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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

    Values, Brand & Culture

    Values, Brand & Culture

    In challenging times, it is essential that talent acquisition leaders fully understand the interrelation of employer brand, culture, values and how an organisation services its customers. This is a crucial way that talent acquisition and employer branding functions can illustrate how they create value and help achieve the business objectives of their organisation.

    My guest this week is Diana George, an expert in helping employers understand the relationship between talent, values, company culture and customer service.

    In the interview, we discuss:

       •   Recruiting to match talent to values

       •   What is culture

       •   The Importance of listening

       •   Relationship between values, culture and customer service

       •   How COVID-19 is driving change

       •   Building a culture that is inclusive and diverse

       •   Areas of focus for the future

    How Do You Create A Company Culture that Transforms?

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    Talent Engagement

    Talent Engagement

    Finding and persuading people with highly specialised skills to make the move and join your organisation is something that remains a big challenge. So how do you build and engage long term pipelines of talent and how is technology changing the way talent engagement works?

    My guest this week is Marvin Smith, Enterprise Talent Sourcing Lead at Lockheed Martin. Marvin was one the very first people I saw talk about talent communities and talent engagement and is a genuine expert practitioner in this aspect of talent acquisition.

    In the interview, we discuss:

       •   The recruiting challenges at Lockheed Martin

       •   Engaging over career lifetimes

       •   Identifying highly specialised talent pools and building long term segmented pipelines

       •   What do effective talent communities look like in 2020

       •   Providing relevant, valuable and extremely personalised content

       •   The role of technology in talent engagement

       •   What does the future look like and what tools do we need to develop

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    • 36 min
    Belonging & Inclusion

    Belonging & Inclusion

    A global pandemic, economic dislocation and Black Lives Matter: three signs of how life is undergoing rapid change in 2020, and all of them are having a significant impact on what people are looking for in an employer.

    One of the key aspects of navigating these changes successfully is helping people to feel part of their organisations. But not everyone feels like they belong. For example, the nonprofit Center for Talent Innovation has found that White men have the highest median belonging scores of any gender or racial group, but Black and Asian women score the lowest.

    My guest this week is Ritu Mohanka, Head of Strategy & Business Development EMEA at Glint. Glint has just released results from 900,000 of its customers' employees, showing the sense of 'belonging' in a company is more closely linked to employee happiness than ever before. In our conversation, we talk about the challenges around belonging and identify practical ways employers can create a proper platform for genuine inclusivity.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Ritu's story and her recent inclusion on the 2020 EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Executives list

    The effect the pandemic is having on employee's sense of belonging.

    The relationship between belonging, performance and productivity

     Why culture is more important than ever

     Inclusivity and being heard

    Creating a safe space for uncomfortable conversations

    Active listening and being heard

    Empowering managers with high quality and timely data

    What does the future look like in terms of belonging and inclusion

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    • 23 min
    Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation

    The events of 2020 are accelerating recruiting automation at a pace none of us could have previously predicted. One of the problems with the current approaches to automation in talent acquisition is that things tend to be vendor lead, and finding a vendor who fully aligned to all of your needs can be a challenge.

    In Episode 283, I discussed the importance of building a strategy for automation and having a helicopter view of all of the elements. However, it is only possible for TA Leaders to take that helicopter view if they have an understanding of the critical building blocks of automation.

    My guest this week is Leigh Pullen, Co-Founder and CEO at CiGen a Robotic Process Automation services company based in Melbourne Australia. Robotic Process Automation or RPA as it is better known is something everyone in talent acquisition needs to understand.

    In the interview, we discuss:

       •   What is Robotic Process Automation?

       •   Current HR use cases for RPA

       •   Combining RPA with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

       •   Humans vs Robots

       •   What will RPA make possible in the future

       •   The impact on jobs

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    • 19 min
    The Evolution Of Executive Recruiting

    The Evolution Of Executive Recruiting

    Executive recruiting has always been seen as somewhat separate to the rest of talent acquisition. Search firms have traditionally dominated the market, and digital transformation in this area has historically been very slow. However, a growing number of employers now have their own in house executive recruiting functions and the COVID 19 pandemic is changing everything.

    My guest this week is Adriana Quevedo, Director of Executive Search and On-Boarding at Intel. Adriana has spent the last eight years helping to develop in house executive recruiting at Intel and has some great insights and advice to share.

    In the interview with discuss:

       •   The challenges of executive recruiting

       •   How Intel's in house function has evolved, and the lessons learnt

       •   Advice on setting up an in house function

       •   The importance of benchmarking and networking with industry peers

       •   Dramatically reducing reliance on search firms.

       •   Combining science and art to secure the right hires

       •   How COVID 19 is effecting executive recruiting and onboarding

       •   Providing a white glove experience virtually

       •   Diversity and Inclusion

       •   What's next for executive recruiting at Intel

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    • 29 min


    Since the start of the pandemic unemployment is rising all over the world at an unprecedented rate. Even if the labour market does bounce back quickly, things are likely to look very different with many industries currently going through an accelerated digital transformation.
    So what can be done to address the increasingly urgent issue of employability, how should employers be thinking about talent and are there any lessons that we can learn from the previous economic crisis?
    My guest this week is Colin Donnery, Director at Turas Nua, Ireland's leading provider of employability services which has helped over 40,000 people back into the workforce in the last four years.

    In the interview, we discuss: :

       •   How the current crisis is different for jobs than previous recessions

       •   The impact of AI and automation on labour markets

       •   The disproportionate effect on young people

       •   Tools and techniques to get people back to work

       •   Skills for the new economy

       •   Digitising advocacy and guidance and the importance of human interventions

       •   How employers need to change their thinking to access valuable pools of talent

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    • 29 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Kriss T ,

Kriss - Rec Services Manager - Vacancy Filler

I was looking for a podcast which would help broaden my knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the recruitment tech market. This Podcast achieves this whilst talking about some very interesting/current topics, whilst getting view points of executive members of the recruitment technology sector. If you want any of the above this Podcast is a must listen! Thank you for the Podcast so far Matt, keep up the good work.

chriswatt44 ,


I don't work in HR or recruitment directly, but having recently undertaken a project looking at intern hires for the team I work in, Matt's podcast has been invaluable.

The podcast is full of informative, relevant and actionable insight from industry leaders.

Ryan16021992 ,

More of a sales pitch than a podcast

Was hoping to hear ideas and thoughts on recruitment whether that be agency or in-house.
Just seems to be a lot of different recruitment servicing companies pitching their product.
It has some interesting concepts and ideas but just not enough to keep me engaged.

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