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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast
Interviews with the real people of BMX

The BMX In Our Blood Interviews with the BMX community

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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast
Interviews with the real people of BMX

    Episode 121 - Shannon Gillette Of USABMX

    Episode 121 - Shannon Gillette Of USABMX

    Episode #121 - Shannon Gillette, what an interesting conversation with a guy that clearly knows his way around the United States because of his childhood as a military brat and BMX. If I remember correctly from this interview, Shannon has been with USABMX for about 25 years after starting as a CDL driver for them and worked his way right up the ladder to marketing. It was really nice to give Shannon a platform to talk about whatever he wanted to. My personal goal was to get to know Shannon and talk about his experience with BMX to kind of...qualify him to be one of our stewards of our beloved sport. Pretty ridiculous, right? I think many of us actually do that and we certainly talked about exactly that. It turns out Shannon, as you will hear, has been involved in some way with BMX for 40 years or so. Flip through the pictures on my post for this episode on IG to see what I'm talking about, Gromdad2000. He goes way further back than I had ever thought and he is beyond modest about that! So feel confident that Shannon, as well as many others in the USABMX office, have the experience to keep BMX moving forward with our interests in mind.

    Thank you Powers BMX Shop for continuing to sponsor the podcast while preserving BMX history in the Powers BMX museum. While shopping at Powers online check out Curtis Cantwell's latest craziness in the bio of @powersbmxshop Unreal!

    Also, thank you @nagooarts for keeping up with the last minute podcast announcement requests! Couldn't do it without you!

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    Bonus EP - Bobby Iovinella Dedication - Tri City's 40th Anniversary

    Bonus EP - Bobby Iovinella Dedication - Tri City's 40th Anniversary

    Bonus EP - Bobby Iovinella Dedication - Tri City's 40th Anniversary by Interviews with the BMX community

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    Episode 120 - Christian Arehart

    Episode 120 - Christian Arehart

    Have you ever meet someone that gives you a renewed faith in humanity? Christian Arehart is one of the rewards of patience. I'm not saying I was heading toward quitting the podcast but it is a challenge sometimes that can get you feeling that way. Christian is a fantastic conversationalist and is great at articulating his experiences and gratefulness. You do not find that as often these days in 18 year old kids. Congratulations to Christian for finding his own way to experience a happiness and contentment that people of all ages could learn a thing or two from. So thank you Christian! Keep enjoying the ride that we call life!

    Also, thank you to @joshmcelweephoto for the podcast announcement photo and @nagooarts for pulling the graphics together!

    Thank you to the sponsor of the show, @powersbmxshop powersbmx.com I couldn't do it without you guys!

    Lastly, the @road2recovery fundraiser is coming up quick. July 25th at the @trumbull_track_bmx If you are able to donate BMX memorabilia and/or raffle items of any kind, please do! Also, if you all want the pit bike race to happen we need about 20 bikes that must be 16" wheels or under. Huge thanks to the Trumbull crew along with @andrew_mcconnie @rj__reale @thiskid_jonny and more for getting the jump lines ready for the jam!

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    Episode 119 - USABMX Freestyle Stop #2 Woodward

    Episode 119 - USABMX Freestyle Stop #2 Woodward

    The Woodward East stop of the USABMX Freestyle series was amazing! Aside from Woodward being the best BMX playground in the world they had the perfect setup for the contest. All the way from lodging to a huge variety BMX terrain to ride, Woodward does it right. When you add the incredible staff of USABMX Freestyle to the mix you end up with a perfectly run event with great judging, efficient schedules and super happy amateur riders. What was really cool was that USBMX was able to include a UCI contest on the last day of the event giving our Olympic hopefuls some competition for the first time since before the Covid pandemic and before the next UCI event in France. I was really impressed that these Elite athletes watched all of the amateur classes and cheered them on and took photos with the finalists and anyone else interested. Like racing, freestyle Elite professionals are so accessible, that is something we should tap into as often as possible. In this podcast you will hear riders of all ages and skill talk about their Woodward USABMX Freestyle experience, including @themajorbmx What a pleasant surprise Marshall was!

    I would like to offer most sincere thanks to the staff at Woodward and the everyone at USABMX, Tony D, Shane Fernandez, John David, Shannon Gillette (podcast with Shannon coming up)Travis and many others that were working both the freestyle event and the Gold Cup BMX race at the same facility. The Ivory Tower analogy that some of us have joked about is so far off, I even saw holes in Shannon's shoes that proved it otherwise. They work a TON of hours weekly and love their jobs!

    Anyhow, thank you @PowersBMXShop on IG and powersbmx.com for continuing sponsor the show and do great things all around the mid-Atlantic states and beyond. Check them out for all of your BMX needs and the biggest BMX museum around!

    One more big thank you to Kevin Robinson Jr. (@krobjrbmx)for helping me get the contest competitors over to the #thebmxinourblood podcast booth, it was perfect and there is no better person to do it! A great kid with a great future in BMX.

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    Episode 118 - R2R Jam With Rich Vatalaro

    Episode 118 - R2R Jam With Rich Vatalaro

    This episode has a couple things going on. Most importantly I was able to interview Rich Vatalaro, one of the most dedicated volunteers I have had the fortune to work with at the annual fundraisers that I put on. Rich is such selfless person that just loves to have a good time and help the cause each year. In addition to that Rich is a blast to ride with as we gently age.

    The other focus of the podcast is to talk a bit about this year’s Road2Recovery Jam at the Trumbull BMX Track in Trumbull, CT on July 25th. It was great to get some feedback from Rich on some events he would like to see and the events he loves to see year after year.

    I would like ask each of you that have the ability to donate, please do so! We are always looking for raffle items and silent auction memorabilia or larger items. They do not have to be BMX related. On the auction side of things I should tell you that even though you may think it isn’t of value to the fundraiser (last year’s Taj T1 frame blueprint and the Brian Foster Fit complete 22” come to mind) they are incredible fundraising items that really help Road2Recovery out. As Ground Chuck says, the object isn’t to get a deal, it is to bid more than what the item may be worth. So plan on lots of fun with so much to do at the event…and meet Mike Aitken! While you are at it please say hello to Rich Vatalaro and thank him for his hard work at making the event successful.

    A big thank you Powers BMX shop for continuing to sponsor the podcast and helping ease the costs that go along with it.

    Be safe everyone and enjoy the interview with Sir Richard Vatalaro!

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    Episode #117 - Kevin Robinson Jr.

    Episode #117 - Kevin Robinson Jr.

    I first met Kevin Robinson Jr. at the Find Your Fight Jam in 2018. The night before that jam Kevin and I were working on a Hoffman bike that Mat Hoffman had sent Kevin to start riding a level up on. Three short years later KRobJr is riding competitively all around the Country and riding for Ron Bonner and Subrosa! It is absolutely crazy how fast Kevin has progressed. His 1st flair was around a year into riding. Just amazing. Kevin Sr. is watching from above and clearly so proud of what an amazing young man Kevin has become, just as much off the bike as well. Huge huge huge shoutout to his mom, Robin Robinson, and his Uncle Kenny Robinson among others that have helped bring Kevin to the level he is at with so much love and support.

    Something that I would love to have all of the listeners pay close attention to is the move USABMX Freestyle has made to create a competition platform for amateurs that is helping riders like Kevin have a goal in competition and a pathway (as you will hear) to the Olympics if they so desire. That was not happening previously. I am so impressed by the hard work of Tony Degollado, Shannon Gillette and the staff at USABMX for making the series happen. You can find the easily by searching for USABMX Freestyle on IG or or their website.

    Enjoy the listen and keep your eyes out for these outrageous rippers as they progress while building friendships for a lifetime.
    Thanks for listening and thank you Powers BMX Shop in Richmond, VA for continuing to support the show, it wouldn't happen without them! Support those that support the show!

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