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The Star Wars Vintage Rebellion Podcast is brought to you by five vintage Star Wars Toy collectors. The team discuss vintage star wars collectibles, recent threads and stories from across social media and forums, the current vintage market, oddball items, as well as covering stories that have been rocking the vintage collecting community. There are also interviews with all types of collector as well as an events section where you can discover Star Wars events in your area. All this plus much much more, so download this podcast now!

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The Star Wars Vintage Rebellion Podcast is brought to you by five vintage Star Wars Toy collectors. The team discuss vintage star wars collectibles, recent threads and stories from across social media and forums, the current vintage market, oddball items, as well as covering stories that have been rocking the vintage collecting community. There are also interviews with all types of collector as well as an events section where you can discover Star Wars events in your area. All this plus much much more, so download this podcast now!

    Episode 77 : Books and Toys and Rock n Roll

    Episode 77 : Books and Toys and Rock n Roll

    Still very much alive, our intrepid band of collectors remove their masks, give their microphones and surrounding areas a bally good rub down with disinfectant  and soldier on like any stern British podcaster would expect to do in a crisis. Hoorah for the Queen.
    We remember those days of bobbing for apples in others saliva as we try to regurgitate Halloweens of the past. Richard talks of the final Astons Auctions in Dudley with some incredible bulk lots, we hear about several new books in the community, an amazing poster Auction and Jason becomes very Scottish.
    The Licensee section is another of Andy Preston's passions: HC Ford and Sons, stationary for the discerning school child of the 80s.

    • 3 hrs 27 min
    Episode 76 : Don’t you go all Scott Bradley on me

    Episode 76 : Don’t you go all Scott Bradley on me

    All 5 hosts make dramatic returns for yet another episode of the longest Star Wars Vintage Collecting podcast in the modern era. Chris Porteous again tries to make us look visually appealing with the Youtube visual version. https://youtu.be/Wusol8iacF4
    Scott Bradley is our guest and main interviewee, he joins Richard to talk about the complicated relationship between Kenner, Irwin, Parker and Regal as he discusses the Canadian distribution system.
    The lads discuss the shadiest behaviour in recent times and in a story that makes war and peace seem like a Christmas cracker joke in Rebel Briefings. 
    And the licensee topic has a Swedish flavour as we lick the crumbs from the smorgasbord to talk posters etc with Scandecour. [if you can count all the ABBA references, you may be able to win a prize]
    All packed into a tight 3hr55min of vintage fiskbullar. 
    0:00:00 - Intro
    0:01:26 - Remembering Ron Cobb & Alan Tomkins
    0:08:22 - Host's Newest Acquisitions
    0:28:06 - The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer - Vintage Influences & Bob Fett
    0:39:46 - The Quiz
    0:53:42 - NA Shoutouts
    1:06:52 - Rebel Briefings
    1:07:35 - Power Droid at it Again!
    2:00:08 - A New Proof - One Last Time!
    2:02:00 - Aston's Auctioneers - Going out with a Bang!
    2:06:09 - Space Toys Advert
    2:07:14 - Scott Bradley Interview
    3:10:11 - Licence to Thrill - Scandecor & Scanlite
    3:45:09 - Rapid Fire with Scott Bradley
    3:49:41 - Feedback & Outro

    • 3 hrs 55 min
    Episode 75 : Rinzler and repeat

    Episode 75 : Rinzler and repeat

    Three quarters of the way to a hundred episodes. And to celebrate this we have managed to get Mr JW Rinzler on the cast in order to plug his new book, All Up, talking about rockets, Lucasfilm and discover a certain character in a Disney film was named after him. Buy this book now!
    The hosts again are a five, and we've decided to keep hold of the two Andys and cardboard king Mr Jason Smith. Richard leads them through a host of stories ranging from destroying your childhood right through to that warm feeling you get when you complete a run.
    In the Licencee section Pete again talks Marvel comics, but this time its from across the pond with the American releases. So, sit back, pour a large glass of Vimto, open a packet of Bourbon Creams and prepare your ears for 3 and a half hours of luxury warbling.
    Check out the Youtube version by our visual wizard Mr. Chris 'Terry Gilliam' Porteous
    00:00:00 - Intro 00:06:19 - Host's Newest Acquisitions 00:15:44 - SW Tracker and a Look at Current Prices 00:29:24 - The Quiz "Name that Quote" 00:57:17 - NA Shoutouts 01:07:29 - Rebel Briefings 01:10:32 - Motta Stickers & Completing Runs 01:25:03 - The End of the Argos Catalogue 01:40:34 - Selling & Advising Etiquette 01:49:43 - Farthest From "Empire 40" Review 01:55:43 - Propstore Auction 02:06:27 - J.W. Rinzler Interview 02:55:02 - Licensee Spotlight on Marvel Comics in the US 03:28:44 - Rapid Fire with J.W. Rinzler 03:31:39 - Feedback & Outro

    • 3 hrs 36 min
    Episode 74 : The Big Bangert Theory

    Episode 74 : The Big Bangert Theory

    What's better than 4 podcast hosts? No, silly... it's not free cheesy Wotsits for life, its of course having 5 hosts for this month. And because of that we've gone over 4 hours of scrumptious warbling for your earlugs. Who said you weren't lucky to have us. The podcast celebrates 100k downloads thanks to an email from Podbean which is about a year out of date as we are currently over 115k downloads. We pay tribute to James Martin as he sadly passed away in July after many years of fighting off cancer. A knowledgeable collector who we can proudly say was a good friend. R.I.P James. Phil Bangert is our interviewee this month, and Richard catches up with him for a chat about his Star Wars collecting and a little chat about his love of all things football, despite being an American. Maybe Richard 'Arsenal' Hutchinson can learn a thing or two.Jason's list of newest acquisitions is longer this month, so we've cut that down to just the first 1000 items. Andy Preston and Andy Spoons share their love of  Marvel Weekly UK with Peter in the licensee section and you don't want to miss some of the clowning in the correspondence pages. 
    Rebel briefings has Richard getting righteously indignant about the latest repro drama, wondering how many small towns in Newcastle he can buy with the proceeds of a Rocket Firing Fett purchase and looks forward to more words in books from J.W.Rinzler.  
    Check out the youtube version by the maestro Chris Porteous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8SnXFuuajA&feature=youtu.be

    • 4 hrs 17 min
    Episode 73 : Principal Sigma Skinner

    Episode 73 : Principal Sigma Skinner

    In amongst fighting off mice and general wildlife - trying to eat the collectibles stored in his garage - young Star Wars fan Stuart Skinner, from nearby France, takes part in this months interview. Talking SIGMA, being mistaken for Romba the Ewok and all those days of being on this here podcast for decades. 
    Jason Smith has a new microphone, but can he stay awake long enough in his office/sauna to finish his list of acquisitions whilst Andy Preston returns as we discuss Empire Strikes Back having a birthday. Sadly we are all old enough to remember it coming out in 1980, although Cinema had yet to reach Richard in the frozen north. 
    During Rebel Briefings an argument breaks out over some oddities featured in a Palitoy display at a recent Auction. Richard pays tribute to Charles Lippencott.
    Licensee Butterly Originals gently stirs the memories of our hosts as we remember the days of school hijinks with stationery items being used for violence. 

    Chris Porteous' hard work making us look beautiful can also be found on that moving pictures website. 


    00:00:00 - Intro & Host's Newest Acquisitions
    00:23:10 - Celebrating 40 Years of The Empire Strikes Back
    00:39:35 - The Quiz
    00:54:13 - NA Shoutouts
    01:06:23 - Rebel Briefing
    01:07:21 - Kim Simmons' Kenner Photography Book II
    01:14:41 - Auction Recap
    01:27:20 - Deal or No Deal Madness!
    01:33:37 - Remembering Charles Lippincott
    01:37:36 - The Running Stormtrooper
    01:40:57 - Farthest From 2.0
    01:44:29 - Stuart Skinner Interview
    02:35:56 - Licensee Spotlight: Butterfly Originals
    03:14:15 - Rapid Fire
    03:16:56 - Feedback & Outro

    • 3 hrs 25 min
    Episode 72 : I am the Law, Bot!

    Episode 72 : I am the Law, Bot!

    Hot off the heels from Episode 71, comes Episode 72! Amazing isn't it. Check out the 4D version from our Vintage Space Wizard Chris Porteous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxG3EmJhRF8Andy Norton decides to have a go at a quiz this month to test the chops of recent 'Farthest From - Online' champions Richard Hutchinson and Andy Preston. It's an attempt at ITV's The Chase. With Mr. Preston being the Chaser. Can Jason, Peter & Richard beat him down? The main interview is with Irish writer Michael Carroll, who runs the online blog 'Rusty Staples', which we touched upon in our Panini Licensee section a few months back. Rusty Staples covers every single mention and influence of Star Wars in British Comic 2000AD. Michael is a current writer of Judge Dredd and with Peter, reminisces about Star Wars, collecting and all things of an Irish influence back in the day. https://michaelowencarroll.wordpress.com
    We ask the question about certain scenes in the Original Trilogy which there are few, if any, collectables. Richard leaps onto Farthest From online, and certain Facebook groups in Rebel briefings whilst looking at the latest Vectis Auction. Can Richard win another R5 for his collection? Will Andy Norton just buy all the Action Man gear?The Licensee section sees Peter tackling Cliro, where he gets all soapy with the lads. What can we make Jason buy this month? Thanks to Craig Stevens for supplying some amazing insight into this glorious brand.  

    • 3 hrs 31 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

Rob Thompson UK ,

Interesting, Informative And Most Of All, Fun!

I have given this show a 5-star rating, as I have been so impressed with the quality and quantity of the content over the years, and the constant bants between the team. It all makes for a really enjoyable few hours each month. Gotta say, I miss Pete’s gimcrack segments, but they keep coming up with new ideas such as the Licence to Thrill segments and the Rebel Alliance link up with big names of the vintage Star Wars collecting world from the SWCA. I do not have a huge vintage collection, just a complete run of the loose figures (minus Blue Snag) plus a few vintage vehicles, collected in the early 90’s (when it was affordable!) and some random stuff like the stationary, bath products, collectible cards, premiums such as stickers and stuff like that, that I collected when I was a kid at school in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I just love learning about the vintage stuff that’s out there, and hearing others’ collecting stories, and this is the perfect place to find all that vintage goodness. Was sad to see Stu go, and I wish him well in his new venture, but he has left the podcast in safe hands. Keep up the good work, lads and see you at the next Farthest From!

Alex the Designer ,


So nice to listen to a podcast that cuts the unnecessary. Hits you with facts and information, and is presented by warm and fun characters!

Gripper Jenkins ,

100% Star Wars Vintage goodness!

I’ve listened from day one to this podcast and can honestly say it’s the best podcast for all round vintage Star Wars info.
The lads have perfected a fantastic mix of interviews banter and info regarding anything and everything vintage Star Wars.
It’s a must for all vintage toy collectors!
The lads work so hard to bring the podcast to the masses free every month.
Lads thank you so much for all the hours you’ve informed and entertained me over the years.
I’m a touring musician with many hours to burn at times and your podcast really keeps me going!
I look forward to new episodes every month.
It has to be a 5 star rating and sorry it’s taken me this long to review the show, it’s also a big thank you to Stu,Pete,Rich Jez ...plus ex presenters grant & simon,...people subscribe!.. you won’t regret it.
Thank you vintage Rebellion podcast! 😉👍

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