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Professional cinematographers Ed and Ben discuss the life and challenges of being DPs working in narrative and commercials, and where cinematography and filmmaking look in a digital age.

Tailslate: A Cinematography Podcas‪t‬ Ed Moore & Benedict Spence, Cinematographers

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Professional cinematographers Ed and Ben discuss the life and challenges of being DPs working in narrative and commercials, and where cinematography and filmmaking look in a digital age.

    009: It took a global pandemic

    009: It took a global pandemic

    We're back and we're terribly sorry. Ed's been shooting Doctor Who and Britannia, and Ben's done four thousand commercials and a little known show called End of the Fucking World. Which seems strangely relevant tbh.

    008: BSCgate

    008: BSCgate

    We’re back! Only coming up with a description is between me and this getting posted so… this is the end of the description.

    007: The triumphant return

    007: The triumphant return

    We're back with a bumper episode of over two hours of DP waffling. The boys are joined by Catherine Goldschmidt and the wine-fuelled topics include

    what we've been shooting
    how to get into dramas (again)
    the Sony Venice
    large format lenses and sensors
    gender politics on set

    006: The Episode Ed Didn't Post For Three Months

    006: The Episode Ed Didn't Post For Three Months

    Ben talks bout being super tired from his first 2 weeks on Witless 3, and some secret relationship gossip too.
    Ed loves flame bars.
    Ben doesn’t mind an easyrig (but only for eyelines http://easyrig.se/).
    Ben does love a Litegear Litemat (http://www.litegear.com/).
    Ed talks about prepping for Vera and spending long hours in a recce bus.
    Ed talks about moving away from movi work for this series a bit.
    Ed discusses his lens choice for Vera.
    Ed talks about his camera choice, he likes Arri cameras but has a secret love for the Sony F65.
    Ben really likes the Alexa sensor because it means he can be lazy with protecting this highlights.
    Ed is very diplomatic about all cameras (but he likes Alexa most).
    Ben and Ed reminisce about Canon Xl1s and XLH1’S and their funny lenses.
    Ed talks about his Canon 5d and how much he loved it.
    Ben tells a couple of possibly alternative fact about old school tv cameras and VCT14 tripod plates (https://www.sony.co.uk/pro/product/broadcast-products-camcorders-tripods-supports/vct-14/overview/).
    Ed and Ben realise they are becoming THOSE old dp’s talking about old cameras and things.
    The podcast gets interrupted by a call from Bens, previously mentioned, girlfriend.
    How many working DPs are there in the UK? (Ed knows!)
    Ben and Ed talk about the new Sony Venice camera and what they think it might be like (https://www.sony.co.uk/pro/product/broadcast-products-camcorders-digital-motion-picture-camera/venice/specifications/)
    Ed really really likes a mirrored shutter.
    Ed talks about shooting on film with DP Dale McCready (http://www.dalemccready.com/) and a few beginners film faux pars.
    Ben and Ed finally solve digital vs film (they don’t).
    Ben finally relishes that having and iPad and Shot Designer might infact be a useful tool (https://www.hollywoodcamerawork.com/shot-designer.html).
    Ed thinks someone should update the lighting designer app and talks about Omnigraffle (https://www.omnigroup.com/omnigraffle/ios) and Airtable (https://airtable.com/)
    Ben shows off about his Tesla, again.
    Ed and Ben gush about the sci fi books of Ian m banks (https://www.iain-banks.net/books/#sf).

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    005: More Lighting

    005: More Lighting

    What Ed and Ben have been up to in the past couple of weeks.Ben’s been shooting pack shots, with white trainers.Ed’s been working in Bucharest and staying in nice hotels.Ed talks a lot about his cat flap security setup.Talk about keeping lighting simple, stupid.Lighting fashion shoots and what your favourite Briese light size.Plus how do you pronounce Briese?Ben and Ed talk about lighting people. Should you be giving women different treatment to men?Ed and Ben talk about studying actors faces while lighting them (and freaking them out in the process).Funny Stories about light meters from Ed.Funny stories about Naomi Campbell and Masterattis from Ben.Ed and Ben both talk about how they behave on set, first day set etiquette and dodging being bullied (lets call it what it is) by John Cleese.Ben channels his inner David Brent and talks about Fun Games. Including Set Assassin and The Camera Name Game.Ordering custom clapperboards from English Stix http://www.englishstix.com/The current medical assessment of Ed’s cat, Deakins.And both share embarrassing knowledge of the songs from Aladdin (1992).

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    004: Lighting and Gaffers

    004: Lighting and Gaffers

    Ed and Ben talk about the launch of the podcast
    Ed’s been grading his big sexy drama and did a whole LUT thing
    Ben’s been shooting tons of fashion with his shiny trainers and lots of Briese light
    We decide to discuss lighting and solve everything once and for all
    Whether a gaffer is a robot or a creative collaborator
    How a DP hiring a gaffer is like a director hiring a DP
    How to describe what you’re after to a gaffer
    Ed’s number 1 thing that’s annoying about some gaffers
    Ed’s still looking for his dream gaffer
    The two ways to be a member of crew (and one’s bad)
    Ben makes a confession about diffusion
    Ed and Stephen Murphy’s textile test -   http://content.edmooredop.com/ragstest/
    Ed shows off about Lee gel numbers
    LEDs and colour
    Ed hates burned out gel
    We both love Skypanels
    Gel numbers vs DMX values
    The light Ed wants someone to make
    Our favourite lights OF ALL TIME
    Thinking in terms of radiosity
    Lighting with high ISOs
    Ben loves tungsten
    Ed is skeptical about double bounces / book lights
    Ben describes the LED-Industrial Complex 
    Where to start with a lighting kit list

    • 1 hr 4 min

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4.9 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

irarelyleavereviews ,

Subject for podcast

Having just caught up on the April 2020 episode, I’d like to encourage you to keep posting, even if it’s just talking about things you’ve watched recently - explaining why you like it. There doesn’t have to be a specific reason for an episode, it’s the energy between the two of you which is entertaining. Anyway, I’m just watching Gangs of London and I feel like you might enjoy that too.

Atticido ,

Educational entertainment. Brilliant!

Thanks for all the info and the banter.

Educational entertainment. Brilliant!

Marg Conrok ,

Great insight into the DoP mind !

Great insight into the DoP mind - loving your candid therapy sessions !

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