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Your essential guide to the podcast industry, with Rachael King in Los Angeles and Pete Naughton in London. We’re running tape on the biggest industry players, breaking news, and listening recommendations. Every other Wednesday. Join the club.

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Your essential guide to the podcast industry, with Rachael King in Los Angeles and Pete Naughton in London. We’re running tape on the biggest industry players, breaking news, and listening recommendations. Every other Wednesday. Join the club.

    Equality in Audio

    Equality in Audio

    As the audio industry grapples with its own response to the Black Lives Matter movement, we talk with two people who have insider knowledge of the issues at hand - and some sharp ideas about what needs to be done.
    They are Jay Connor, a writer and podcaster based in Los Angeles, and Chrystal Genesis, a journalist, producer and host from London.
    Jay Connor
    Chrystal Genesis
    Listening recommendations 
    Prison Bag
    Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review
    The Californian Century
    Seeing White 

    • 43 min
    Podcasts by people of colour

    Podcasts by people of colour

    We’re not putting out a normal episode this week. Instead, we bring recommendations of a handful of the great podcasts currently being made by people of colour, from both sides of the Atlantic.
    Snap Judgement - https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/snapjudgment
    Code Switch - https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/
    Still Processing - https://www.nytimes.com/column/still-processing-podcast
    Have You Heard George’s Podcast - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07915kd/episodes/downloads
    Lights Out: Into This World, by Axel Kacoutié - https://axelkacoutie.com/lights-out
    About Race With Reni Eddo-Lodge https://www.aboutracepodcast.com
    Black on the Air - https://www.theringer.com/larry-wilmore-black-on-air
    Go Off, Sis - https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/go-off-sis/id1460288974
    Therapy for Black Girls - https://therapyforblackgirls.com/podcast/
    The Read - http://thisistheread.com/episodes
    Bodega Boys - https://open.spotify.com/show/2ZgrSa9Ar0EAdlitOiMC6r

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    Has Apple given up on podcasting?

    Has Apple given up on podcasting?

    Following on from our discussion of Spotify’s pivot to spoken word - we turn our attention to the 600lb gorilla in the market. 
    Apple were, of course, first to the party - adding podcast support back in 2005, and building Apple Podcasts (nee iTunes) into the world’s largest listening platform.
    But for the last five years, the folks from Cupertino have seemingly turned their backs on the medium.
    We dig in to their reasons for doing this, the ramifications it could have for listeners — and explain why we think they’re making a big mistake.
    After that:
    Our views on the Joe Rogan / Spotify deal (18m45s)
    Pour one up for first ever Pulitzer-audio-prize-winners This American Life (22m37s)
    And finally…
    Listening recommendations (from 24m30s)
    This time
    This is Love  
    The Anthropocene Reviewed 
    Next time
    Prison Bag 
    Subscribe to Can We All Come Out Now 

    • 33 min
    We need to talk about Spotify

    We need to talk about Spotify

    For the first decade of podcasting history, a single audio platform - Apple’s iTunes - had an unbreakable grip on the market. 
    But lately, Spotify has been betting big on podcasts - and those bets appear to be paying off.
    Over the next two episodes, we’ll look at the forces guiding these two companies and the effects that their movements will have on the industry - starting today with Spotify.
    Why did the music streaming giant pivot to podcasts? What do they plan to do with big-ticket acquisitions like Gimlet and Anchor? And is their growing presence ultimately good or bad for producers? 
    Listening recommendations (from 21m44s)
    This time
    Home Cooking 
    Soul Music (especially the episodes on A Change Is Gonna Come, and Back to Black)
    Next time
    This is Love 
    The Anthropocene Reviewed

    • 33 min
    NYC vs LA

    NYC vs LA

    For a decade, New York been the undisputed podcasting capital of the USA. 
    But Los Angeles now has the Big Apple in its sights.
    Could the victor determine the future of podcasting? 
    Pete and Rachael think so - even if they don’t agree on which one it’s going to be.
    Listening recommendations:
    Field Recordings
    Last Day from Lemonada Media 
    Soul Music from BBC Radio 4 
    Home Cooking with Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway 
    Link to submit pitches to Pod People:
    Email us: hellotapeclub@gmail.com

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    Why true crime is killing it

    Why true crime is killing it

    True crime is one of podcasting’s biggest boom areas, with dozens of hit shows - Serial, My Favourite Muder, Dirty John, etc etc.. - attracting tens of millions of listeners, big advertising $s, and an increasing number of Hollywood studio deals.
    But what is it that draws listeners to gory crime procedurals? Why do women particularly gravitate towards the genre? And what might the success of this category tell us about podcasting more generally?
    Pete and Rachael dust off their best Sarah Koenig impressions and go to find out. 
    True crime pods for the squeamish (like us): 
    WBUR: Last Scene
    Slate: Slow Burn
    Murder We Wrote
    Think pieces:
    Rolling Stone: Why True Crime and Podcasts Were Made for Each Other
    BBC: True crime: Five reasons why women love it
    Vulture: The 10 True-Crime Podcasts That Changed Everything
    Listening recommendations::
    Athletico Mince
    Dating While Gray
    Field Recordings
    Last Day
    Email us:

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6 Ratings

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So many fantastic recommendations.
Since the lockdown many people I know are getting more into nature. You can watch garden birds from your kitchen window, or during your daily walk (which everyone is taking despite never having done so before), and countryside walks and cycling are taking off. Meanwhile because of the lockdown there is a resurgence of natural life in our cities because of the reduced footfall. Pete mentioned the coots on his boat and I think this is a typical example.
Can you recommend any podcasts to accompany this new interest?

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I've been looking for something just like this for podcast discovery. More of the same please!

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