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The Beehive Jive is a podcast hosted by two beekeeping friends: Tracey and Paul.

Keeping honey bees in South London they regularly chat about their adventures juggling bees and boxes. It seemed like a good idea to record them and a podcast was born.

Visit our beekeeping blog at http://www.thebeehivejive.com

The Beehive Jive Tracey & Paul

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The Beehive Jive is a podcast hosted by two beekeeping friends: Tracey and Paul.

Keeping honey bees in South London they regularly chat about their adventures juggling bees and boxes. It seemed like a good idea to record them and a podcast was born.

Visit our beekeeping blog at http://www.thebeehivejive.com

    Heather’s Honey

    Heather’s Honey

    In the December episode of our beekeeping podcast, we visit our friend Heather. A clinical scientist she spent her time researching viruses that none of us wants to catch before she discovered the far more charming beekeeping bug.

    She also bands her honey ‘Heather’s Honey’ a label that always makes me smile.

    Heather keeps her hive on a local allotment, which are local community gardens people use to grow fruits, vegetables and occasionally keep bees. If you’re interested in this uniquely British institution here is a handy history – https://www.learningwithexperts.com/gardening/blog/the-history-of-allotments 

    Unlike bees, people aren’t very harmonious in tight spaces and large groups making allotment beekeeping somewhat challenging. Heather’s bees have been blamed for everything including the obvious ‘your bees stung me’ to the comical ‘your bees are on my grass’

    Listen to Heather tell her allotment tales and have a chuckle.

    By the way, I’ve discovered that in the United States ‘soda crystals’ aren’t sold in bags marked soda crystal. However, don’t despair you can buy it under its chemical name –  sodium carbonate decahydrate.

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    The Honey Dog Show

    The Honey Dog Show

    Welcome to the November episode of our beekeeping podcast. What did we get up to at the National Honey Show?

    At the end of the UK, beekeeping season is marked by the World’s oldest and largest honey show. Starting in 1923 the Honey Show is in its 88th year, interrupted only by the odd pesky World War and occasional fire. 

    I’ve only been going for the last five years but it’s now firmly established as my end of season ritual. Tracey, myself and some of our beekeeping friends meet up at the show, buy some stuff, watch some talks and visit the Bear Pub for a few beers.

    If you want to know more about the National Honey Show why not check out our interview with its Chairman and all-round class act Bob Maurer.

    The Honey Show show

    Every year the Honey Show books world-class speakers from across the beekeeping World and this year the keynote was Dr Ralph Büchler from the Kirchhain Bee Insitute and a key member of the Smart bees project.

    Over four lectures Ralph explored the importance of preserving the native strains of the honey bee, what we can learn about wild populations that have developed resistance to varroa, how to select from your own stock and an innovative biotechnical control for varroa you can use in your apiary.

    More detail about his technique can be found here –  https://freethebees.ch/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/brood-removal-web.pdf

    The National Honey Show videos all these lectures and eventually publishes them for free – http://www.honeyshow.co.uk/lecture-videos.php – whilst you are waiting to see Ralph and the other speakers yourself check out this valuable resource.

    Although our show is about the National Honey Show, it’s also about Honey the dog. As you’ll hear in the show Tracey’s dog Honey decided the recording podcast shenanigans wasn’t as important as chasing fox in the garden.

    We also have an exciting new podcast section to look forward to.


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    Hydroxymethylfurfural what a title for episode nineteen of our beekeeping podcast!

    I’ve googled what it means and this is how Rusty over at www.honeybeesuite.com explains it.

    hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is a naturally-occurring organic acid with the formula C6H6O3. It is often formed during the dehydration of sugars, especially fructose, and is known to be toxic to honey bees.

    In this episode, we delve deep into organic chemistry.

    Only kidding Tracey mentions it during the recording and I thought it would be a cool title for this months show. You have no idea how tricky titling podcasts can be, so I take what I’m given.

    It’s the end of the season and we settle down to reflect how our beekeeping season has gone, what we have learned the high and low lights.

    This year Tracey’s apiary has been hit by Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus and it still persists into the autumn. She wonders if CBPV is going to be part of her beekeeping for the next few years as it is slowly eliminated from her honey bee colonies.

    Finding another site to use as an isolation apiary is one of her goals for next season.

    I’ve mastered the art of lazy smoker cleaning, maybe not the greatest beekeeping achievement. But, if you’ve ever spent five minutes gently smashing the lid of your sticky smoker to open it you’ll know the simple joy of having a clean smoker.

    We’re off to the National Honey Show this month and will be making an attempt to record the show in the pub. Should be out early November.

    Thanks for listening and if you enjoy the show please consider leaving a review. It helps people find us.

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    Rhubard Gin

    Rhubard Gin

    The post Rhubard Gin appeared first on The Beehive Jive.

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    Not all sunshine & honey

    Not all sunshine & honey

    In this episode, we discuss Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus and why grafting in the rain probably isn’t a good idea.

    We talk about the downs of beekeeping, but still have a laugh.

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    Don’t blame it on the sunshine…

    Don’t blame it on the sunshine…

    The beekeeping season has well and truly kicked off. Paul has been queen rearing in the rain, Tracey has moved her bees to Poo Farm.

    We chart about Snelgove boards, grumpy bees and are joined by Tracey’s dog and cats.

    IF you fancy coming on the podcast check out thebeehivejive.com/chat

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4.7 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Vomit1 ,

Friendly and informative

The friendly and honest conversation is great and keeps my enthusiasm for Beekeeping up during the out of season months. Have picked up some useful tips as well.

scrag summers ,

Great but bad

Love this podcast but very inconsisent with the shows. This could have been a great show. Don't waste your time go find another like 'beekeeping short and sweet'

The Adur Beekeeper ,


Great pod and love the fact it’s so local to me. I just wish they were a bit more frequent, even though it’s winter it would be great to hear a new pod. Love the banter though!

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