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Your comedy sketches brought to life by London-based podcast producers Podcast Pioneers and up and coming UK comedy talent. This monthly sketch show is open to anyone, find out more and join the family at podcastpioneers.com

Sketch Please! Podcast Pioneers

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Your comedy sketches brought to life by London-based podcast producers Podcast Pioneers and up and coming UK comedy talent. This monthly sketch show is open to anyone, find out more and join the family at podcastpioneers.com

    Sketch Please OCT 2019

    Sketch Please OCT 2019

    Back with sketches about middle class problems, financially insolvent vampires and… b******t, all from the minds of talented writers from the internet.

    Also from our cast: a heartwarming story about swinging in castles, homemade kefir, and a 7 minute exploration of Star Wars and historical geopolitics. It’s shambolic but quite informative, and we guarantee you will listen to this episode and think, “Ah, I listened to this episode.”

    Presented by Katharine Kerr @katkerrradio
    Starring David Sylvester @dershapeshifter, Julie Flower @julieflower4 and Susan Cunningham.

    Sketches written by Elliot Stewart, Chris Ballard, Wayne Timms, Bryan Burke and Isiah Headen.

    1.Horror legends- Elliot Stewart
    Vampire - Julie
    Monster – Susan

    2 National trust - Chris Ballard
    Receptionist / Tea Room - Julie
    Wife - Susan
    Husband – David

    3.Diet sketch - Wayne Timms
    Chris - Susan
    Gloria - Julie
    Phone guy / Waiter - Katharine

    4.Vader S***s shyly in the Death Star - Bryan Burke
    Darth - Susan
    Palpatine – David

    5.Canoe Sketch - Isiah Headen
    Kid - Susan
    Dad – David

    • 29 min
    Sketch Please MAY 2019

    Sketch Please MAY 2019

    Recorded on our first May Bank holiday, we spend an inordinate amount of time discussing what doesn’t happen in the latest of Marvel’s Avengers franchise then everyone loses it, leading to some nail-biting editing retrospectively. See if you can spot the points where KK had to cut out these things:

    * Rude jokes about Endgame
    * Soho sex shops
    * Post-party paranoia
    * Bad things happening on good buses
    * General descent into madness

    Meet this month’s supremely nice performers:

    Hannah Tarrington is an actor and comedy performer and has just joined the National Youth Theatre. On the side she helps businesses with their branding. She credits being a nice d******d and winging it with her success. Follow @han_tarrington on Twitter or hannahalisontarrington@gmail.com for small business branding.

    Phoebe Hitt is part of an award-nominated all female comedy group as well as a musical group called Accomplished Ladies, which follows women from different periods of history with songs and japes. She also has Grade 4 on the flute. Follow @Phoebehitt or @accomplishedla1 and catch them on the 6th July at Buxton Fringe.

    Robbie Sunderland rode bareback on a griffin all the way from Norfolk to join us. He writes for the monthly BBC New Comedy show there and has written and performed one of the sketches today. You can find him @robbie_sun89 and @bbcnewcomedy

    Derek Murphy is an actor and producer of audio, stage and a web series.. He’s just starred in "The Platform" at the Bread and Roses theatre in London and is producing a new writers night on the 8th of June at the Abacus Art Studios in Elephant and Castle. He also starts in Sequins, a movie which is currently touring on the festival circuit. Find him at @derekmmurphy and @delight_dk for DK Delight Productions.
    And thanks to our super duper writers below.

    Remember, you can also write a 2/3 page sketch or appear on the show as a performer - just submit your details to perform via sketchplease@podcastpioneers.com.

    Follow us on @sketchpleasepod and check out our website www.podcastpioneers.com.

    SHOPKEEPER - Derek
    WOMAN - Hannah

    TOBY - Robbie
    ANGUS - Derek
    JENNIFER - Phoebe

    TRAVEL AGENT - Robbie
    CUSTOMER - Hannah
    BOSS - Phoebe

    SERGEANT - Phoebe
    RESIDENT - Derek

    TERRY - Robbie
    LIZ - Hannah

    COOK - Hannah
    INT - Phoebe

    JOURNO - Derek
    CALLER - Robbie
    PA / STELLA - Phoebe
    PA2 / LOU - Hannah

    MIKE - Robbie
    JULIE - Phoebe
    SOPHIE - Hannah
    KOWALSKI - Derek

    • 37 min
    Sketch Please MARCH 2019

    Sketch Please MARCH 2019

    Themes of food and crime knit seamlessly together in this month’s crop of sketches, written by you!

    This month, Sketch Please was written by:
    Kristie McNiel, Joe Young, Chris Ballard, Leonie Rachel, Henrik Persson, Paul Nash and Patrick Robinson.

    It stars...

    Ruby Martin, a stand-up and podcast host:
    Monthly arts and craft comedy night Wednesday 20th March Comical Comedy
    Trashfiremag.com for her honest funny takes on how we’re all bad people
    @nsfwriting for her smutty fan fiction podcast

    Phoebe Batteson-Brown, an actor, performer, voice artist and one half of sketch duo Ladylikes:

    Check out her show Top Secret House Party
    Plus Sketchy Ladies on Thursday 21st March at the Water Poet, London, 7pm

    Katerina Robinson is an actor, stand-up comedian and writer:
    You can star in Sketch Please too. Just send in your name or sketch with the subject title ‘performer’ or ‘sketch’ to sketchplease@podcastpioneers.com.
    You can follow our host Katharine Kerr @katkerrradio on Twitter.
    This month’s sketches in order:
    Kristie McNiel - Come Dine with Me Spoof
    Joe Young - Adventurous Dining
    Chris Ballard - DIY Sketch
    Leonie Rachel - Wellness R Us
    Henrik Persson - Foxhole
    Paul Nash - Mugger Rugger

    • 33 min
    Sketch Please NOV DEC 2018

    Sketch Please NOV DEC 2018

    In November’s Sketch Please, (released in January, sorry, folks) we all go a bit stir crazy pre-christmas, insult one another then make up by losing the plot in an overheated studio. It’s lovely.

    Please enjoy some of November and December’s finest sketches interspersed with curious accents and wild chat from people who spent an evening doing this instead of actual paid work. Pringles were involved. But no Bourbons.

    Huge thanks to everyone involved in this month’s show. You can submit your sketches and sign up to perform with the details at the bottom.


    Helpful Desk - Paul Nash
    Help - David
    Sarah - Suzie

    Bob’s Booze & Cigarettes - Alex De-Gruchy
    Piggy - Thomas
    Bob - David
    Jane - Maggie

    Sales Funnel - Chris Tindall
    Mike - Thomas
    David - David
    Helen - Maggie
    Midwife - Suzie

    Biscuits Sketch - Robert Mills
    Stubbs - Suzie
    Harris - Thomas
    St Peter - Maggie

    Blue Peter - Amber Phillips
    Presenter 1 - David
    Presenter 2 - Thomas

    Like a Virgin - Michael Monkhouse
    Joseph - David
    Mary - Suzie

    Reel Lies of Rock- Elliot Stewart
    Int - Maggie
    Dir - Thomas


    Suzie Houlihan

    Suzie is an actor, comedian, model and presenter based in London.
    You can find her @sanhou on Twitter and Instagram

    Suzie plays Sarah in "The Cat in the Flat" on Apple Podcasts

    David Ruby

    David is a writer, improviser and movie producer currently working on a selection of short films and theatre show.
    He’s on Twitter @medavidruby. He also looks like Dudley Moore, according to some accounts.

    How to Date a Magical Creature comes to the Vault Festival in London in February. Details at howtodateamagicalcreate.com
    @datingcreatures on social media

    Custom Love is a film about a Valentines Day date gone wrong!

    Maggie Tolmie

    Maggie is a retired actor and mezzo soprano who practises improv comedy with Hoopla. She’s also trained in clowning!
    Maggie Tolmie is on Facebook where you can find podcasts of her character Vladi the lonely old vampire!


    Thomas Melhuish

    Is a director working on a short film for release. This dark comedy about a last meal is due for release in February.
    He’s also working with a group of Raindance festival acquaintances on a forthcoming mockumentary.

    Instagram @camembertfrosting


    We’ll be back at the end of January, so you know what to do - send your sketches to sketchplease@podcastpioneers.com with ’SKETCH’ in the title and volunteer to perform at with the email title ‘PERFORMER'

    See you out there!

    • 45 min
    Sketch Please OCTOBER 2018

    Sketch Please OCTOBER 2018

    This month's episode of the open-submission sketch comedy podcast features Dave Bibby, Miztli Rose Neville and Luke Murray!

    These fine actors and comedians have come together to bring to life the works of 7 writers. And Sketch Please will be back later in November with more!
    Submit your sketches or let us know if you’d like to perform by getting touch at sketchplease@podcastpioneers.com

    Follow Dave @davebibby / dave.bibby on instagram
    Follow Luke @lukemurraymagic
    Follow Miztli @roseneville1 @ladylikes
    Follow Katharine @katkerrradio

    AND enjoy these sketches!

    Martin Talbot - Austerity Party
    Holly - Miztli
    George - David
    Jemima - Luke

    Leonie Rachel - Pre Meeting Meeting
    Boss - David
    Tony - Luke
    Kim - Miztli

    Mr Parker’s Passport
    Barman - Mitzli
    Angie Notindrag - David
    Tannoy - Luke
    Paul Parker - Luke

    Dan Sweryt - CSA 007
    007 - David
    Blomfeld - Luke
    Martina - Mitzli
    Deidre - Mitzli

    Kaya Forde and Vicky de Lacy - I’m not a feminist but...
    Pippa - Miztli
    Emily - Luke

    Thomas Brogan - Wicker Man Baby
    Trump - David
    Speaker - Mitzli
    Narrator - Luke

    Joe West - Tea for Two
    Simon - Luke
    Gary - David

    • 43 min
    Sketch Please AUGUST 2018

    Sketch Please AUGUST 2018

    This month's episode of the open-submission sketch comedy podcast features Dreamweaver Quartet! Francesca Reid, James Witt and Greg Birks join Katharine from some chatter about creative life, gentrification and how to blag free Headspace. They share their beautiful singing talents, inspired by their top notch improvised show, and bring your sketches to life in another awesome edition.



    @sketchpleasepod on Facebook and Twitter

    @Francescarenee3 on instagram or Twiitter
    Francecareidactor facebook

    @Gregjbirks on Instagram
    @Gregbirks on Twitter

    @wittyleaks on Twitter
    James Witt on Facebook

    @DreamweaverQRT on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

    Get in touch with Dreamweaver Quartet and submit you strange dreams to appear on the brand new Dreamweaver Quartet podcast with Podcast Pioneers.

    Show Dates at Hoopla this Autumn:

    14th September
    27th October
    17th November
    1st December

    Hooplaimpro.com for show info and to book onto James’s classes.

    Send your sketches and performance submissions to sketchplease@podcastpioneers.com with either SKETCH OR PERFORMER in the subject box to take part

    Sketches in order of appearance:

    1. Stephanie Weston - Britannia

    HR Person - James
    Britannia - Fran

    2. Chris Ballard - Cocktail of Pollution

    Bartender - James
    Man - Greg
    Woman - Fran

    3. Viv Riddoch and Jane McCutcheon - Playing Outdoors

    Attenborough - Greg
    Child 1 - James
    Child 2 - Fran
    Child 3 - James
    Mum - Fran

    4. James Docherty - Heatmap Horror

    Jan - Fran
    Dominic - Greg

    5. Michael Monkhouse - 15 Things I must stop doing - Soapbox

    Narrator character - James

    6. Robert Mills - Guru Sketch

    Guru - James
    Student - Greg

    7. Elliot Stewart - Manners Maketh Points

    George - Fran
    Presenter - James

    • 53 min

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6 Ratings

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