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Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!

The Enneagram Journey Suzanne Stabile

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Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!

    Episode 94 - Chad Mustain (Enneagram 1)

    Episode 94 - Chad Mustain (Enneagram 1)

    Correction! The Reverend Doctor Chad Mustain!
    Enneagram 1, Chad Mustain, joins Suzanne on the show today. And if you would like a really cool listening experience, listen to today's show, then go back and give Episode 21 a listen when Chad's wife Heather (6) was on the show!
    Chad shares what his inner critic is like to him, the greatness of "Vacation Chad", and the importance of intentionality.
    Very cool backstory: Chad initially was not about the enneagram, but he came around. It is great to hear how his Journey began, and what it looks like today both professionally and personally.
    A fundraiser at The Micah Center and streamed Live on Facebook. Join Suzanne and Life in the Trinity Ministry for 12 hours of community, teaching, music, interviews, enneagram talk, and fun!
    When: Saturday, November 7th from 10A - 10P (CST)
    For more information visit lifeinthetrinityministry.com/store/allday
    and follow LTM on Facebook @LifeInTheTrinity
    We hope you can join us November 7th and that you enjoy today's show!

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    Hunter Mobley - 40 Days On Being a 2

    Hunter Mobley - 40 Days On Being a 2

    When this episode opens, you hear Hunter and Suzanne talking about how beautiful this book is. Let's be clear. This is a BEAUTIFUL looking book, and what is on the inside is BEAUTIFUL, and it is written by a BEAUTIFUL human being.
    Hunter Mobley joins Suzanne to talk about his book, 40 Days on Being a 2, the first of 9 books released in a series by Intervarsity Press, Enneagram Daily Reflections.
    Hunter shares how he came to be involved in the project, his process in writing the book (spoiler alert!! TWOS talking about journaling!!), and he and Suzanne discuss a few of the days prompts, as well as Hunter's favorite.
    Over the next year, Suzanne the series editor, will have each of the author's on the show to discuss!
    October 16-17
    Enneagram Stances online with Suzanne Stabile
    Register, join us for Enneagram After Dark each night, and rewatch the teaching through the month of October!

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    Episode 93 - Patrice Gopo (enneagram 7)

    Episode 93 - Patrice Gopo (enneagram 7)

    Another lover of stories on The Enneagram Journey!
    Let's talk today about the importance of bringing up and finding balance in Thinking, Feeling, and Doing. Let's talk about enneagram 7s and grief. Lets talk about gratitude journals and who doesn't need them! Let's discuss the enneagram, race, culture and context. And, lets all go get a copy of All The Colors We Will See and talk about it some more.
    When we're done talking about these things, how about we get together and talk Enneagram Stances on October 16-17 online during Suzanne's and Life in the Trinity Ministry's virtual workshop: Enneagram Stances! Visit www.lifeinthetrinityministry.com/stances ?! 

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    Episode 92 - Andrew (9) and Braden (6) Bowles

    Episode 92 - Andrew (9) and Braden (6) Bowles

    The year is 2020.
    Dispute at the house with your partner. Where do you go and what do you do?!
    Lets talk about how Andrew and Braden Bowles deal with it! And while we're at it, lets talk about enneagram 9s and 6s in relationships, sharing a line on the 'gram, and the importance of our mental health and what tools are out there to help.

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    Episode 91 - Christine Min (Enneagram 8)

    Episode 91 - Christine Min (Enneagram 8)

    There isn't enough time in a podcast or space here to adequately say how much we love Christine Min!
    Christine was born in Los Angeles and is a life-long Angeleno except for three years spent in Washington D.C., where she attended Georgetown Law and met her husband, Michael.

    Christine is an attorney and most recently worked as the in-house counsel for a venture-backed sustainable beverage company. She currently provides legal counsel for corporate clients, and also works with mission-driven executives to help grow and develop their teams and businesses. Christine also serves on the board for the Disability Rights Legal Center.

    Her husband Michael (also an Enneagram 8) works in finance. They live in West LA and are currently sheltering at home with their two young children, who are 9 and 7 years old, and with Dustin, their 4-year old rescue dog from Korea.

    Christine is Korean-American -- her parents immigrated from Korea over 50 years ago.
    “People who are thinking dominant, are lazy thinkers.
    And people who are feeling dominant are lazy around emotions.”

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    Others on The Journey - Enneagram 1s

    Others on The Journey - Enneagram 1s

    Do you have an enneagram one in your life that you want to understand better? Are you figuring out your enneagram number and still unsure if you're a One or not? Do you love listening to 20 minutes of good people sharing parts of their Enneagram Journey?
    Then this episode is for you!
    Others on The Journey part 2 is hearing from Enneagram Ones and what their Inner Critic is to them. It is definitely not a universal experience as you'll hear! If you want to read more submissions that were written in, check out www.theenneagramjourney.org/podcast/2020/ootj2
    While you're there, be sure and click on the link for your new Enneagram Face Mask!
    Thank you for listening, for your engagement and enthusiasm, and for your continued support of Life in the Trinity Ministry and The Enneagram Journey podcast!

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

nai_ai ,

An absolute gift

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve referred to this podcast to help me engage and empathise better with people. Even playing episodes in group settings. Thank you so much for your ministry! Life changing!!

Turlette ,

Enneagram guru

Listened to all of these as I was learning about the Enneagram and am going back through them now I have identified myself. All making much more sense now but I'm still surprised how much I missed the first time round.
She truly is a guru knows her stuff but is respectful and kind too.

Local lass ,

So helpful

I came across the enneagram only a few months back and have thought I was everything from a 1 to a 4.
This podcast has really helped me understand the enneagram and its power and finally identify myself as a 3. Suzanne is so knowledgeable and a great interviewer. Her guests help to flesh out each type. Thank you!

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