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Host Bill Ackerman talks to writers, bloggers, podcasters, fanzine publishers, programmers, preservationists and more about their creative endeavors and today’s film culture.

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Host Bill Ackerman talks to writers, bloggers, podcasters, fanzine publishers, programmers, preservationists and more about their creative endeavors and today’s film culture.

    Episode 51: Emma Westwood

    Episode 51: Emma Westwood

    Bill speaks to author, broadcaster and film historian Emma Westwood about her many creative endeavors, from co-founding film societies and writing freelance criticism to hosting Triple R’s Plato’s Cave and developing her recent monograph on David Cronenberg’s THE FLY. Topics include: Fatal Visions, Lee Gambin, the differing approaches of American and Australian film schools in the early 1990s, ALIEN, John Frankenheimer, Bert Deling's DALMAS, writing about standup comedy, HOUSEBOAT HORROR, the research process for audio commentary tracks, Raymond Stross, why children relate to monsters and why “write what you know” is bad advice.
    Visit Emma Westwood’s website:
    Buy and read THE FLY:
    Hear Emma Westwood on Plato’s Cave:
    Hear Emma Westwood discussing Roman Polanski on Hell Is For Hyphenates:
    Read A Fiend On Film’s interview with Emma Westwood:
    Read “The Act of Seeing: Cinema, Ethics and Responsibility”:
    Read “To Watch Or Not To Watch, That Is The Question”:
    Read newsletters from the Fitzroy Film Society:
    Read a roundtable discussion of Women In Horror with Emma Westwood, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Kate Robertson:
    Hear Emma Westwood, Stuart Cornfeld, Mike White, Samm Deighan and Bill discuss THE FLY on The Projection Booth:
    Watch Emma Westwood, Sally Christie, Hande Noyan and Lee Gambin at the Cinemaniacs event, "All of them Witches", discussing the Devil in 60s and 70s cinema:
    Listen to Art Of The Score:

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    Episode 50: Josh Olson

    Episode 50: Josh Olson

    Bill speaks to writer/director, Trailers From Hell guru and podcaster Josh Olson about his many endeavors, from writing screenplays like the Oscar-nominated A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and the audio drama BRONZEVILLE to co-hosting shows like The Movies That Made Me and The West Wing Thing. Topics include: Harlan Ellison, Werner Herzog and the German New Wave, NIGHT WATCH, Randy Frakes, landing professional opportunities through mistaken identity, MAD Magazine, Anthony Bourdain, screening UNFORGIVEN for David Cronenberg, The Cinefamily and whether or not people still approach him to read their scripts.
    Watch Josh Olson on Trailers From Hell:
    Listen to The Movies That Made Me:
    Listen to Bronzeville:
    Listen to The West Wing Thing:
    Read “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script”:
    Watch Josh Olson on I Blame Dennis Hopper:
    Hear Josh Olson on Pure Cinema Podcast:
    Buy DARK OF THE SUN, featuring an audio commentary by Josh Olson, Larry Karaszewski, Elric Kane and Brian Saur:

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    Episode 49: Mike “McBeardo” McPadden

    Episode 49: Mike “McBeardo” McPadden

    Bill speaks to author, screenwriter and fanzine publisher Mike “McBeardo” McPadden about his various endeavors, from creating the fanzine Happyland in 1991 to developing books like HEAVY METAL MOVIES and TEEN MOVIE HELL. Topics include: Rick Sullivan’s Gore Gazette, approaching 1980s teen sex comedies in the #MeToo era, writing as Selwyn Harris for Screw and Hustler, Danny Peary, 1990s fanzine culture, authoring screenplays for Gregory Dark films like THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES 5 and ANIMAL INSTINCTS III, John Hughes, Troma Entertainment, LEMORA: A CHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL, Gilbert Gottfried, Mr. Skin, catching ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at age 10 with hippie relatives and writing about Jenna Jameson’s mashed potatoes recipe for Esquire.
    Watch the trailer for TEEN MOVIE HELL:
    Visit the official site for TEEN MOVIE HELL:
    Watch the King Kong Volkswagon Commercial
     Hear Gays In The Military on Spotify:

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    Episode 48: Kent Jones

    Episode 48: Kent Jones

    Bill speaks to writer, filmmaker, and New York Film Festival director Kent Jones. They discuss his path from writing film reviews as a teenager to directing the new film DIANE. Topics include: William Wyler, collaborating with Martin Scorsese on documentaries like MY VOYAGE TO ITALY and A LETTER TO ELIA, programming at venues like Film Forum and Film Society Of Lincoln Center, moderating Q & As, Jean-Luc Godard, Netflix, John Ford, Elia Kazan, Manny Farber, ZODIAC, New Video, Monte Hellman and the importance of costume designers. 
    Visit IFC Films site for DIANE:
    Read Kent Jones at Criterion.com:
    Read Kent Jones’ essay “Intolerance”:
    Read Kent Jones in Film Comment:
    Watch Noah Baumbach interview Kent Jones about HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT:
    Hear Kent Jones on The Cinephiliacs:
    Buy Physical Evidence by Kent Jones:
    Attend the Kent Jones Dream Double Feature at Metrograph – 3/23

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    Episode 47: Chris O'Neill

    Episode 47: Chris O'Neill

    Bill talks to filmmaker and film programmer Chris O’Neill. They discuss his experiences in film culture, from childhood movie rental rituals to directing short films, working in distribution and programming for theatres like Kino Cinema and Triskel Christchurch. Topics include Irish cinema, tape trading, STRAW DOGS, Brad Stevens, the changes William Friedkin made to CRUISING and the impact of parenthood on work/life balance.
    Visit the official site of Triskel Christ Church:
    Listen to an interview with Chris O’Neill about the 59th Cork Film Festival.
    Chris O'Neill - Triskel Arts Centre #CorkFilmFest - Fred Industry Channel
    Watch film and video work directed by Chris O’Neill:
    Read a piece by filmmaker Maximilian Le Cains about Chris O’Neill's work as a filmmaker:
    Experimental Conversations: http://www.experimentalconversations.com

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    Episode 46: Manuela Lazic

    Episode 46: Manuela Lazic

    Bill talks to film critic Manuela Lazic. They discuss her experiences in film culture, from reading Cahiers du Cinema with her sister in middle school to writing for publications like Little White Lies, The Ringer, Vague Visages, RogerEbert.com and Birth.Movies.Death. Topics include: Erotic thrillers, influential teachers, Christopher Nolan, writing about performance, podcasts, BLOW UP, drawing Freudian inspiration from Sasha Alexander's performance on NCIS, positivity and branding on social media.

    Visit Manuela Lazic’s official site:
    Read “The Wild Innocence Of Melanie Griffith”:
    Read Manuela Lazic on PERSONAL SHOPPER:
    Read “Alma Matters: Modelling And Being in PHANTOM THREAD”:
    Hear Manuela and Elena Lazic discuss THE PARENT TRAP on Blank Check:
    Read Manuela and Elena Lazic on THE NEON DEMON:
    Read Manuela Lazic in Cinema Scope:

    Read Manuela Lazic in Little White Lies:
    Follow Manuela Lazic on Twitter:

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4.9 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

gzdeath ,

Great stuff

As a film scholar, I’ve been enjoying this podcast on my commute to work. The questions are thoughtfully put together and researched in advance to allow an indepth answer but the discussion also feels natural and flows to interesting places. I also love the lengthiness of the conversations - the unusual 3 hour plus format allows elaborate answers. Much recommended for people who are curious about film criticism, programming, research and scholarship.

JonMel ,

Deep cut film podcasting

I've not heard of many of the guests on the show, but I always know I'm going to learn something new about working in the film industry, often a few steps removed from the actors and productions themselves. Authors, the producers of DVD special feautures, journalists, podcasters, this is an eclectic mix that is always worth tuning into.

Ixnayray ,

Essential listening.

Supporting Characters is one of my favourite podcasts. Bill Ackerman is a great host, interviewing various people involved in film culture. Always interesting, entertaining and informative. I highly recommend subscribing to this show. You won’t be disappointed!

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