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Techno Festival. Launched in Edinburgh 2017


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Techno Festival. Launched in Edinburgh 2017


    Terminal V Podcast 022 || Hammer

    Terminal V Podcast 022 || Hammer

    Terminal V Podcast 022 - Hammer

    “I wanted to go more uptempo and down a techno vein for this mix; I imagine big bangers when I think of Terminal V :)

    I recorded it in my studio on a sweaty spring Saturday afternoon, a wee solo party which was thoroughly enjoyable, thrashing out techno and dancing”

    Full interview with Hammer - https://terminalv.co.uk/terminal-v-podcast-022-hammer/
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    • 1 hr 40 min
    Terminal V Podcast 021 || Elli Acula

    Terminal V Podcast 021 || Elli Acula

    Terminal V Podcast 021 - Elli Acula

    Berlin resident Elli Acula is without doubt an artist for a new creative age. Her intrinsic part of the group of creative minds known as Spandau20 has already started to bear music fruit by way for her first release on the imprint.

    Having recently showcased her selection talents for a number well respected brands she now joins the ranks of our podcast series. But, before you check out her blistering mix find out a little more about this new chick on the block…

    Full interview with Elli - https://terminalv.co.uk/terminal-v-podcast-021-elli-acula/
    Upcoming Terminal V events:


    Shed - Lumber Fix TT.
    Mattia Trani - Departure (Intro)
    Hertz Collision, Gene Richards Jr - Hood Thang
    Niceteed - Nothing But Pain (Original Mix)
    Staim - Planet Groove
    TYGAPAW - Run 2 U
    Yan Cook - Tidal Disruption
    Hiroaki Iizuka - FLK (Miss Electric „Obsession“ Mix)
    FJAAK - I can’t even see me
    Planetary Assault System - Say it loud (Pump Edit)
    Dexorcist - Rage Signal
    MoMa Ready - Reacher
    Temudo - 2023
    DJ Shufflemaster - Elektronique Dweller (Cari Lesebuch Remix)
    AQXDM, Aquarian, Deapmash - Leisure Techno
    Farron - Semi Final Thoughts
    X CLUB. - 6 Million Ways to Die

    Follow Elli here;

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Terminal V Podcast 020 || Ø [Phase]

    Terminal V Podcast 020 || Ø [Phase]

    Terminal V Podcast 020 - Ø [Phase]

    A stalwart of the international techno scene, Ø [Phase] is a name synonymous with quality driving, stripped back music. He has been making his way in the industry since the late 90’s but it wasn’t until the turn of the century when he began loading up the record bags of the best DJ’s in the world with tunes like ‘Module Overload’, ‘Katino II’ and ‘The Passenger’.

    From his deadly rhythms to his mind-bending design work Ø [Phase] feeds his creations from a multitude of angles. His natural habitat is pitch black dancefloors the world over and he is poised to shake things up again with his new project Phyxix alongside Matrixmann.

    Upcoming Terminal V events:


    Forest Drive West - Cut and Run
    RoogUnit - Edge 1
    TWR72 - Total
    Steve Stoll - Pushin
    Mike Storm - Ø [Phase] remix
    Kr!z - No Faith
    Ø [Phase] - All I Could Think About
    Xylotones - Abstract Universe
    Arthur Robert - Insight
    Planetary Assault Systems - Shine
    Ø [Phase] - Liquid Form
    Eomac - You Hun Ye Gui (Original Mix)
    Amotik - Tin
    Phyxix - unreleased demo
    Banke - Lark
    Szmer - Prologue
    Szmer - Essence
    Toru - unreleased demo
    Rob Malone - Bravery
    Rob Malone - Bravery (Thomas Barnett remix)
    Alarico - Cut 3
    Ixi Elo - Going To Princess
    Robert Hood - 7 Mile Dog
    LaFontaine - unreleased demo
    Like A Tim - Rashness
    Milo Raad - Short Fuse
    Rene Wise - Changa
    Ø [Phase] x Depeche Mode - DecodePhotographic (unofficial )

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Terminal V Podcast 019 || Marcel Fengler

    Terminal V Podcast 019 || Marcel Fengler

    Terminal V Podcast - Marcel Fengler

    Berlin has long been regarded as one of the capital cities of techno and Berghain could be seen as the home stadium of the genre in Europe. If this analogy is accurate then Marcel Fengler would be one of the midfield playmakers. One of the first Berghain residents to ply his trade there since 2005 Marcel has crafted a career above reproach by being a truly versatile artist.

    Marcel is the real deal. His uncompromising DJ sets have long been stamped into the history books of Berlin techno and the fact that his first ever release was on Berghain’s in-house label Ostgut Ton really should tell you all you need to know. The unassuming German is most definitely not known for resting on his laurels and made the decision to focus on his already established imprint Index Marcel Fengler.

    It is this constant reinvention and re-imagination that keeps him at the top of his game and we are blessed to present an exclusive mix from the man himself. Since the mid 90’s Marcel Fengler has been blazing a trail and you can trace his dedication his craft in this very mix...

    Upcoming Terminal V events:


    01. Ssiege - Corpo Libero
    02. Atom TM & Tobias - Zahlenraum (Edit)
    03. Anthony Rother - Psi Robotics
    04. Dyspal - Broken Lullaby
    05. Dustin Zahn - Bark Like A Dog For Me (Nastia Reigel Remix)
    06. Mike Davis - Transfer Function
    07. Planetary Assault Systems - Say It Loud
    08. Tafkamp - Darkness Calling
    09. Michel Lauriola - Concrete Transformations
    10. SHDW & Obscure Shape - Die Augen Des Teufels (Stigmata Version 2)
    11. Volster - The Wolf
    12. Three Faces Of Eve - F--k The Party
    13. Amazingblaze - Vicious Signs
    14. DJ Ogi - Adriatic
    15. Black Kawa$$aki Ninja - Storm Chaser (90s Drum Tool Version)
    16. Hertz - Tripping
    17. AADJA - Falling in A Dream (D.Dan Remix)
    18. Remco Beekwilder - Bonebreaker
    19. STEYA - Neon Reecho

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Terminal V Podcast 018 || Fadi Mohem

    Terminal V Podcast 018 || Fadi Mohem

    Terminal V Podcast 018 - Fadi Mohem

    It is true that music knows no bounds and Fadi Mohem is a true testament to this fact. Wise beyond his relatively young years and he is already in with the bricks with the Berlin techno elite. His live sets and releases for Ben Klock and his Klockworks more than warrant his inclusion on the big stages that Ben’s Photon events command.

    Don’t let Fadi’s unassuming façade fool you, he can smash it with the best of them. With a clutch of releases for German techno stalwarts Modeselektor’s Seilscheibenpfeiler imprint is already a seasoned artist. Equally at home programming drum machines and synths in his ever-evolving live sets as he is behind a set of decks this young gun is set to rise and rise. Ahead of him dropping his red-hot mix for us we caught up Fadi for a deep dive discussion...

    Full interview with Fadi Mohem - https://terminalv.co.uk/terminal-v-podcast-018-fadi-mohem/
    Upcoming Terminal V events:


    1. Monolake - Prime Declick
    2. Dj Pete - Latifah (Duro Dub Session)
    3. Planetary Assault Systems - Give It Up
    4. Sleeparchive - Still (First Version)
    5. Gaetek - Vesuvius EP B2 (Oscar Mulero Remix) 6. Psyk - Avadon
    7. Jeroen Search - Brush
    8. Truncate - Minimize
    9. Fadi Mohem - unreleased
    10. Zzino - Accelerate
    11. Don Williams - Work Out Drums B
    12. Temudo - Agosto
    13. Rødhåd & Fadi Mohem - unreleased
    14. Planetary Assault Systems - Say It Loud
    15. Dj Disrespect - Tunnel (Rave Mix)
    16. Surgeon - Badger Redux
    17. D.Dan - Vaults
    18. Exium - Aftershock
    19. Efdemin - Unten Links
    20. Ignacio - Organon

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Terminal V Podcast 017 || Joyhauser

    Terminal V Podcast 017 || Joyhauser

    Terminal V Podcast 017 - Joyhauser

    Belgian techno stars Joyhauser take control of podcast episode 017 and being products of the 90’s trance and techno scene their productions and DJ sets are equally full of energy. Coupling pounding rhythms with big room soundscapes and decades of music history Joyhauser present a sound that speaks to what has gone before them while at the same time firmly looking to the horizon.

    Having blown up in the last few years Stijn and Joris are consistently attacking the various taste making charts the world over. A quick look at their discography will tell you all you need to know just why that is. The pair will be making their long awaited Scottish debut when they turn out at Terminal V Festival in October and there is no doubt in our mind that the pair will blow minds and melt hearts. We caught up with the deadly duo to pick their brain on their life in the fast lane and of course their music…

    Full interview with Joyhauser - www.terminalv.co.uk/terminal-v-podcast-017-joyhauser
    Upcoming Terminal V events:


    SAMA - Distorted Identity (Intro Tool)
    Vikthor & Oscar Aguilera - Still Dreams (Original mix)
    Simone Tavazzi - Pulled (Original mix)
    Dast (Italy) - Haradon (Kevin De Vries Remix)
    Jacidorex & Raito - X (Original mix)
    Marcal - Magic (Original Mix)
    Tom Wax - Alone With My Music (Original mix)
    Joyhauser - Pigment (Original Mix)
    Timebandit - Scorpion Tattoo (Original Mix)
    Joyhauser - Knaldrang (Original mix)
    Giovanni Carozza - Nova (Original Mix)
    KMYLE - Mount (Original Mix)
    Joyhauser - Unreleased (Original mix)
    Emma Louise (UK) - Break My Illusion (Rudosa Remix)
    Trudge - Ice On My Neck (Original Mix)

    • 1 hr 6 min

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