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A group of Sheffield Comedians and friends coming together for a weekly podcast

Sturike Sturike

    • Comedy
    • 5.0 • 3 Ratings

A group of Sheffield Comedians and friends coming together for a weekly podcast

    Pavel's Wager

    Pavel's Wager

    Nearly three years in the making, it's finally time for the climax of Springbrook: Sturike Does DnD!

    • 1 hr 50 min
    There's Darkness, And Then There's Darkness

    There's Darkness, And Then There's Darkness

    The gang face a ticking clock and a deadly challenge. Everything hinges on how you interpret the prophecy and also different types of darkness. Isn't language fun?

    • 1 hr

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

Communal Bathroom ,


With ambitious numbers of people on podcast (sometimes as many as 10) all competing for the mic at any one time, you too can experience the feeling of being in a room with nearly a dozen seasoned improvisers. It's sometimes chaotic, with no subject off limits. Many running segments and Sturike members have come and gone over time. Sometimes they play dungeons and dragons, sometimes they get really drunk. Their inconsistency is their consistency. I totally recommend any of the episodes that Christopher Delamere appears in (but not the one where they got drunk).

That King Thing Gaming ,

My kind of chats!

Folks in a room talking about the kind of stuff I'd want to talk about/listen to and also being rather funny with it to!

Alex NSFW Keen ,

This review is in no way biased

I love Sturike. Sturike is my guiding purpose in life. I Sturike twice a week, which is the amount recommended by all (almost) doctors associated with the show. Sturike has changed my existence - for the better! Without Sturike I would be puny, with it I am STRONG. Sturike can be found at all good retailers. No mess, no fuss - STURIKE. Sturike costs literally nothing. Invest in Sturike today. Sturike: now 110% more professional. Goodsturight.

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