he's been up to lately and drop some unreleased material on us at the end of the show! We also get into our crazy weekend at the Philly Tattoo Convention and how Integrity Tattoo is on a major come up! For all of Mic's music check out www.soundcloud.com/micstewartmusic. For all other things Mic Stew including all of his social media outlets check out www.micstewartmusic.com. Check out Kiel Ferrari at www.integrity-tattoo.com and on Instagram @kielf_tattoos

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    Radcast #32 :: Kiel Ferrari

    Radcast #32 :: Kiel Ferrari

    Our interview with Jamey Reilly has been rescheduled due to some technical difficulties on our end, but Kiel Ferrari stopped by to save the day and give us a heads up on what to expect at the upcoming Philly tattoo convention. Check out his work at @kielftattoos and schedule yourself for an appointment at www.integrity-tattoo.com!

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