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The Blackout Audio Radio Show began on 10th Dec 2005 as a monthly show on Moscow's 89.5 FM. Since then, some of the best names in the techno industry have appeared. Originally hosted by legendary UK DJ/Producer Mark EG, the show is now hosted by The Anxious aka Mark Anxious and Chrissi Blackout.

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The Blackout Audio Radio Show began on 10th Dec 2005 as a monthly show on Moscow's 89.5 FM. Since then, some of the best names in the techno industry have appeared. Originally hosted by legendary UK DJ/Producer Mark EG, the show is now hosted by The Anxious aka Mark Anxious and Chrissi Blackout.



    The legendary Blackout Audio Show is brushed up for 2013 and innovative label owners The Anxious take over as hosts. Our special guest tonight is I1 Ambivalent. I1 Ambivalent (real name Juraj Pustic aka Jurki) hails from deepest darkest Croatia. Preferring to stay clear of the limelight, Jurki buries himself in sound and produces music that stands high above the rest. His discography as a relative newcomer to techno, is impressive to say the least. His releases have already appeared on Blackout Audio, Unknown Forces, Labrynth, Bass Assault, We Call It Hard and Heaven To Hell. Airdate: Thursday 7th November 2013

    • 1 hr 4 min


    Angel Alanis has become a predominant figure in the E.D.M. industry. Hailing from Chicago, Angel began his career with the 1997 debut EP "Advanced Therapy."

    Since then, he continues to produce a consistent and diverse stream of tracks, ranging from house and filtered disco workouts to tech-house and techno. His first album, "The Subconscious State of Techno," was released in 1999, the success of which lead to his 2001 imprint A-Squared Muzik, featuring the smash hit "Do You Like the Way You Feel When You Shake." In 2004, BPM Magazine awarded Angel a spot on its Top 100 DJ list after producing DJ Colette's Dancestar Award-winning song "Feelin' Hypnotized." His work continues to earn
international acclaim, landing him on labels such as Tresor, International House Records, Impact Mechanics, Tronic and Laidback Luke's Subspace imprint. On the dance floor, Angel's raw talent and innovative style has landed him gigs from Bogota to Berlin, and everywhere in between.

    Recently, Angel joined the afro-acid team Home of DJ Pierre and is in the process of establishing two new labels,Home Audio and Slap Jaxx, which has already earned acclaim from such DJs as Dave Clarke, Ken Ishii & Dj Rush. His current work on the Freedom Series albums has proved Angel's passion and dedication for the music and not the hype, while earning him a devout fan base.

    Radio Show Tracklist:

    Perc 'My Head Is Slowly Exploding' (PERC TRAX) Released June 10 2011
Sleeparchive 'Ronan Point Two' (TRESOR) Released May 16 2011
Anti 'Eclipse' *
Micheal Schwarz 'Strange Energy'
Johan Afterglow 'Temporary Sanity' (SLAP JAXX)
    Angel Alanis Mix:
    ASIO (aka R-Play) 'Minimize Me (Damon Wild Remix)'
Virgil Enzinger 'Darkness (Mike Humphries Remake)'
Glenn Wilson 'Slate (DJ Shiva Remix)
Ken Ishii 'Pounding Out (Angel Alanis Remix)'
Space Djz '5thParallel'
T-1000 'The Revenge (Patrick DSP Remix)'
Spark Taberner & Oliver Kucera 'Turn The Screw'

    Mark EG's Mix
    Jesper Dahlback 'Diode Ladder' (H PRODUCTIONS) Released May 2011
Slam 'Crowded Room' (DRUMCODE) Released April 18th 2011
Johan Afterglow 'Rangefinder' (SLAP JAXX)
Lee J Malcolm 'One Star-Applicant (James Ruskin Remix)' (EPM)
Iori 'Lapis 1' (PROLOGUE)
Luis Ruiz 'Rocken' Released May 4th 2011

    Recorded 29th April 2011

    • 1 hr 29 min


    Bas has released countless tracks on Planet Rhythm, Roots, Fine Audio Recordings, Naked Lunch, Impact Mechanics, Submissions, Patterns, FK Recordings and of course his own imprints Audio Assault and Arms. Brixton is the world famous Holtzplatten label boss.

    Bas Mooy

    During the last decade Rotterdam home-based dj/producer Bas Mooy (1976) has been active on many fronts in the techno scene. Heavily influenced by a city that breaths industrial strength twenty-four-seven, he gradually found his way into creating an unique dark sound, which lead him to the forefront of the European techno scene.

    In 2002 he kickstarted the already legendary Audio Assault recordlabel with label partner Jeroen Liebregts, which resulted in the birth of sublabel Arms one year later. Since then the Audio Assault family built a strong and constantly growing fan-base worldwide, showcasing an impressive catalogue with a constant output of stand out twelve inches, setting the standard for today’s quality dark techno.

    For many years he has been a member of the Rotterdam underground collective ‘Strictly Techno’, creators of over a hundred legendary parties since 1995. Bas has played at many ‘top of the bill’ clubs and festivals around the globe and is a regular guest at the highly respected Awakenings parties in Holland.


    Brixton was born on the 24th May 1971 in Oppeln. In 1983 he moved with his family to the Rheinland in Germany. Highly influenced by the first electronic disco sounds, he ended up playing his first DJ-set at Space-Club in 1988 to a large and very inspired audience of clubbers. In this moment Brixton knew that electronic music would be with him for the rest of his life. In the following years his DJ-sets took all the well-known European clubs by storm. Finally, in 1990, after several successful years behind the turntables, Brixton brought out his first record. Not long after he brought out other records on diverse record labels (Analog Records USA, Drop Bass Network, U-Turn and Electric Music Foundation).

    By 1994 Brixton was ready to go his own way and it was in this year that he founded the labels Holzplatten, X0X Track. First he had a few releases, but in time 'Holzplatten' became a platform for international DJs and artists in the German speaking regions.

    In 1997, on his Radioshow 'Subsonic' ( broadcast weekly on Evosonic ), he would introduce the newest Electronic Dance Music releases. Brixton produced and played Techno of the widest variety, from banging Acid-Techno to the more modern, simply structured Minimal-Techno.

    In 1998, after some 30 releases on his label 'Holzplatten', Brixton founded two additional labels: Kazumi and Simple Muzik. With these two labels, Brixton wanted and wants to give new and young artists the chance to gain recognition for their innovative music. Due to the growing demand on these labels, meanwhile Brixton unfortunately didn't find so enough time to produce his own records anymore.

    But he's back in the pits and released his very first longplayer 'eTechno.de' on Holzplatten in 2004. The Album contains 8 tracks and 8 locked grooves. Even in this year he released the 'Holzplatten Zehn' Mix-Cd featuring 48 Holzplattentracks. The last physical release on Holzplatten dated September 2006 with Brixton’s 'Wir lieben Techno' EP. From now on all the labels release digital on beatport.com and other digital distributions. Go for www.elementon.com and see the variety of the output. Back to the early days and up to the present Brixton believes in real Techno music and still plays only this unique sound. Absolutely not influenced by the minimal hype he keeps up the techno spirit with his Liveacts and DJ sets.

    Recorded: 15th January 2008

    • 2 hrs 9 min


    Felix's name is synonymous with techno made in Germany. His mix style is surgically precise, energizing the music into what seems like perpetual motion. DJ3000 is from Detroit and runs Motech Records. Tonight we have both of them of the show.

    DJ 3000:

    If you ask most producers and DJ's about their musical upbringing, most, if not all, will point to the influence of their parents and their relatives. DJ 3000 is no different. Born and raised in the Detroit enclave of Hamtramck, DJ 3000 was inundated with both the sights and sounds of his neighborhood, a highly ethnic area of Detroit, as well as with the influence of the music of his parent's native Albanian background. This diverse collection of influence shaped the make-up of both DJ 3000 and the vision of the Motech Records label.

    Founded in 2001, Motech Records takes the vision and influence provided to him by Detroit and his parent's immigration from Yugoslavia, DJ 3000 has become known for creating a new hybrid breed of Techno/Electro/Funk interspersed with the soul of Albanian and Middle Eastern rhythms.

    Through his own releases, and through collaborations and contributions from some of the best up-and-coming producers across the globe, Motech Records has forged its own unique identity. Some projects, both present and upcoming, of note for DJ 3000 and Motech have included "Migration" – Franki's first full length album on Submerge Recordings, "Blood & Honey" his follow up full length release. "Broken Research" is Motech's first compilation effort, acting as a showcase for the global spectrum of producers involved in the label's success. DJ 3000 has collaborated with such artists as Gary Martin, Gerald Mitchell, and Ursula Rucker as well as being part of numerous remix projects for artists across the globe, most notably remixing "People are People" for electronic music pioneers Depeche Mode.

    Motech Records, through its music, as well as through its mission of providing a voice for the under-represented and over looked, will continue to expose the world to the sounds and beliefs of the working class producer and DJ.

    Felix Kroecher:

    What makes his sound outstanding is that it moves the masses without overwhelming them, drawing its strength from the lightest of touches.

    The effortlessness with which Felix Kröcher masters his craft has made him a leading figure for a new generation of DJs. Felix grew up to the sound of Frankfurt, the city he was born in 1983. Whilst other kids were more interested in bikes or computers, Felix acquired his first decks at the age of 10 and played his first gigs in public at 16. Having finished his school career, he began a traineeship at the Sunshine Live Youth Radio station.

    With his growing network his ideas and horizons also broadened. Until this day Felix Kröcher can count 61 releases to his name, including artist albums and EPs, remixes and a DVD - “The Live Collection”. It comes as no surprise that Felix Kröcher has firmly established himself as one of the top DJs on the European festival circuit.

    The electronic music scene is home to a new generation of young DJs who have not only picked up the torch from the old guard but have their own fresh way of doing things. Felix Kröcher is one of them.

    Recorded: 3rd December 2007

    • 2 hrs 4 min


    Concrete Djz are Filip Xavi, DJ Mita, Matsura and DJ Luka. Ever since they came together these guys are on a mission of pushing forward the techno sound in Serbia . The DJ's behind Concrete Djz became involved with electronic music around the year 2000. One thing led to another and in 2003, as residents of Club Akademija, the idea came to create a group now known as the Concrete Djz.

    Since then they have been responsible for numerous organized parties in Serbia in the period of 2003 - 2007. In this period their sound could have been heard on events and locations like EXIT festival Serbia, Ovo je Moj Grad MTV festival Serbia, Dance Industry Studios London, The Orange Peel Wales, Nightgrooves Croatia, Proactive Montenegro, Kommunity London ...

    Their style is TECHNO free of boundaries yet defined ,ranging from dark beats to pounding grooves as they combine the most diverse elements of the sound into a whole with an edge on power and intelligence.

    Next to performing and producing they are also successfuly running radio show Beton and Armatura Records.

    Recorded: 13th June 2007

    • 1 hr 9 min


    Ignition Technician were formed in 1999 by Pete Simpson and Richard Wilkinson. With Wilko and Pete coming from Leeds, they were influenced by the music and up for it attitude found in northern England clubs such as the Orbit, Voodoo and Bugged Out.

    They have worked through all levels of the club scene with Wilko working as a Sound Engineer for Cream and Bugged Out where he maintained the sound for many Djs such as Dave Clarke and Carl Cox who played many early acetates of Ignition Technician material.

    After working at Cream for three and ahalfyears, Wilko moved to work as an engineer at the Orbit, where he has remained ever since. Pete completed a degree in combined electronic engineering and music where he specialised in Music Engineering and Production.Wilko and Pete have worked for Wedafuqawi (run by Ben Wills) helping to shape the sound and reputation of this relatively new label. Wilko has worked on various projects for the Pounding Grooves and Audio label. Wilko and Pete were able to involve themselves in the Punish label through long time friend and associate Mike Humphries who introduced them in turn to Glenn Wilson. This led to a collaboration between Glenn, Wilko and Pete, culminating in a succession of releases for Planet Rhythm, Template and Punish.

    Ignition Technician have also worked for Ben Long on Ergonomix and Potential, Billy Nasty on Tortured and Oliver Way's Urban Substance. Wilko and Pete also have a couple of recent releases on Player. Forthcoming projects from Wilko and Pete include releases for Pimp Records and new label Ignition Records as well a release on Highland Beats.

    Recorded: 1st April 2007

    • 1 hr 11 min

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