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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.

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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.

    Bad Recruiting Call and Trucking News

    Bad Recruiting Call and Trucking News

    BAD RECRUITING CALL AND TRUCKING NEWS. Ever wonder how goofy a recruiting call sounds when a recruiter tells a driver everything he wants to hear. Check out the recruiting call from Johnny Acid and how ridiculous the entire conversation sounded. We hope you enjoy this comic stint.

    Trucking News with Ruthann and Troy

    Check out some of the latest headlines that are in the trucking industry.

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    Bad Recruiting Call and Trucking News

    Bad Recruiting Call and Trucking News

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    Trucker Johnny Acid and Fort Worth Tx

    Trucker Johnny Acid and Fort Worth Tx

    TRUCKER JOHNNY ACID AND Fort Worth TX. Yeah that's right, Johnny Acid is officially a trucker. Sounds scary doesn't it? We caught up with Johnny for a quick interview and he hasn't changed one bit. Johnny is still Johnny and if you have sensitive ears, then you might want to skip this interview. We talked to the vulgar Johnny Acid about his new career and some of the antics he has gotten himself into. Tune into this weeks podcast and hear what the notorious Johnny Acid had to say.

    Deadly 100 plus vehicle pile up in Fort Worth TX.

    This past week an icy cold morning lead to multiple fatalities in Fort Worth Tx. Black ice and un-warned vehicles all crashed into each other causing one of if not the most destructive pile-ups in Texas history. At last count there was over 130 vehicles involved in the deadly crash and 6 fatalities.

    CB's can help

    At one time every trucker on the road owned and used a CB radio. The CB Radio is one of the most simple but yet amazing tools a trucker can use. CB radios can be used to warn on coming traffic about for example "black ice" or any slippery condition that cars and trucks are experiencing. If for example, every trucker that was in Fort Worth that dreadful day, had a CB Radio, there would have been a good chance that most Big Rigs involved in that wreck, might have been spared the horror. CB radios are great for traffic reports and yes, police reports. Many of times this writer was spared a speeding ticket because I knew there was a speed trap up ahead. If you are a trucker and you want to have an advantage, then buy yourself a good CB Radio. The following radios are what I recommend. Uniden, Cobra and Galaxy. Check them out and buy one today.

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    Trucking stuff and Amazon

    Trucking stuff and Amazon

    Trucking Stuff and Amazon. It looks like Amazon is trying to create its own trucking company by increasing their Owner Operators. Amazon plans to ad hundred's of independent contractors in the hopes they will in turn create their own small trucking companies with in Amazon. Amazon is hoping and banking on a larger trucking business within the Amazon company hauling exclusively for Amazon only. In this writer's opinion they will have to step map to the plate and reach into their deep pockets. Recruiting truck drivers these days is a task and a half itself and if you are going to get enough truckers to join the company you will need big incentives. Information obtained reported that Amazon will create an “incubator” that provides business training and loans for entrepreneurs to start their own trucking companies. Only time will tell and if Amazon has their way, it will be with in the first two quarters of this year.

    Iowa Trooper Is Calling Out Truckers For Pile Ups

    TRUCKING STUFF AND AMAZON. An Iowa State Trooper is calling out truckers on social media. Recently on twitter trooper Jon Stickney tweeted " Truckers, all you are is an 80,000 pound sled". Stickney's tweet came after a weather related pile up on interstate 80 near Des Moines. One person was injured and thank God no one was killed.

    TalkCDL Trucking Podcast Interviews

    If you are wanting to be on the show, please write to us at Troy@TalkCDL.com or Ruthann@TalkCDL.com. We are on the lookout for people with interesting stories for our listeners. If you have a story in trucking or if you have something traffic related please write to us.

    75 Chrome Shop Truck Show

    The 75 Chrome Show in Wildwood Florida is hosting its annual truck show. The dates for the show are April 23rd, 24th and the 25th 2021. TalkCDL is planning on being there, so come on out and meet the hosts. We will be doing video work and interviewing truckers and everyone we can get a mic on. Be sure and join us for all the fun and the great chromed out big rigs that will be there.

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    Trucker Concerns

    Trucker Concerns

    Trucker Concerns. Truck drivers concerns are on the rise in the industry. Truck drivers are concerned about a few things above the rest. One of those concerns is autonomous trucks. Truckers are starting to fear for their futures and rightly so. Self driving trucks are reported to be coming along faster than originally thought. A truck driver with no more skill than driving across country for a living could be seeing their last generation of human piloted tractor-trailers. If the filthy rich have their way, truck drivers will be a thing of the past. On the trucking podcast we talked about this and all the other concerns that truckers are most concerned about. You can find the podcast on most podcast platforms like Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Podbean, Google Podcast and any where a podcast host is you can find TalkCDL Trucking Podcast.

    Speed Limiters. Another issue truckers are concerned with is speed limiters. From what we are hearing the authorities are calling for a national speed set for all semi-trucks. The speed that is rumored is 65mph. Many truckers are concerned with the safety of other drivers being a split speed limit between four wheeled vehicles and either wheeled vehicles could pose a safety risk for the general public. The other issue is slower speed means more man hours to get the already tiresome job of delivering freight across the country done.

    Truck Driver Arrested

    Trucker CONCERNS. A truck driver was arrested at the Golden Spike Travel Plaza in Tremonton. An unnamed tanker driver was attempting to deliver fuel to the truck stop when another semi truck blocked the gas tanks, preventing him from delivering the fuel and completing the job. The tanker driver claims he asked the other driver, Danny Jerome Johnson, to move his rig, but Johnson became “belligerent.”  After an argument between the two broke out, the tank driver claims that Johnson grabbed a sharp edged pipe from his rig and attacked him. He claims Johnson then fled the scene. Later on the highway patrol stopped and arrested Johnson.

    Coming soon Johnny Acid is back

    If you remember Johnny Acid from the show a few years ago, he's back. Johnny sat down with Troy for the first time in 2 years. The interview was toughing but funny. Johnny talked about his new career, you guessed it, a trucker. Thats right Johnny has obtained his Class A CDL since leaving the show almost two years ago. He will be joining the show once again on a regular basis. We look forward to this new addition to TalkCDL Trucking Podcast.

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    Trucking Company Fight

    Trucking Company Fight

    TRUCKING COMPANY FIGHT. It looks like a feud between customer and trucking company is heading for a show down. Prior to Loves Furniture filing of bankruptcy, Penske Logistics filed a suit and asserts that Loves was in financial difficulty for several weeks toward the end of 2020, and it was denied access to merchandise that could’ve been seized in response to non-payment. It appears that each blame each other for problems and is heating up for a battle in court.

    After Penske provided services, Loves started having trouble paying the bill. The total due was over 1.5 million dollars (Im saying that in my Austin Powers voice). One thing this writer was taught back in the day is this. When you are in business you will have what is called your "A B C D E" customers. You're "A" and "B" customers always honor their contract and pay the invoice on time. But you're "C D and E" customers want to renegotiate terms on every invoice they don't see their way. I was taught that you will not be able to stay in business with "C D and E" customers. Bottom line "go in business with good customers.

    Warning: Potential Danger of Wide Spread Portests

    In an article written by Freightwaves. A potential for protests in every state capitol is at risk. This can cause disruptions in everyones life in the vicinity including truckers doing their job. Instructional Technologies inc. has come up with a program to help local and long haul truck drivers avoid possible trouble. Observe the following

    ●      Avoid provoking or engaging with protesters

    ●      Set the parking brakes

    ●      Lock all doors and windows

    ●      Remain in the vehicle if safe to do so, but never if you feel at risk

    ●      Call law enforcement

    ●      Use a mobile phone or dash cam to record the event

    Also you might ask a family member or a friend to monitor the situation by watching news and social media as to warn you of troubles ahead.

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    TalkCDL Trucking Podcast

    Hello, we it is 2021 and we are looking forward to another year, Lord Willing! If you are wanting to make an appearance on the show, please write to Ruthann@talkCDL.com or Troy @talkCDL.com and tell us what you are wanting to speak about.

    If you have a video or a picture you would like us to post for you please send it to our Facebook page messenger. We are currently putting together the latest addition "Part 4" of "A truckers view of idiots". We are looking for truckers that have dash cam footage of a 4 wheeler or another trucker acting up and doing something stupid.

    Please write to us at Troy@talkcdl.com

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    Passing on the trucking torch

    Passing on the trucking torch


    PASSING ON THE TRUCKING TORCH. The next generation of truckers are eager to pass their test and to their first trucking job. If you have a young son or a friend that is wanting to become a truck driver, try encouraging him. There are some truckers that are trying to discourage young wanna-bee- truckers from following their dream of being the next BJ and the bear. There are actually truck drivers who have taken it upon themselves to sway our future drivers from trucking to perhaps a different field. These grumpy old truckers need to remember their own journey they embarked upon. There was a time in their own life, that no one could talk them out of becoming a trucker. The only reason I can come up with, is, they are miserable and don't like the way the industry is turning. They don't like the new rules that are inevitable to change. They fail to remember when they came into he industry, previous drivers were saying the same thing about the new industry. The generation before them, was just being introduced to things such as "Qualcomm, Aerodyne Tractors (Ant Eaters), New hours of service and new bridge laws" and they did not like it anymore than today's driver likes "ELD's, HOS, Automatic Transmissions and training procedures". So try and remember this the next time you might want to discourage a young driver that has the dream.

    TCA & CarriersEdge named their top 20 carriers

    TCA and CarriersEdge have named their top 20 Carriers to work for. TalkCDL talked about this group for a short period on this past weeks episode. Tune in and hear the list but for a full explanation and break down of the criteria that led them to the top 20, head over to the Trucker and read all about it.

    National Carriers

    JJ Keller

    Rev Trucker Insurance

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