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Is Steven Avery from Making A Murderer Guilty? Rebutting A Murderer Podcast gives new facts and insights about the case

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Is Steven Avery from Making A Murderer Guilty? Rebutting A Murderer Podcast gives new facts and insights about the case

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2.4 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

milk gloves ,

Makes some good points but lacking

As reliable as MaM (not very) but nowhere near as entertaining. Does literally everything he criticises Netflix for doing. Clearly he believes he is unbiased, but as many other reviews here show, you can identify his bias within the first few minutes of the podcast.

Makes some decent points but fails to understand the point of lawyers. Of course they’re not going to say he’s guilty, it’s literally their job to represent him.

A lot of thinly veiled ableist statements about Brendan.

ALSO: learn how to say ‘vague’. It doesn’t rhyme with ‘bag’.

db cooper009 ,

Naïve, Nonsensical, kratz fanboy! Unsubstantiated flimflam and fluffery!

Jeez, are you naturally ignorant or just wilfully ignorant?! This is attention seeking at its finest. Simply astonishing stuff, Dan. If it doesn’t fit just fill in the blanks like you accuse MaM of?! Also known as lying... Sensation seeking parasite! Acts offended when he believes MaM is misrepresenting things then goes ahead and does it himself tenfold. Disingenuous garbage! But Dan ‘O Donnell is the gift that keeps on giving...

Dan must be in with the local ‘mafia’ there in rural Wisconsin, the secret gentlemen’s clubs that dictate everything there from who can do business and where and for and how much they have to kickback to the secret clubs etc.. This secret ‘mafia’ are also known as the sheriffs dept and police! I’m sure Dan is aware of who and what I’m speaking about.

Made it to 3 episodes in (appropriately titled Jumping to Conclusions) and caught countless lies, approaching 30 (on average 1 per minute) including the continued whopper about Teresa Halbach being ‘creeped out’ and not wanting to go back there? There’s zero credible evidence of it ever happening... zero, zip, zilch, nada, nil, nothing. Didn’t happen, pure fiction! That incident occurred with a DOJ agent who had Teresa’s route before her. Once I hear one, seemingly insignificant, LIE like that then I KNOW the rest is going to be fabricated to form the misrepresentative narrative Dan desires. And he doesn’t let me down. That’s not strange at all though is it? A DOJ agent posing as an AutoTrader photographer?! On the contrary, Teresa had no problem with Steven, she actually didn’t mind going there, knew where she was going - clue… Avery Rd. Teresa referred to Steven Avery as a ‘nice guy’. That statement attributed to Teresa by your pal, kenny, was a lie, he lied at trial in court, and you’re fine with that? Shows your hypocritical nature Dan! It’s ok for some to lie... ? Double standards!

Where’s the torture chamber he had 2 years to construct? Him and Papa Avery built a place for a fish farm but no torture chamber? His comments to fellow cons about what he’d like to do to women? No proof just hearsay, conveniently mentioned after totally unprofessional, unethical press conference. Then, what do you know, the next day, after Brendan’s been spoon fed what to say, they go find the magic bullet and it just so happens to have Teresa Halbach’s dna on it after they searched it 4 months prior and found 10/11 casings with no dna? Coincidence? The odds? Hmm!

Then poor Brendan’s fed the hood latch story and, voila, they magically find Steven’s dna after the RAV4 has been at the crime lab for 4 months. How many coincidences does it take for people to look at it objectively? Once is existence, twice - coincidence, three or more is a pattern. There’s 80+ things in this case that are inexplicable! When exactly did Brendan confess that his uncle admitted to killing Teresa Halbach? It’s not there in any of his taped/videotaped ‘confessions’! He didn’t say it, you simply made that up like the rest of your nonsense. Lexical semantics!

He didn’t burn the cat either, btw! He merely took the blame for it. Read the documents, though you’re not searching for the truth so it wouldn’t fit your narrative!

He must’ve been dreaming when everyone else got the memo that kratz has been universally discredited, debunked and despised with his deplorable, reprehensible behaviour towards victims of domestic abuse and his narrative of Teresa Halbach’s murder, which has been proven to be a litany of lies. This podcast is an exercise in futility. Contradiction after contradiction! Lie after lie!

I’ll go with Kucharski’s aliens being a more plausible theory for what happened to Ms Halbach than Steven Avery or Brendan Dassey. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out the untimely death of Teresa Halbach was hugely beneficial to Vogel and Kocourek and was their ‘get out of jail free card’ from being deposed and, ultimately, from being parted with their cash, livelihoods, pensions etc...! Oh look, we can pin this on Avery to avoid what should’ve been their dates with destiny.

Have a look at Allie Apperson and Casey Martinez, too, on a different platform, to see how you’ve been thoroughly dismantled with relative ease using common sense and logic, without the use or need of your ‘unique perspective’, without them needing to act offended (as do you) by an opposing viewpoint. Excitable soapbox mode not required, either. Owned!

But deluded Dan persists with his drivel and manifest lies, regardless. Think he’s the only one on the planet who believes the deliberately inane, wilful ignorance emanating from his mouth. It’s BEEN DEBUNKED Dan! D-E-B-U-N-K-E-D!! You honestly can’t believe what you’re actually saying about this case to be true, it’s patently ridiculous. Read the documents, case files, look at, and interpret, the actual evidence objectively and critically not the nonsensical narrative you’re told or led to believe by deliberate obfuscation, misrepresentations and the litany of lies provided by the DA you’re clearly dearly devoted to.

You accuse MaM of bias, look in the dictionary for the word ‘hypocrite’ and ‘gullible’. Who are you trying to convince, yourself?

Whose intelligence are you trying to insult here? Your own? The only people who believe your stuff are the sheep, who don’t know any better!

Steve’s been deliberately targeted and framed before, isn’t it plausible it could happen again, particularly with a significant sum of money on the line and the reputations of elected officials in powerful positions? Though you seem to be trying to convince yourself and others Steve was responsible for the ‘85 injustice. Neither got a fair trial and both deserve a fair, impartial retrial!

We, the justice advocates, want justice for Teresa, Steve and Brendan! Nothing more, nothing less!

Dan inhabits a binary world. This is only useful if you like a bit of comedy. It’s a laugh a minute. Cheers for the chuckles, Dan, this here is comedy gold!

Reggiez ,

The other side

I loved this podcast.

Making a murder from the outset was a one sided, unbalanced and often unsubstantiated pile of junk which was spoon-fed into the mouths of the gullible.

Although this guys clearly has biases of his own, the mere fact that everyone in the US legal system has rebutted this pile of tosh also demonstrates the lack of weight that these arguments had.

The needle mark in the vile was probably my favourite... it was used to put the blood in??!!
Or... He bled on the sink, (he didn’t clear it up) “they” broke into a 10 ft trailer using a crowbar whilst he was asleep (without waking him) knowing that he had blood on the sink, scraped the blood up (in the dark) then planted it in the car which was hidden on his property?? Hmmmmm BS!

The best method of consumption is by watching the episode then listening to this podcast, however it does make Zellner’s sanctimonious diatribe all the bit more toe curling!

Enjoy enjoy enjoy

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