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Monthly DJ podcast for fans of drum & bass. If you like dnb from across the spectrum – neurofunk to liquid – you will love this podcast. Eclectic but focussed on the dancefloor.

Sacred DnB Podcast Phill Sacre

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Monthly DJ podcast for fans of drum & bass. If you like dnb from across the spectrum – neurofunk to liquid – you will love this podcast. Eclectic but focussed on the dancefloor.

    Episode #10 - Just Hold On (July 2020)

    Episode #10 - Just Hold On (July 2020)

    "Just Hold On" is the name of the tune by Sub Focus and Wilkinson which seems more appropriate than ever. Those words have been going through my head a lot recording this mix. This mix is eclectic, as always, trying to bring together both the neuro kind of sound as well as some more vocal and epic tunes. I hope you enjoy.


    Prolix - Stitch in Time
    Disphonia - Guillotine (Original Mix)
    Kleu - Matter (Original Mix)
    Audio - Elements (Original Mix)
    Fourward - Deep Inside (Original Mix)
    AKOV - Losing Time (Original Mix)
    Waeys - 38 (Original Mix)
    Juno - Enemy (Original Mix)
    Zombie Cats, Sarah Pellicano - On & On (Original Mix)
    Chaser, Cause4Concern - Seawolf (ChaseR Remix)
    Agressor Bunx - Poison (Original Mix)
    Harriet Jaxxon - The Sound (Original Mix)
    Mob Tactics - War City (Original Mix)
    Tantrum Desire - The Arena (Original Mix)
    Myth - Check It (Original Mix)
    TR Tactics - Solar Radiation (Original Mix)
    Despersion - Peace (Original Mix)
    Zombie Cats - No God (The Clamps Remix)
    Amoss, Fre4knc - Confront (Original Mix)
    PRFCT Mandem - Jungle Is Massive (Original Mix)
    Dillinja - Hard Noize (Break Remix)
    MindHead - Monster Behind The Door (Original Mix)
    Bytecode - Kinetic (Original Mix)
    Ephyum - Chimerical (Original Mix)
    Zombie Cats - Last Day (Original Mix)
    Psynchro - Yogurt Language (Original Mix)
    Malux - Rattlefish (Original Mix)
    Enei, Kasra, Drs - Overthinking feat. DRS (Original Mix)
    MVRK, Screamarts - Infinite Funk (Disprove Remix)
    The Force - Stone Cold (Original Mix)
    Cyantific, Eudaimonia - Somebody (Original Mix)
    Safra, Zombie Cats - RA (Remix)
    Myselor - Stubborn (Original Mix)
    Drs, Hybrid Minds - Don't Ever (Kanine Remix)
    Muzz - Nemesis (Original Mix)
    AKOV, Mean Teeth - Bulletproof (Original Mix)
    Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Just Hold On (Sub Focus & Wilkinson vs. Pola & Bryson Remix)
    Aperio, Low:r - Perspectives (Original Mix)

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    Episode #9 (Jun 2020)

    Episode #9 (Jun 2020)

    Going on a journey this month: all over DnB - just so long as it makes you want to dance. I hope you enjoy.

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    Zardonic, Coppa - Children Of Tomorrow (Pythius Remix) feat. Coppa
    Trex - Best Served Cold (Original Mix)
    Nymfo, Phentix - Catacombs (Original Mix)
    Opsen - Crazy Boar (Original Mix)
    Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag (A.M.C & Turno Remix)
    Gancher & Ruin - Propaganda (Original Mix)
    DC Breaks, Coppa - Raise the Bar (Original Mix)
    Kursiva - I Don't Care (Original Mix)
    Enei, Kasra, Jakes - King Move feat. Jakes (Original Mix)
    Jabba - PNGNT (Original Mix)
    Heist, Zombie Cats - Falcon (Original Mix)
    Turno, Flowdan, Annix - Active (Original Mix)
    Kutlo - Harpoon (Original Mix)
    Future Tech - Multiverse (Original Mix)
    Mofes - Carnage
    Optiv, Fragz, CZA - Bump Ahead (Original Mix)
    Gancher & Ruin - No Regrets (Original Mix)
    Mob Tactics - Mindhunter
    AKOV - The Hunt (Original Mix)
    Metrik - Automata
    Mefjus - Transit
    Disaszt - Black Depths
    Disphonia - Can't Hold Back (Original Mix)
    Filthy Habits - Catastrophe (Original Mix)
    Picota & Kumbh - Bass Flow (Original Mix)
    Kanine - Kickons (Original Mix)
    Enei, Kasra - Deep Fakes (Original Mix)
    High Maintenance, AL/SO - Hypersonic (Original Mix)

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    Episode #8 - Blow the lockdown away (May 2020)

    Episode #8 - Blow the lockdown away (May 2020)

    It's been a weird month for all of us, wherever you are in the world. Despite all that, there have been some great new tunes released this month. I hope this mix helps to lift the spirits a bit. Especially the last tune - "Together Again (I Pray)".

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    Kings Of The Rollers - Somebody Else feat. Lydia Plain (Original Mix)
    DLR - Cyclotron (Original Mix)
    The Sauce - 100 (Original Mix)
    Dimension - Don't Sleep
    Brain, Wreckless - Perpetual Motion (Original Mix)
    Trei - Hollywood Surrender
    Focusfire - W.I.S.Y.
    Zero G - Show Me Love (Benny Page & Zero G Remix)
    Pythius, Redpill - Watch Me (Original Mix)
    Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Gydra Remix)
    Optiv, CZA, Mean Teeth - Tough Business (Original Mix)
    AKOV - Chub (Original Mix)
    Maztek - R3537 (Original Mix)
    Crissy Criss, Teddy Killerz - Mutation (Crissy Criss Remix)
    Break - Crunchy (Original Mix)
    DJ Zinc, Alicai Harley - Bubble (feat. Alicai Harley) (Trex Remix)
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith - All Crews
    Circuits - Wingwalker (Original Mix)
    Zombie Cats - Selva (Original)
    Kanine - Prophecy
    Ripple - Let It Go (Original Mix)
    Turno - Osiris
    Chaser, Zombie Cats - Between The Lines (Original Mix)
    Magnetude - I'm For You
    Jade - Angry (Original Mix)
    Cod3x - Sorry But I'm Rollin (Original Mix)
    Malux - Hideout
    AKOV - Altered Carbon (Original Mix)
    Urbandawn - Together Again (I Pray) (Original Mix)

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    Episode #5 - Feb 2020

    Episode #5 - Feb 2020

    After the craziness of last month’s epic new year mix, it’s back to a normal-length podcast! But we have no less variety for you – from the Neuro to the Liquid. A few cheeky mixes and lots of fun…


    Kings of the Rollers – You Got Me (S.P.Y. Remix)
    Burr Oak – Gokui
    Clashtone – Flicker
    Misanthrop – Latitude (Icicle Remix)
    Current Value – Dismantle
    Mampi Swift – Soul (A.M.C. Remix)
    DJ Marky – Waffles
    DJ Marky – Mochi
    Bare Up – The Right Sound
    Trex – Shut Down
    Ekko & Sidetrack – Black Stone
    Dr Meaker ft. Lorna King – Fighter (S.P.Y. VIP)
    Phace & Misanthrop – Waveform (RedPill Remix)
    Invadhertz – Computers Are Learning (Ill Truth Remix)
    2Whales – Move
    Levela – Realities
    Dossa & Locuzzed ft DJ Marky – Tha Bird
    Mefjus & Phace – Clock Off (Fade Black Remix)
    Mark XTC – Breathe
    Ephyum – Perpetual
    DC Breaks – Halo VIP
    Matrix & Futurebound – Hindsight (Millbrook Remix)
    Murdock ft Goldi Phone Home – Breathe
    BCee – Blu Mar Ten – Grow
    Mampi Swift – Dark Matter
    Murdock, Doctrine – Acid Howl (Current Value Remix)
    Gydra – Lava Run
    Emperor, QZB – Nixon
    Proxima – Cut the Corner (Skantia Remix)
    Fourward ft. Coppa – Ability
    InsideInfo, Mefjus – Pulsation (Annix Remix)
    Matrix & Futurebound ft. Zelah – Got You There

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    SPECIAL EDITION - The Lockdown Sessions Apr 2020

    SPECIAL EDITION - The Lockdown Sessions Apr 2020

    In the UK, we’ve been in lockdown for over two weeks now. Most of us are beginning to go a bit crazy. That’s probably what gave me the idea for this mix – every tune in it is in some tenuous way connected to the pandemic or lockdown e.g. ‘Isolation’, ‘Cloud Parasite’ etc. Just a bit of fun. I knocked it up in one take, it’s not perfect, it’s all live, and it doesn’t have a voiceover. But I hope it helps to relieve some of the boredom and gives you a bit of fun in your life.


    Lucy Grimble – Keeper (Influxx Remix)
    Black Sun Empire – Cloud Parasite
    Mob Tactics – Nowhere to Run (Original Mix)
    State Of Mind – Writhe (Original Mix)
    Maintain – Nightmare
    Burr Oak – Time Has Come (Original Mix)
    Prolix – Mindset
    AC13 – The Virus (Original Mix)
    Kryptomedic, Kutlo, Humanon – Burning Cities (feat. Kryptomedic) (Instinkt Remix)
    State Of Mind – Doomsday (Original Mix)
    Fourward – All 4 Myself (Original Mix)
    Loadstar – Need You (Frankee Remix)
    Shimon, Benny L – Monsters (Sub Zero remix)
    State Of Mind – Lockdown (Original Mix)
    Teddy Killerz – BFG (Original Mix)
    Black Sun Empire – Broken
    Prolix – Unexplainable
    Rido, Redpill – Distance (Original Mix)
    Subview – Isolation
    Turno – Asylum (Original Mix)
    Nymfo, Philth – Infection (Original Mix)
    NC – 17 – City on Fire Vip (feat. Replicant)
    A.M.C – The End (Original Mix)
    Kyrist – Get Nasty (Original Mix)
    Raiser – Lonely Day (feat. Spiralus)
    Task Horizon – Disintegrate
    Living Plastic – Waiting
    Kallan HK – So Much Pain
    Calyx & TeeBee – Intravenous
    Murdock – Breathe (feat. Goldi Phone Home)
    Twisted Individual – Danger Zone (Nick The Lot Remix)
    Black Sun Empire – Swarm
    Teddy Killerz – Negative Thoughts (Original Mix)
    Manta – Spectre (Original Mix)
    Prolix & The Qemists – Feel Alive
    The Prodigy – We Live Forever (Teddy Killerz Remix)

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    Episode #7 - April 2020 - Double Drop Special

    Episode #7 - April 2020 - Double Drop Special

    It seems like the world is going crazy, so here’s a mix to cheer you up! As I wrote about on the website – I challenged myself to keep two tunes in the mix the whole time. I didn’t get it 100%, but it’s nearly there. Let me know if you like it, I’d love to know what you think. I hope you enjoy.


    Kutlo, Humanon – Burning Cities (feat. Kryptomedic) (Instinkt Remix)
    Jestah – Portals (Original Mix)
    Brookes Brothers – Burn (feat. Kathy Brown)
    Zombie Cats – Always
    Kanine – Back In Time (feat. A Little Sound)
    Malux – Turbine VIP (Original Mix)
    Annix – Boomerang (Original Mix)
    The Sauce – WUT (Original Mix)
    Jestah – Morphine (Original Mix)
    Mob Tactics – Pure X (Original Mix)
    T>I – Thin Line (Original Mix)
    Ceph – Cruciatus (Original Mix)
    Ill Truth – Quick Release (Original Mix)
    Akov – Lights Out
    Creatures – Hunter (Original Mix)
    DC Breaks, TC, The Prototypes – Species (DC Breaks Remix)
    Full Kontakt & Vegas – Terrahawk
    Nymfo, Philth – Infection (Original Mix)
    Rockwell, Workforce – Ditch (Original Mix)
    Dub Elements – Killing A Unicorn (Original Mix)
    Inja, T>I – Flick the Switch (Original Mix)
    Data 3 – 1873 (Original Mix)
    T-Phonic, Sense(UK) – Vanished Without A Trace (Original Mix)
    Smooth – Anger (Original Mix)
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Nexus (Original Mix)
    Exile, Mark XTC – Morse Code (Original Mix)
    Ego Trippin – Atomic Playboy (VIP)
    Dr Meaker, Danny Wheeler, Spyda – Root, Leaf & Stem (feat. Spyda) (Original Mix)
    Mizo, HELO – Intergalactic feat. Helo (Original Mix)
    Rido, Redpill – Distance (Original Mix)
    Dutta, Stompz – Back To Me (Original Mix)

    • 49 min

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